Today in APIs: Evernote Reminders, API to Stop Parking Tickets and 9 New APIs

Evernote reminders arrive on Mac, iOS, plus API. Valet protects against parking tickets. Plus: Google abandons open standards for instant messaging, Blinkx launches mobil video app, and 9 new APIs.

Evernote Reminders: The End of String on Finger

The well-known planner and organizer Evernote is announcing the arrival of reminders, "one of the most requested features of all time," according to the VP of marketing, Andrew Sinkov. Currently they are available for Mac and iOS. The company also has  an API that integrates reminders into other platforms.

Users can control three aspects of the reminders: alarms and notifications, note-based to dos, and prioritizing notes in your note list in any order you prefer.

The API documentation states that the reminders are set on individual notes, providing pre-determined alerts which can vary according to the application (icon badges, local notifications, for example), but includes an email sent from Evernote on reminders for the day (if the user has chosen that option). The functionality is controlled by three attributes in the NoteAttributes data structure: reminderTime,reminderOrder and reminderDoneTime.

Small wonder that an elephant is Evernote's logo given the animal's legendary memory. Now Evernote is adding reminders to the elephant's evolution. Who says Darwin can't dance?

Valet Weapon Against Parking Tickets: The Pre-Emptive Strike API

Ever find yourself in a race to locate your car before the parking police do? Now there's an (Android only) app for that, thanks to Valet's use of APIs that are part of Google Play Services.

According to Rebecca Grant who broke the story at Venturebeat, Valet co-founders Will Roman and Josh Deffibaug had launched Valet in April to help people remember where they parked (with a location pin) and remind them to Feed the meter. Using Google’s new location APIs, they upped their game:

“Everyone who drives can appreciate this,” Roman said in an interview. “Parking tickets suck, and so does forgetting where you parked on a busy day, when visiting a new city, or after a night of drinking. With Integration of the new Google Play Services location API’s, all features can be automated on over 95 percent of Android devices thereby preventing you from ever losing your vehicle or getting a parking ticket again. We’re the only parking app in the world to integrate the Google Play Services location APIs.”

Here's the cool part: because the APIs can tell when you are moving in a car (and distinguish that from walking or biking), and can tell when you have parked, the app can now drop a pin on your parking spot with no input from you. Clearly your best chance to keep that meter fed.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a delivery service, a security device communication and management service, a catalan official statistics service, a math games scoreboard service and a passbook application service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

DelivDeliv API: Deliv is a delivery service. Deliv offers customers an application to order goods to be delivered within 60 minutes or at a chosen time.

The Deliv API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Deliv with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

Honeywell AlarmNet DirectHoneywell AlarmNet Direct API: Honeywell is a security company that provides security services and devices for homes and businesses. AlarmNet Direct is a web-based service designed to let users communicate with Honeywell's security devices remotely. It allows customers to register, program, command, and check the status of devices over the internet. These functions can also be accessed programmatically using the AlarmNet Direct SOAP API.

Idescat EmbedIdescat Embed API: The Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat) is an organization that produces official Catalan economy, demography, and society statistics. Idescat exposes some of its data via a collection of REST APIs.
Some content from may be embedded in third party websites. The Idescat Embed API shows whether embeddable content exists on a specified page and how to obtain its embeddable code. This API follows the oEmbed standard for requests and responses. Responses may be XML or JSON formatted.

Mathletics Hall of FameMathletics Hall of Fame API: provides online math games for educational purposes. It is used by schools for students ages 5 through 18. The Mathletics Hall of Fame is a scoreboard showcasing the top-scoring students and classrooms in the U.S. and around the world. Hall of Fame scores and information are accessible programmatically via SOAP API.

PurplePurple API: Purple is an application that allows brands and companies to engage with their customers via mobile phones and iPhones. Purple lets users create various passes, coupons, tickets, and more with Apple's Passbook.

The Purple API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Purple with other applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

TakasbankTakasbank API: Takasbank is Turkish bank that, in addition to regular banking functions, provides settlement and custody services relating to capital market and stock exchange regulations. Takasbank users can retrieve information from the site and perform banking functions programmatically via SOAP API. The Takasbank website is provided in both Turkish and English.

TalkrayTalkray API: Talkray is a mobile application that allows users to make free phone calls, send and receive text messages, and send and receive photos.

The Talkray API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Talkray with other applications. Some example API methods include making phone calls, sending texts, and managing account information. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here:

USCG Port State Information ExchangeUSCG Port State Information Exchange API: The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Port State Information Exchange (PSIX) is an information system containing vessel-specific information on U.S. flag vessels, foreign flag vessels operating in U.S. waters, and contacts with those vessels. This information is derived from the Marine Information Safety and Law Enforcement System (MISLE). PSIX information can be accessed directly through the USCG website or programmatically via SOAP API.

ZoinkITZoinkIT API: ZoinkIT is a free online service for caching torrent files. The ZoinkIT API allows users to automate caching of newly created .torrent files. The Web Service is available as both a SOAP API and via HTTP POST calls.