Today in APIs: Entrepreneurs Get Creative With Instagram, New M2M Developer Community, Buddycloud Calls Out Twitter and 22 New APIs

The Instagram API proves to be a useful tool for startups. Deutsche Telekom is making it easier for developers to stay connected and create together. Buddycloud has some big things to say about where Twitter might be headed. Plus: Access Google APIs with Dart, Open Hack India 2012 and 22 new APIs.

Entrepreneurs Get Creative With Instagram:

The Instagram API is proving to be an irreplaceable business tool that allows startups to gain a foothold in to lucrative markets. Printstagram “makes your photos physical”, Casetagram allows you to “make your case with Instagram photos” and Stitchtagram creates “custom Instagram pillows”. All of these services are using the Instagram API to pull user data and allow for a seamless business model. Plus, I am sure Instagram does not mind all the attention.

New M2M Developer Community:

Deutsche Telekom’s “Developer Garden” Platform releases a new M2M (machine-to-machine) community platform for developers. The community will provide a way for M2M developers to connect and create new applications.

“Our M2M Developer Community is designed to serve as a central point of contact and exchange for M2M developers globally, says Rainer Deutschmann, Senior Vice President Core Telco Products at Deutsche Telekoms Digital Business Unit.”

In addition to connecting developers, this community will be a useful way for Deutsche Telekom experts to provide support.

Buddycloud Calls Out Twitter:

We can all remember a time when being compared to AOL was not a bad thing, that time has passed. In a recent blog post buddycloud made the comparison between AOL keywords and Twitter’s infrastructure. Buddycloud shares:

“Twitter works in the same way the old AOL client did: you accessed some message boards and stock prices and film websites using AOL keywords. Marketers flocked to AOL to put up the latest movie premier website.”

The article later states, “To move away from Twitter, we must think bigger...”. Buddycloud believes that they are helping to shape what comes next.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

22 New APIs

Today we had 22 new APIs added to our API directory including an online content monetization service, an endurance athlete race results service, a multimedia messaging service for couples, a group buying and deals site and an order placement and customization service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Avocado Best Served As Guacamole: An API For Couples Apps

Affiliate SpiceAffiliate Spice API: Affiliate Spice is a technology that helps affiliates monetize online content. The Affiliate Spice toolkit provides tools for creating content units across multiple affiliate networks and tools for automatically converting links into affiliate links. The technology is available as JavaScript widgets and as a RESTful API.

The Affiliate Spice API allows developers to use the technology in their own applications such as in web apps, mobile apps, Android apps, iPhone apps and iPad apps. Affiliates can quickly build links inside their own application or website to thousands of advertisers and millions of products via the API.

AthlinksAthlinks API: The service compiles results of endurance races for access by the athletes themselves and others interested in the outcomes. It accumulates race completion times and other results by competitor and provides complete listings along with athlete profiles and social networking functions for interaction between them.

API methods support streaming of race results, either for the race as a whole or all races entered by a specified athlete. Methods also support retrieval of results for specified competitors and rivals, including head-to-head matchups, with athletes specified by name, email address, or system ID value. The API also allows retrieval of results for specified races and any "unclaimed results" by competitors not tracked by the system.

AvocadoAvocado API: Avocado, a company catering to couples, provides couples with a private space to collect and share messages, photos, and ideas in their own unique way. The Avocado API provides Documentation showing how to build apps and services for couples using Avocado. This allows couples, or developers, to add to and customize their Avocado application.

Blip A DealBlip A Deal API: Blip A Deal is a comprehensive group buying and daily deals site, offering services such as deals watchlists, coupon storage, alerts, language translation, and personalized filtering. The Blip A Deal API enables developer access to worldwide deals data via location, keywords, and free text.

Colorado TimberlineColorado Timberline API: Colorado Timberline is a manufacturing company that offers normal and customized name brand products. The Colorado TImberline API allows users to place orders for merchandise as well as specify how the item should decorated. The API uses HTTP calls and returns XML. Colorado Timberline offers a PHP client Library and is working to make more libraries available.

DAVID BioinformaticsDAVID Bioinformatics API: The service provides tools for functional annotation to discover the implications for biological research of specific genes and genetic markers tracked by its database. Formally named Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID), it logs descriptions of genetic combinations found by researchers to enhance understanding of likely biological effects and target research.

API methods support retrieval of annotations listing biological functions for specified individual genes and gene clusters in both tabular and chart form. Methods also support review of full gene reports for wider-scale informatics applications.

GREENCLOUDSGREENCLOUDS API: GREENCLOUDS provides an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) that uses excess space in large companies' datacenters. It aggregates this space into one big cloud and redistributes it to users through local sellers. The GREENCLOUDS API allows GREENCLOUDS customers to manage and monitor the life cycles of their virtual machines using either SOAP or REST calls.

HisignHisign API: The service headquartered in India provides SMS text messaging for Integration with other websites and applications. Site actions and application processes can trigger auto-generated SMS text messages for specific mobile phone numbers. The service can also convert email to text message format for flexible communication option.

API methods support submission of simple HTTP requests to generate SMS text messages, picture messages, or Flash messages. Methods also support interaction with the service via XML data files or SMTP email traffic, each of which generates a text message to recipient mobile phone numbers specified in the request.

iGeolise Travel TimeiGeolise Travel Time API: The service provides estimate of travel time from a given location to a list of destinations and a specified travel mode such as walking, driving, train, bus, etc. It also provides a map of the fastest route between specified origin and destination locations, with adjustment for travel mode.

