Today in APIs: Facebook Guards Friend Graph and the Plancast API Open

Facebook to MessageMe: Unfriend Graph. Plancast API open to Developers. Plus: Plixi Photo Sharing API to be shut down and M2M enterprise and the importance of APIs.

Facebook Bars MessageMe From Using Friend Graph: Is it the Anti-Social Graph?

According to John Paczkowski of All Things Digital, MessageMe joins Voxer and Vine in being banned from using Facebook's Friend Graph,

"Sources in position to know tell AllThingsD that Facebook has cut off MessageMe’s access to the Facebook Friend Graph, preventing users of the mobile messenger app from searching for friends via the social network. Try to bring up a list of Facebook friends on MessageMe today and you’ll see only an empty page or an error message."

While Messageme still has API access that allows its users to log in via Facebook, it should come as no surprise that Facebook cut them off as a potential rival. Other companies like Twitter have the same practice with competitors: hands off.

Plancast API Now Open

PlancastThe event calendar organizer Plancast that helps you find out about events ahead of time is opening its API. According to the press release featured on Active Access, Plancast is partnering with Mashery to roll it out,

"Plancast has made its data easily available so developers can create interesting apps, mashups, and analysis. As a result, we’ve decided to collect information to help us understand the API’s usage and plan for the future of the API. We want to cultivate relationships with our third-party developers and provide improved Documentation and developer support. Simultaneously, we see the need to track the API’s growth so we make sure we can scale with the demand."

Plancast provides documentation including IO Docs, a forum for developers. An Authentication key will be required for all Endpoint applications starting August 1, 2013. Applications throttling will be implemented gradually between now and then on unregistered users to encourage registration.

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