Today in APIs: Facebook, Google DoubleClick and 19 New APIs

Facebook is kicking off a world tour for developers hacking on its Facebook API. There more security and extra endpoints coming to DoubleClick API. Plus: another voice recognition service, plenty more Twitter chatter and 19 new APIs.

Facebook is Hacking the World

The Facebook World Hack tour is about to kick off, starting with Austin, Texas, on Thursday (the only US location). The winners are in for more of a prize than in usual hackathons:

The grand prize for the best team in each continent is a trip to San Francisco and a visit to Facebook Headquarters in Menlo Park, California. Winners get to tour the campus and meet with executives like Facebook's Director of Product Management, Doug Purdy, and Head of Developer Relations, James Pearce.

Today the company also released more tickets for five of the cities.

DoubleClick Supports OAuth 2, Adds Reporting

DoubleClickThe big display ad network that Google bought in 2007 has updated its DoubleClick API aimed at advertisers (the company also has a DoubleClick for Publishers API). The update is foremost about security features, as it now requires SSL on all requests. It also added OAuth 2 support.

The announcement post also adds an API to the reporting service to get data on a particular user's ad buys:

The DFA Reporting API is a language-neutral REST API that offers programmatic access to the same reports as can be generated through the DFA Reporting User Interface. Along with improved speed and performance, the new API will allow you to create, edit, and schedule Standard reports. We will continue to launch additional features to the new DFA Reporting API over the next few months. Support for this API has been added to the Google APIs Client Libraries. The Java Library currently has the most complete example set.

Additionally, DoubleClick updated its deprecation policy to be in line with the Google API deprecation announcement from April when we said, "Don't freak out: your favorite Google API probably isn't going away."

Another API for the Robot Apocalypse

An interactive voice response system, or IVR, lets callers speak their customer service (and other) requests. A new API puts the power of IVR into any developer's hands on "any network, any phone, and most mobile devices," according to the press release.

Twitter API Changes Still Buzzing

The major update to the Twitter API continues to ripple through tech blogs. Here's a sampling of the latest:

There's even more in Friday's Today in APIs.

19 New APIs

Today we had 19 new APIs added to our API directory including an email marketing services, cloud storage and application Platform, forex trading platform, text translation service, email data verification service and video hosting service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Alterian Dynamic MessengerAlterian Dynamic Messenger API: Alterian helps organizations engage their audience through its integrated marketing software platform. The Alterian platform combines campaign management, web content management, email and social media monitoring tools. Alterian Dynamic Messenger lets marketers manage multiple email campaigns in an effort to increase interaction with their customers. It incorporates analytics, engagement and campaign management, content management, social media monitoring and online response management with email deployment. All functionality of the Dynamic Messenger is available via a Web Service API. Full Documentation is not publicly available.

American Express Payment SDKAmerican Express Payment SDK API: The American Express Payment Software Developer Kit ( SDK) gives users the tools needed to build applications on the American Express network. The SDK allows developers to manage the communication and compliance elements for secure Integration and transaction processing. The SDK interfaces with American Express’s Payments API platform Internet Direct allowing merchants to avoid processing fees and minimize potential points of failure.

Assay DepotAssay Depot API: Assay Depot is the world's largest online marketplace for pharmaceutical research services. Researchers from around the world use the public research exchange to find, compare, and purchase research services and to request information from thousands of global vendors.

The Assay Depot API gives read-only access to information on vendors and services. This API uses RESTful calls issued in JSON format.

BoingnetBoingnet API: Boingnet is a web based, 1 to 1 marketing platform. Marketers can use the platform to create data driven personal URL, email, social, QR, mobile, and direct mail campaigns. Many of the platform's features are exposed via an API. Functionality exposed includes pURL and campaign management, and reporting including summary, detail, daily and click reports. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

CompendiumCompendium API: Compendium is a content marketing platform that allows marketers to capture and create content original content that can then be branded for distribution to any marketing channel. The platform offers features such as automatic categorization, topic suggestions, social integration and the ability to capture customer stories.

The Compendium API allows developers to integrate with Compendium's corporate blogging application. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

CubeDriveCubeDrive API: The service provides online applications for standard office productivity functions such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and project management. Users interact with the online service to create, modify, and manage their documents, which remain securely stored in the remote system. The API allows applications to integrate these functions, which can be implemented either via the web service or through an installed instance.

API methods support create, retrieve, update, and delete ( CRUD) functions for a range of office document and application types. Methods also manage synchronization of separate sets of changes to support collaboration among users in preparing documents, with notifications of changes. Mobile access is available for spreadsheet content.

Easy-forexEasy-forex API: Easy-forex is a currency trading company that allows traders to trade currencies and commodities using any internet enabled platform. The easy-forex API gives developers the ability to integrate the functionality of the trading platform into their own applications. Exposed functionality includes streaming rate feeds, execution and market information services. Full documentation is not publicly available.

