Today in APIs: Facebook Music, New AppFog Features and 11 New APIs

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Facebook is apparently in talks with music video site Vevo to take over streaming of the videos from YouTube once the contract runs out. That would take the company's more than 30,000 videos out of the YouTube API. In another story, AppFog has expanded its Platform-as-a-service offering to include database and email from within your apps. That and 11 new APIs rounds out today in APIs.

Internet Killed the Video Star

According to a CNet report, the record label-owned Vevo is looking to Facebook to host its collection of music videos. The site currently has a deal with YouTube that involves shared revenue. However, two years ago one developer's use of the YouTube API created a bit of a kerfuffle. The website searched Vevo music videos, embedding them without advertisements. By switching to Facebook, Vevo videos would no longer be searchable at all via API, unless Facebook updates its developer tools accordingly.

MongoDB and Mailgun Available on PHP Fog

Cloud hosting service AppFog is expanding its PHP Fog platform:

We are really excited to announce that we’ve just added two more partners to our add-ons program, Mailgun and MongoHQ. Our goal is to continue building an ecosystem of amazing products that developers want and need to make the best possible applications. By partnering with our favorite companies to offer these add-ons, we continue to make creating and managing cloud-based apps easier and quicker.

Google Gets Less Enterprise-focused in One Tiny Way

With its moves to charge for more APIs, Google seems to be trying to learn the enterprise market. However, it's no longer going to provide a client-hosted version of Urchin, the product which became Google Analytics. But don't count Google out of the enterprise analytics space entirely. One reason for the company discontinuing Urchin is likely its release of Google Analytics Premium.

Google made a number of deprecation announcements today, including closing two APIs.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a college student organization information service, software analytics service, promotional clothing service, college search service, cloud-based content delivery service, astronomy data service, social media dashboard service, content management services, RDFI lookup/validation service, lead management service and mortgage loan application service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

CollegiateLinkCollegiateLink API: The service provides tools to help college staff manage co-curricular activities such as student clubs, organizations, and interest groups, including student registration as organization members, event management, allocation of fees, and group communication. Student officers get tools for roster management, officer elections, tracking community service hours, and related tasks.

API methods support listing campus organizations, membership rosters, all memberships for a specified student, and officer positions. Methods also support event listing, scheduling, and management

DeskMetricsDeskMetrics API: This service logs usage of applications, either desktop or web, to track real-time information about user interactions with the system. It records and reports on bugs encountered by users, user task sequences, rates of feature usage, location of use, system configuration and environment, install/uninstall rates, and other usage patterns.

API methods support monitoring application start and stop, software events and their duration, install and uninstall. Methods also allow definition of custom events to be tracked. A separate data extport API allows access to and reporting on analytics data logged by the service.

LiveDesignerLiveDesigner API: The service allows creation of designs for logo clothing and other personalized promotional products. It accepts input of design parameters and outputs a production file to control automated embroidery or printing machinery.

API methods support generation of graphics and graphics templates for lettering and for other designs in either scaled vector graphics (SVG) formats or in formats specific to embroidery machines. Methods also support creation and management of order fulfillment files to complete production of items bearing specified designs.

MatchCollegeMatchCollege API: The service provides information about U.S. colleges and universities. It allows search and results filtering by state, degree sought, careers supported, and other criteria. Results provide information about admissions requirements, tuition and financial aid available, housing choices, and more.

API methods support submission of a search query specifying a location by ZIP code, city, and state. Results returned include institution name, location by latitude and longitude, address, contact options such as phone and web URL, degree programs available, average class size, and funding options.

MetaCDNMetaCDN API: The service hosts content, including media assets, in the cloud and delivers it, with control of appearance and branding, across multiple platforms. Service features include video encoding and streaming, template management for appearance as delivered, and fast delivery from distributed cloud storage resources.

API methods support user account management as well as CRUD functions (creating, retrieving, updating, deleting) for media elements and other content. Methods also enable creation and management of branding templates for delivery of content, including media. The oEmbed API exposes content for access by third-party sites, if desired.

Space Physics Interactive Data ResourceSpace Physics Interactive Data Resource API: The service provides access to historical data, images, and descriptive metadata about solar terrestrial physics. It is intended to enable generation of space environment models and forecasts describing solar flares and events plus other features of weather in space via unified web-based access to a distributed database network and Java middle-ware servers.

API methods support retrieval of data and metadata, specified by format and date range. Methods also support image plotting with specification of parameters like image width and height, scale and data labels, colors, date range of data to plot, etc.

TwitSproutTwitSprout API: TwitSprout tracks a user's social media activity across their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It then delivers dashboards that measure and visualize social media activity. This data can be tracked in comparison to competitors to measure to success of social media campaigns. Smart notifications, custom branding/white label and Integration via an API are also available. Documentation is not public but developers are asked to contact the provider for more details.

XWeb Content ManagementXWeb Content Management API: XWebServices is an SOA Services firm focused primarily on financial services, health care and real estate. The Content Management API provides a suite of services that let developers integrate content management functionality into their applications. The suite includes blogging, FAQs, forums, news articles and survey/polls. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

XWeb FinancialXWeb Financial API: XWebServices is an SOA Services firm focused primarily on financial services, health care and real estate. The Financial services API gives the developer a standards-based approach to lookup FedACH Participant RDFIs. By using the API, developers can enable their applications to retrieve a specific Participant, validate a Routing Number, retrieve a list of Participants by a specific FRB Number, Telephone Area Code, State or Zip Code as well as retrieve a list of all the Servicing FRBs (Federal Reserve Banks). The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

XWeb LeadXWeb Lead API: XWebServices is an SOA Services firm focused primarily on financial services, health care and real estate. The Lead API provides lead management functionality when integrated with other applications. The API gives developers data storage and data access layer functionality for storing and retrieving leads. Functionality includes allowing applications to display a specific lead record, all lead records, leads entered within a specific date range, leads entered by a specific source, as well as perform data manipulation on individual lead records. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

XWeb Real EstateXWeb Real Estate API: XWebServices is an SOA Services firm focused primarily on financial services, health care and real estate. The Real Estate API allows developers to integrate and manage the Uniform Residential Mortgage Loan Application (Form 1003) within their own applications. Via the API applications can display a Mortgage Loan Application, a "queue" or list of complete and incomplete Mortgage Loan Applications, a "queue" or list of Mortgage Loan Applications created within a specific date range, a "queue" or list of Mortgage Loan Applications by a specific representative, as well as perform data manipulation (add/update/delete) on individual Mortgage Loan Application records. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

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