Today In APIs: Facebook News Feed changes and American Airlines Opens Up API

Facebook News Feed Changes does not bring about any API changes. American Airlines throws open its API to SXSW Attendees only. Plus: Philadelphia's first women only hackathon projects and crowdsourcing makes up for lack of API Documentation.

How Facebook News Feed changes affect Developers

FacebookFacebook API Developers have had to keep a constant check with Facebook API Platform updates, especially some of the breaking changes. With Facebook rolling out its brand new News Feed, the good news is that there are no changes for Developers at this point, except that since the News Feed will now contain more larger and more engaging content. As a result, the best practice now as per the post at Facebook Developer blog, is to "optimize for high-resolution feed stories on both web and mobile by providing 600X600 pixel images (minimum 200X200 px)".

American Airlines Opens API to Developers at SXSW

American Airlines, a super sponsor at SXSW 2013 is hoping to get Developers excited about its API. They are opening up the API just for the event as part of its 2-day hackathon on March 9-10 at SXSW. The winner will take home $10,000 and American hopes that developers create something unique with the possibility of using the best app or two, as part of its offering. The Event will also see developers get a 24-hour window to access American's Location API.

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