ELMdbELMdb API: The ELMdb API provides a programmatic interface to the ELM database. The ELM database contains descriptions of functional sites, representations of functional sites, and known instances of ELMs (eukaryotic linear motifs). These ELMs are currently specified as patterns using Regular Expression rules. The ELMdb API can be accessed using SOAP calls in XML format.

Frengly TranslationFrengly Translation API: The service provides a machine translation of any text from one language to another. It accommodates auto-detection of the input language and specification of the desired output language. The API implements some functions of the underlying web service.

API methods support submitting a text passage with source and destination languages. Returned data provide the machine translated version of the submitted text.

ImpressionwiseImpressionwise API: Impressionwise is a data hygiene provider specializing in cleansing data. The service is used for email verification by identifying spam traps and complainers. Data is scanned on-demand against a global view of real-time feedback at the time of the actual cleansing, utilizing no data from aged repositories.

The Impressionwise Data Feed Platform provides batch cleansing of email addresses in real-time. The platform is exposed via a RESTful API. Public documentation is not avaialable.

KeypicKeypic API: The protects against spam and other fraudulent and unwanted use of an application's interactive features, such as submitted comments, without forcing users to solve CAPTCHA puzzles. Rather than confronting users with a test to prove they're human, the service aims to make that determination by evaluating their activity on the protected site. It is implemented as a plug-in for WordPress and other platforms and via API.

API methods support interaction with the web service to report spam and verify the form submitting requests. Methods also support requesting code to detect spammer behavior as an iframe or embedded image.

Open Exchange RatesOpen Exchange Rates API: The Open Exchange Rates API provides programmatic access to currency exchange rates. It is not a currency conversion service. Open Exchange Rates was designed to provide a free and reliable place for developers to access exchange rates for use in their own apps and projects. Exchange rate data is updated hourly, and historical conversion rates are available as far back as 1999. This API uses RESTful calls in JSON and JSONP.

RouteSMS JavascriptRouteSMS Javascript API: RouteSms is a mobile messaging and bulk SMS solutions provider. They offer solutions such as SMS hubs, enterprise level messaging, bulk SMS, reseller platform and more. The API lets developers integrate the RouteSMS platform into their JavaScript applications.

SpamWipeSpamWipe API: The service scans a comment posted to a blog, social networking site, or other interactive application and identifies it as a legitimate post or as comment spam. It prevents spammers from posting irrelevant and unwanted text and links via the protected site's interactive controls.

API methods support submission of an attempted comment post for evaluation as spam. Parameters allow the request to specify the name, email, link URL(s), and other relevant details posted with the comment, along with the comment content itself. Returned data identify whether or not the comment appears to be spam, allowing the application to block those that do not pass the check.

SproutvideoSproutvideo API: SproutVideo is a simple video hosting service for businesses. Features include security options, HD video support, customizable players, playlist creation and customization, analytics, and mobile support. The SproutVideo API documentation allows businesses to interact with their SproutVideo account through a RESTful interface to upload, list, modify and delete videos, tags and playlists.

TouringPlans DisneyTouringPlans Disney API: offers users travel tips for going to popular tourist spots like the Disney parks and Universal Studios. The site provides crowd based calendars to predict how crowded the locations will be, how long the lines could be, and what order you should enjoy activities in order to optimize your trip. The Tourplan Disney API is currently in Beta and using REST calls will return nearby attractions, dining locations, resort dining, and hotels in JSON format. API: The service provides job submission and tracking tools for professional translation of texts submitted and returned with new versions in preferred languages. The workflow manager helps to expedite and track orders, and administrative functions include consolidated monthly invoices.

API methods support submission of a request for quotation specifying the word count of the text passage to be translated, its original language, and the language for the translation. The API returns a price in Euro and a delivery date for the requested human translation. Methods also allow confirmation of the job, retrieval of the completed translation, and requests for machine translations. Administrative methods allow queries for job status, outstanding account balance, and related information.

Unofficial NeweggUnofficial Newegg API: Newegg is an online store for computers, computer parts, electronics, and software. The Newegg API allows users to search for products based on their features and specifications. This API operates using JSON-formatted GET or POST calls. Although the API is technically provided by Newegg, it's functions have only been exposed by BeMasher in his blog.

WeKnowIt Speech ServiceWeKnowIt Speech Service API: The service provides speech recognition and indexing based on audio input in the form of a submitted WAV file or certain other formats. The recorded speech is mapped to text then indexed to be compatible with search queries, either for single words from the generated text passage or tags applied in indexing.

API methods support submission of an audio sample in one of the accepted formats for conversion to text strings and indexing for search. Methods also support submitting queries against the index previously created to return matching text from the passage or matches against tags applied to the text by the indexing process.