Today in APIs: Exicon Acquires ApiAxle and 15 New APIs

ApiAxle has been acquired by Exicon. Plus, Snapchat releases update to fix security flaw and 15 new APIs.

ApiAxle Acquired by Exicon

ApiAxle, open source API management Platform, has announced that it has been acquired by Exicon. Exicon offers app management solutions with a curated API directory that made ApiAxle and excellent fit. Exicon plans to continue development of ApiAxle.

ApiAxle creator, Phil Jackson, commented:

"[ApiAxle] has improved leaps and bounds...The project will get a huge boost in resources [with the acquisition]."

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including a bitcoin exchange platform and price information service, an advertising information service, a biomedical rdf file database, a long-term cryptocurrency price information service, and a loyalty & rewards service for applications. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

796 Xchange796 Xchange API: 796 Xchange is a platform for buying and selling Bitcoins. The website also gives members access to Bitcoin mining stocks and MtGox daily/weekly futures. 796 Xchange provides several APIs that return ticker information, market depth, and trade history for BTC Futures, 796Xchange-MRI, ASICMINER-796, and BTC-DICE-796. The 796 Xchange also provides API methods for checking the Bitcoin price index history, getting account information, and performing trades.

AdbeatAdbeat API: Adbeat is a service that furnishes users with useful information on other peoples' ad campaigns. It can find the top display ads for over 50,000 publishers, find site-specific ad copy, uncover other advertisers' online strategies, and capture insights with its reporting. The Adbeat API enables developers to access this information for use in their own applications and services via REST calls.

BioteaBiotea API: BioTea generates RDF representations of biomedical literature and exposes that literature collection through a RESTful API.
The BioTea API is able to retrieve a list of RDF documents with their annotation files, a RDF for a given document or annotation file, metadata about a given document, multiple types of aggregate data, or metadata about the collection.

CryptoCoin ChartsCryptoCoin Charts API: CryptoCoin Charts provides charts on the long-time prices of altcoins (i.e. cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin) along with an order book. There are a lot of altcoins available, and CryptoCoin Charts is intended to help users identify ones worth investing in. CryptoCoin Charts currently stores over 50 million trades for 263 currency pairs, collected from 27 different exchanges. Developers can access some of this information via REST calls.

Deals DistributedDeals Distributed API: Deals Distributed is an API that allows developers to build in loyalty and rewards, cashback, points, and content monetizations tools into their applications, by aggregating offer and reporting data from affiliate networks across 11 European countries, using individual developers' own affiliate network credentials. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

EVEXEVEX API: EVEX is a text mining Web Service built on PubMed, the database of biomedical and life science references and abstracts featuring over 23 million records. EVEX extracts over 76 million gene/protein names and more than 40 million bio-molecular events. EVEX presents direct and indirect associations between genes and proteins.
The EVEX API provides developer access to the EVEX dataset, providing information on gene/protein relationships and more.

Global Names ResolverGlobal Names Resolver API: The Global Names Resolver is a service that resolves lists of scientific names against known sources. The resolver parses incoming names, executes matching as required, and displays a confidence score for each match, along with its identifier.
The Global Names Resolver API allows developers to programmatically resolve names against either specified data sources or against the entire database.

GuitarPartyGuitarParty API: GuitarParty provides guitar players with access to guitar tabs for the songs they want in the key of their choice. All song tabs are proofread for quality by at least one moderator before being published. Users can create custom songbooks for their mood or an upcoming event and access them in PDF format for printing. The GuitarParty API allows users to programmatically retrieve song lyrics and chords and (soon) create and download songbooks as printable PDFs. API: is digital verification service that allows users to validate their group affiliations and memberships online to get access to exclusive benefits.

The API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of with other applications and create new applications. Example API methods include verifying and managing military profiles, verifying and creating student profiles, and verfying and managing first responder profiles.

ImonggoImonggo API: Imonggo is a web-based point of sale service that provides inventory management, sales analysis, and business intelligence. The Imonggo API allows users to integrate third party applications and website with the Imonggo platform. The API provides primary resources for access such as: products, customers, invoices, documents, and inventories. The API uses REST calls, returns XML, and uses SSL for Authentication. An account is required with service.

My Docs Online Secure File DeliveryMy Docs Online Secure File Delivery API: My Docs Online is a file sharing and storage application. The My Docs Online Secure File Delivery RESTful Web API provides access to file delivery services from applications. In particular it allows web and mobile apps to easily incorporate HIPAA-compliant file delivery for secure and configurable ad hoc file and document delivery.

MyIntervalsMyIntervals API: MyIntervals is a project management service that offers time tracking, project management, billing, and other project services. The MyIntervals API allows users to sync Intervals tasks with another applications, create tasks or add time quickly create graphs or reports based on time entries within a company, create a client overview showing current activity and what is being worked on by whom, and other execute other functions. An account is required with service. The API uses REST calls, and returns XML.

Performance HorizonPerformance Horizon API: Performance Horizon is a brand marketing management service that provides dashboards, and reports to advertisers, agencies, and publishers who operate marking campaigns around the globe. The API uses REST calls and returns XML and JSON. An account is required with service, and an API Key and SSL are used for access and authentication. The Performance Horizons API provides users with access to the dashboard and report functionality of the Performance Horizon platform, as well as other aspects of the site.

PhyloPicPhyloPic API: PhyloPic is a phylogenetic taxonomy and a database of reusable silhouette images of plants, animals, and other life forms. PhyloPic exposes the information in its database through an API. The API provides access to PNG formatted images and a variety of metadata such as names, taxonomical information and user information. The API is also able to manipulate the database by managing user accounts, enabling or disabling hyponyms, adding or editing names, and more.

PingPalPingPal API: PingPal is a communication API for web and native app developers, providing end-to-end user communication, as well as app to server, in feature-sets. The API allows for integrating chat or VoIP solutions and a privacy protected positioning service in applications.