Today in APIs: Elastic Path Pushes Commerce API Platform, Keek's New API, and 15 New APIs

Elastic Path raises $8 milloon for Commerce Everywhere API Platform. Keek launches API program. Plus: automating the connections between humans and machines in the API economy, Nuvo releases new API for wireless audio system, and 15 new APIs.

Elastic Path's Commerce Everywhere API Platform Raises $8 Million

Elastic Path is pursuing e-commerce with a difference. Rather than simply offer shopping carts on websites, it's using APIs to bring digital purchasing into new experiences. Examples include making it possible for telecom companies to offer voice and data packages to customers traveling out of the country, a loyalty company that enables customers to buy items at a store they are in, not just a catalog, and an in-app purchase while reading a digital magazine, all without leaving the reading material that the customer is viewing.

Now, it's raised $8 million, which Alex Williams of Techcrunch notes, is fueling Elastic Path's API focus:

"Elastic Path is betting its future on the concept of the API Economy — this idea that the world is connecting deeper through APIs, which is in turn creating a new form of commerce that is built on a deep distribution network."

What's driving their business are four key principles: craft the customer's digital experience (as in the examples above); contextualize the purchasing experience so that it works well and makes sense on the device the customer is using; bring your offerings to market faster; and by using Elastic Path's open API, make future growth through collaborations and acquisitions easy.

Keek Launches New API Program and Developer Portal

When you think of Keek, think the video equivalent of Twitter. Users post videos that seem for the most part to be under 1 minute long, about nothing in particular. That's how Twitter started out, with little useful content before migrating to include incisive commentary and links that today many of us find vital.

The API documentation reviews the standard issues of Authentication, Rate Limiting, API commands, objects and return codes.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including an application engagement service, a german parliamentary proceedings service, a public works maintenance issue reporting service, a domain and hosting wholesaler service and a business data visualization and analytics service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AppSociallyAppSocially API: AppSocially is a service for making applications engaging and viral. AppSocially helps application developers and companies engage with their users and understand their needs and wants.

The AppSocially API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of AppSocially with other applications. The API allows for metric and data tracking of user activity and application virality.

BundesTaggerBundesTagger API: The BundesTagger is an unofficial open government website exposing the plenary proceedings of the Bundestag, Germany’s national parliament. The BundesTagger API provides developer access to Bundestag parliamentary groups, sessions, speeches and other resources. This RESTful API supports HTTP GET calls and returns XML or JSON formatted responses. JSONP is supported for callbacks.

City of Helsinki Issue ReportingCity of Helsinki Issue Reporting API: The City of Helsinki in Finland provides the Issue Reporting API to let people send service requests to the city government regarding things like broken street signs and potholes. These issues are typically handled by the Public Works Department. In the future, other issues for other departments will be included as well.

The API's specific functions include providing information on possible service requests, submitting service requests, and checking the descriptions and statuses of previously submitted service requests.

CnobinCnobin API: Cnobin is a domain registration service provider and reseller platform. The reseller platform is built around an API providing developer access to all aspects of reselling functionality. Supported methods include domain transactions and management, registrant management, and billing. The API is accessible through HTTP POST calls.

dimpledimple API: dimple is an API for business analytics powered by D3 (Data-Driven Documents), a JavaScript Library for manipulating data-based documents using web standards. The focus of dimple is to make D3's power and flexibility easier to access for analysts who may not necessarily be skilled JavaScript users. dimple allows analysts to build useful and interesting business analytics visualizations with less coding knowledge.

Finnish Parliament VotingsFinnish Parliament Votings API: The Finnish Parliament Votings API is an unofficial Web Service providing developer access to the voting results of the Finnish Parliament. The RESTful API returns XML formatted responses. Supported resources include voting lists and results, parliament member data, and keyword searches.

GovDataGovData API: GovData is an unofficial search service that aggregates and process publicly available information on Swedish Government tax expenditures. Current functionality includes the ability to search for data by agency. The API supports JSON and JSONP formatted responses. API: is an indie game distribution platform. Users can create customized landing pages, upload game files and screenshots, and set their own prices for games. Users may even choose to set a minimum price of zero, allowing buyers to pay what they want or what they can afford. hosts all uploaded files so that game makers don't have to worry about building a website or storing files themselves. Data is provided on how many times each game is viewed, downloaded, and purchased.

The API allows game makers to use JavaScript to embed a game purchase button into an existing website or blog. When someone clicks the button, a pop-up appears that gives them the opportunity to purchase the game. API: is an unofficial web service using the Canadian Government’s datasets to make parliamentary data more accessible. is accessed through a free RESTful API returning JSON formatted responses. Data describing federal bills and federal representatives is currently available, with more datasources on the site’s To Do list.

PayNetEasyPayNetEasy API: PayNetEasy is a payment service that handles payment processing, payment management, fraud prevention, security analysis, and mobile payment. The service is targeted towards banks, credit card companies, loyalty card operators, and other payment services. The PayNetEasy API allows users to complete Bitcoin transactions. The API can return the transaction type, status, bitcoin address, paynet order id, merchant order id, and several other calls. The service uses REST calls and uses SSL for authentication.

RRPproxyRRPproxy API: RRPproxy is a domain reseller network from Key-Systems, a German internet solutions provider. The RRPproxy API provides a developer interface for the reseller program, accessible over various protocols, including SOAP, XML- RPC, and HTTP calls. Supported methods include domain applications and transactions, nameserver administration, and contact management.

SocialPlaySocialPlay API: SocialPlay is a local media player that can be used to play songs and share them on Twitter. Users get ranked by popularity, which is based on points awarded each time a song they share gets "hearted" or retweeted with a #NP. The SocialPlay REST API enables users to post songs or playlists to Twitter programmatically.

SocureSocure API: Socure is a service for detecting attempts at identity fraud by users on websites and applications. It uses advanced Machine Learning algorithms to track a user's social behavior on various social networks in order to confirm their identity. When new users sign up with a site using a form or a pre-existing social account, the site sends a REST or SOAP call to Socure so it can compute an authenticity score for the new user and send that info to the site owner.

UshahidiUshahidi API: Ushahidi is a non-profit technology company specializing in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization, and interactive mapping. Originally developed to map reports of violence in Kenya after the post-election fallout in early 2008, the organization now has teams of volunteer developers in Africa, Europe, South America, and the U.S.

The Ushahidi platform allows you to use create, visualize, and share stories on an interactive map. With the Ushahidi API, you can retrieve reports, categories, locations, comments, countries, and custom forms. The platform’s REST API requests are submitted trough HTTP GET or HTTP Post. The API supports both XML and JSON output formats.

YookosYookos API: Yookos is a social microblogging website for connecting with people around the world, much like Facebook and Twitter. Yookos provides a REST API that enables users to develop applications that create, alter, or retrieve Yookos' local content. The API can access a wide variety of content, including user information, activity streams, comments, status messages, announcements, polls, and more.