Today in APIs: Facebook Location Tagging, Cloud API Standards, Print Button

Use the Facebook Graph API to tag your OpenGraph stories with external location data. Why a Cloud API Standard is never likely to happen. Plus: a print button for any mobile app and a weather API acquisition.

Location Tagging in Facebook

Facebook Open Graph actions can be augmented with application provided location data. Till now, applications had to rely on Facebook Place Ids to provide this information. This is no longer the case. You can now tag an Open Graph story with location provided by an external location database like Foursquare. To tag the publishing action with a 3rd party location, you need to provide the 3rd party venue URL as a value for the place parameter. Check out tagging Facebook Open Graph stories with Foursquare locations and the Location Tagging section in Facebook.

The Search for a Cloud API Standard

Amazon leads the current pack of cloud computing providers by a large margin. At a high level, though infrastructure requirements like servers, storage, etc. are common, there is no portable API available across different vendors. In fact, many are of the belief that it will never be a reality and unofficially every one says that there is already a standard available, the Amazon APIs. Looks like a classical case of Follow the Leader.

Add Printing to any Mobile App

Breezy, a service that allows you to print to any printer from any device has released a Print button that you can add to any mobile application. You can now add this functionality to any Android and iOS Apps. Refer to the Developer portal for more details.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

While we didn't publish any new APIs over the US July 4th holiday, they're still rolling in. The directory is fast approaching 6,500 APIs.