Today In APIs: Facebook Platform Updates, Google Places API Challenge, GymPact and 12 New APIs

Facebook to roll out breaking changes on September 5. Submissions are now open for the Google Places API Challenge. Plus: Learn how you can earn money by doing your exercises and 12 New APIs.

Facebook is Renaming Likes, Restricting "Beta Tier"

Facebook is scheduled to roll out breaking changes like renaming 'likes' property of Comments and 'votes' property of QuestionOptions. Some of the other breaking changes include using built-in actions for reading and watching and deleting FB.Canvas.setAutoResize. The changes are going into effect from September 5, 2012. Additionally, starting this week the Beta Tier will only be accessible to test users developers who have authorized the App Dashboard. Read the full blog post on the Platform updates.

Submit your Apps for Google Places API Developer Challenge

Google PlacesGoogle Places API Developer Challenge is a 10-week application development event that invites developers to build civic apps that combine the power of Google Places API with public data sets. The submissions for the challenge are now open and you can submit your application till end of October. The  Check out our coverage of the challenge.

GymPact pays you for exercising with RunKeeper

RunKeeper Health GraphGymPact, an application from HealthGraph partner Pact is a novel way to help you exercise. The idea is simple and lets you earn money for keeping your pact i.e. doing your exercise routines. The iPhone Application has now integrated the RunKeeper API to help track your RunKeeper activities like walking, running or bike rides. All you need to do is create a Pact i.e. which workouts you will do in the week and how much $$$ you are willing to lose if you do not complete those activities. At the end of the week, your activities are checked and if you have completed them, you stand to earn the money that is pooled from folks who could not fullfill their exercise routines i.e. the non-exercisers. With cash staring at you, do you need any more incentive not to exercise?

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a magic: the gathering card price ticker, a voip and internet telephony service, a self-care decision support, a real-time recommendation engine, a cloud-based business collaboration suite and a mobile device push notification service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Black Lotus Project Price TickerBlack Lotus Project Price Ticker API: Black Lotus Project creates Magic: The Gathering card price graphs from the Magic Online Trading League's latest non-foil physical magic card list. New prices are loaded every morning around 8:30am CST, which means the graphs are always fresh and up-to-date.

The Black Lotus Project Price Ticker API allows users to create a self-updating stock ticker for Magic card prices using the Black Lotus Project price information. This API is accessible using JavaScript and JSON-formatted calls.

foneAPIfoneAPI API: The service provides cloud-hosted telephony functions such as voice over IP (VoIP). Its functions include a switch that monitors customer phone numbers for incoming calls and initiates calls when directed by customer applications. It also can execute predefined actions in response to calls and trigger events based on phone traffic.

API methods support call answer, dial, and hang-up along with multiple actions in response to events generated by phone traffic. Actions include recording calls and playback, redirecting to another number, and joining multiple callers for a conference call. The API also generates logs of call traffic and system activities.

Healthnotes Healthnotes API: Helathnotes is a content source for consumer self-care wellness decisions. The Healthnote API consists of two services: the concept service and the element service. The concept service provides metadata on health and wellness concepts and exposes the relationships between concepts. The element service provides content in a contextual, highly-atomized form giving users a different perspective on the content. Ultimately, the API provides access to self-care decision support by condition, nutritional supplement, medicine, diet, and food.

MyrrixMyrrix API: Myrrix is a recommendations service provider. It is recommendation engine that deals with Big Data in real-time. Myrrix operates at two levels: a computational layer and a serving layer. The computational layer is customizable, allowing users to scale the system’s analytical approach. The serving layer is a RESTful API records input in real-time and takes requests from the system for recommendations. It replies with JSON-encoded data or CSV. Both layers can run independently, depending on the users’ needs.

One App CloudOne App Cloud API: One App Cloud is a business tools suite. It offers business simple and rich tools for collaboration, project management, and form creation. One App Cloud’s Actionable Inbox streamlines communications and document sharing into a single, transparent Feed. A visual form designer and the Rule Builder allow users to define and create reports, analyses, and other forms. One App Cloud also provides an API to integrate their suite’s features with social media and Google Apps.

OpenMarket Push NotificationsOpenMarket Push Notifications API: The service generates push notifications to mobile devices running under Apple, Android, and BlackBerry operating systems. It triggers messaging functions for applications registered with the OS providers to notify customers and others of events and activity related to their accounts.

API methods support creating and registering new push notification applications or updating existing ones to send messages either to individual devices or to groups of devices. Methods support distribution of messages and processing of receipts indicating message completion status. Separate methods are available for the three device OS options.

SerialStamperSerialStamper API: SerialStamper is a simple RESTful API for registering files, which are then digitally timestamped and available for download. Utilizing Safe Creative registration services with its system, files are digitally timestamped by Safe Creative and other timestamping authorities and then copied and stored in the cloud.

SerialStamper also includes a timestamping feature where developers can send a hash and receive a digital encoded timestamp response issued by Safe Creative Time Stamp Authority (TSA). In order to use the SerilaStamper API services developers need an authorization key to identify who they are within an organization and a authorization private key to sign the requests.

SMSWarehouseSMSWarehouse API: SMSWarehouse is a message solutions provider. Client can leverage their services to connect with a select or wide audience via bulk SMS messaging. SMSWarehouse provides users multiple deployment features for their convenience. Their services include scheduled messaging, multiple languages, logos, and more. Users can manage their SMS messaging from numerous platforms, included interfaces for the web, mobile devices, and desktop. The SMSWarehouse API exposes the message customization and delivery functionality. It is based on a RESTful protocol.

StatAdStatAd API: StatAd is user analytics service. Businesses can use it to assess their users’ social media information. StatAd provides a user analytics dashboard for reporting on large sets of data. The data is culled from customers who sign in via their social media accounts. The data sets are customizable and easily retrievable. StatAd provides an Engagement API that exposes the data retrieval and query functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

Synergy-IPVSynergy-IPV API: Morris Communications Group provides Voice over Internet Protocol services. The Synergy-IPV is a custom built VOIP platform in which all telephone features are controllable directly from the user’s phone and computer. The Synergy-IPV API is a web driven API that allows developers to write applications that directly control a user’s station, including voicemail, button mapping, call logs, and contact management.

The Giving LabThe Giving Lab API: The Giving Lab is a network where charity and tech projects intersect. Their goal is to help charitable enterprise develop their means and missions through tech. To that end, they provide tools for creating campaigns and groups. They also offer an API that exposes that campaign and group information management functionality. Developers can use it to create integrative plug-ins allowing their users to give to charities. The API is RESTful and returns JSON or JSONP-encoded data.

Washington Post Issues Washington Post Issues API: The Washington Post Issue Engine API stores transcripts and statements from political speakers, organized by issue and accompanied by fact checks from the Washington Post. Statements must come with a speaker, a date, text and a URL to the source transcript and Web site. If the statement meets the criteria, The Washington Post's Trove content analysis service will assign it an issue or multiple issues. Developers access the statements by providing fields for all the criteria a statement must have. The API is RESTful with JSON responses.