API methods support specification of an origin point by latitude and longitude, a travel mode, a time limit, and the type of destination. Returned data provide destinations of the requested type within the specified travel time range. Methods also allow specification of a point of origin, destination, and travel mode to receive the fastest available route. The API also supports geocoding for specified U.K. postal codes.

iPointeriPointer API: The service identifies buildings visible to a mobile device camera based on the device location and a search against its database of real estate information. It then returns detailed data on record about the building, derived from information filed for purposes of property taxes and real estate transactions. It identifies buildings by type (single-family residential, multi-family, office, warehouse, etc.), size, and details of prior sales.

API methods support identifying a building via input from a mobile device and return detailed information about the type of property, its size in square feet and the lot size, the count of bedrooms and bathrooms, and the date and purchase price of its last sale on record.

LiveOpsLiveOps API: The service provides a cloud-based Contact Center for coordinating communications with customers, field sales people, remote staff, partner organizations, etc. It offers a customizable interface for managing contact information such as phone number and email address to help customer service agents keep in contact and build relationships. Contact management and call tracking functions can be integrated with other applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) packages.

API methods support management of incoming and outgoing calls, including caller, agent assigned, device, transfer, and hangup functions. Methods also support customer Callback and contact tracking over time.

Lord of the Rings OnlineLord of the Rings Online API: Lord of the Rings On-line is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing game developed by Turbine and based on JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth. The LotRO API provides a RESTful interface to allow developers to integrate data requests into their applications or sites. Available data, returned in XML format, includes information about characters, items, and guilds.

MyBuildingMyBuilding API: The service provides rental property management information functions such as vacancy announcements, rental applications, tenant status tracking, and maintenance requests. It also allows residents to post profiles. Property managers can list events of interest to residents and send announcements.

API methods support management of resident accounts and profiles, along with assignment of residents to rental units, reassignment to different units if they move, and terminating tenancy when they move out. Methods also support submission and tracking of maintenance requests. The API also supports community interaction among residents and listings of events on the property.

NextUserNextUser API: NextUser is a subscription services management platform. It provides extensible subscription marketing and order management features for businesses to consolidate their configuration overheard. The platform’s inbuilt features include CRM, accounting, and payment processing. NextUser also allows for simple integration of third party solutions. The NextUser API exposes the platform’s entire functionality and acts as a single integration point for all features.

nSpherenSphere API: The service provides information of interest to local audiences. It gives access to separate content databases related to events, companies, topics, and general content such as reviews, how-to articles, etc. The information is available to be incorporated on websites and applications targeting specific local areas, giving content relevant to the audiences there.

API methods support retrieval of company listings, event updates, topic guides, and general content tagged as applicable to a particular location. Requests specify location and the distance around it, then the APIs return any matching content from the provider's database.

NumberLaundryNumberLaundry API: The NumberLaundry website is a service provided by that provides useful information about phone numbers that are submitted. The API uses REST calls and returns JSON. The submitted phone number will be returned "clean" with no dashes or spaces between numbers, with a country icon, and a Twilio calling rate. The API is available free of charge.

OverDriveOverDrive API: OverDrive is a digital media platform for retailers, libraries, and users. OverDrive offers features for users to access digital media content, such as eBooks from retailers and libraries, on various devices and applications.

The OverDrive APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of OverDrive with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include searching digital media, managing user accounts, and managing digital media content. Application Application Submission API: The service accepts applications for grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) so local applications can initiate grant applications, allow review and modification, and complete final submission for consideration by the agency. It gives access to lists of grant opportunities as well as functions to submit applications and track status through the decision and funding processes.

API methods support retrieval of an opportunity list and detailed information about selected grant offerings. Methods also handle online submissions, with listings of all submissions for a grant and status inquiries for specific applications.

SalesKingSalesKing API: SalesKing is an online accounting service that allows users to perform tasks such as creating invoices and automating billing for recurrent charges. It also provides services for managing customers, products, and employees. SalesKing's functions are accessible programmatically using a RESTful API that issues JSON-formatted calls. The website is provided primarily in German.

SEOshop WebshopAppSEOshop WebshopApp API: SEOshop is a search engine optimized webshop service designed to take advantage of all legal SEO techniques. The WebshopApp enables developers to work with and customize their SEOshop. The WebshopApp API provides programmatic access to important store data such as orders, products, customers, categories, shipments, and brands, allowing them to be retrieved and modified as required.

ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCashServiceObjects DOTS GeoCash API: The ServiceObjects DOTS GeoCash API provides users with a collection of SOAP-based calls for locating ATMs. These calls can return ATM locations for a given five-digit ZIP code, for a street name within a given ZIP code, for a given city and two-letter state abbreviation, or within a specified radius (in miles) of a given ZIP code.

Surescripts Million Hearts Risk Check LocatorSurescripts Million Hearts Risk Check Locator API: Surescripts supports a comprehensive ecosystem of health care organizations with a national e-prescription network connecting prescribers and pharmacies. The Million Hearts developer challenge, sponsored by Million Hearts and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, is an outreach initiative and developer challenge to improve awareness of cardiovascular disease and promote cardiovascular screening. The Superscripts Million Hearts Risk Check Locator Service API provides developer access to the Surescripts location based search for affiliated search providers offering screenings.