Today in APIs: Facebook Conversions, Amazon Consultants and 10 New APIs

Facebook is making it easier for developers to encourage their users to take advantage of free virtual credits. Amazon is creating a new class of consultants from its new partner network. Plus: ZenDesk gets a new API, Gumroad launches officially and 10 new APIs.

Facebook Adds API Feature to Help With Developer Conversions

In March Facebook offered free credits to users to encourage game players to buy credits for the first time. A new addition to the Facebook Credits API now lets developers query for whether a user has taken advantage of this opportunity.

From the announcement post:

Payer Promotion is subsidized by Facebook and allows you to offer certain people a discount on your game's virtual currency, such as $3 of value for free. Previously, you could only offer this promotion in your game through a DealSpot unit. With the API, you can determine who is eligible for the promotion, and then create your own custom unit to showcase the offer.

The new feature allows developers to streamline the process, designing the look however they want and only offering the deal to those who can accept it. This sort of metadata querying is a powerful tool for any Platform.

Amazon Adds Premier Consulting Tier

Though the Amazon Partner Network is only a month old, the company is already creating a brand new class of partner:

We are planning to recognize our most productive consulting partners at the AWS re:Invent conference this coming November by designating them as Premier Consulting Partners. A number of benefits come along with this designation including a Premier tier logo, placement in a new special section of the AWS web site, deeper technical and field engagement, preferred access to Beta programs, preferred access to the AWS Partner Advisory Council, Preferred eligibility for AWS financial support for Go-To-Market (GTM) activities, and other benefits.

A strong partner network is a good sign for API companies. EBay has done this well for many years. It's good to see other big names going this route.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud-based parallel video encoding service, online shopping cart software, mobile customer service app, daily deals business intelligence service and project management platform. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

CADECCADEC API: Computer Aided Design Environment for Composites (CADEC) is an online application that performs composite materials analysis. Users can store and manipulate data about fibers, matrices, laminas, laminates, loads and more. The CADEC API exposes this functionality for use in third party applications. It uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

CPUsage CirrusGrid GridVidCPUsage CirrusGrid GridVid API: Gridvid is an FFmpeg based distributed video transcoder which allows transmission and processing in the cloud via REST API's. Gridvid was created by CPUsage, a cloud computing service that offers access to idle computers for faster computing needs. These needs cater to motion graphics, life sciences, and finance industries to name a few.

eStore AdvancedeStore Advanced API: eStore Advanced is an E-commerce Software that allows businesses to quickly set up their online storefronts. eStore gives users the ability to create an online shop with a secure shopping cart, website hosting, online marketing tools, free support and more. An API is avaialable that allows developers to accept payments on their merchant sites or on their NTPnow payment gateway. Documentation is not publicly available. API: lets developers create micro-apps for mobile devices, specifically Android and iOS mobile devices. The micro-apps run on the mobile app. also offers an API for both Python and REST. The API exposes functionality such as interacting with users, presenting a UI, and retrieving feedback.

LucidChartLucidChart API: LucidChart is diagram- and chart-making platform. Users can create wireframes, charts, UML, more, and share them easily through an array of Integration options. The interface allows users to drag and drop the pieces of their diagrams. For this, users have a large selections and shapes and texts at their disposal. The diagrams can be published as PDFs or shared through various web platforms such as Google Drive and Apps. The LucidChart API exposes the document management functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

Nuance NinaNuance Nina API: Nuance, the company behind the speech recognition technology used with Apple's Siri, now offers a Siri-like API called Nina. Nina can be integrated into developer applications allowing the use of voice commands like Siri. In order to differentiate applications from others, developers can customize their Nina integration with different voices as well.

NutshellNutshell API: Nutshell is a customer relations management platform. It provides a simple dashboard for carrying out various lead generation and sales tracking procedures. The dashboard includes features for leads, reports, and setup, which allows users to automate workflow. The Nutshell API exposes the dashboard’s data accession functionality. It essentially allows developers to access the database functions of the CRM platform through SOAP, JSON- RPC, and a simple HTTP POST parameters.

SavvrSavvr API: Savvr is a data analysis service for local businesses. They aggregate information from over 250 daily deal websites and analyze the data for business opportunities. Businesses can employ Savvr to provide them with competitive analysis and investment insight about how to optimize offers in the daily deal market. Moreover, businesses can use it for merchant lead generation. Savvr offers an API to developers interested in building apps with their data. Developers must provide and request and explanation to Savvr at API: is a project management platform for businesses. It is intended to integrate workflow and collaboration across departments. It does so transparently and informatively. Its dashboard provides spaces for communications, project progress, analytics, and more. will also email its users daily digests. The API exposes the information update and retrieval functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

VoiceCloudVoiceCloud API: VoiceCloud is a leading cloud based voice services provider. The VoiceCloud technology converts user voicemails to text and delivers them via email and/or text message. The VoiceCloud API exposes the functionality of the platform for developers to use in their own applications. With the API users can send audio in mp3 or wav format to the service and receive text back. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.