Today in APIs: Facebook's Threaded Comments API and Google Voice API

Facebook provides API to manage comment threads. Google SMS and voice Integration. Plus:  Gnip adds six new social data sources available via Public API and advertising and In-App Messaging APIs added to the AT&T API Platform.

Follow that Comment! Facebook Offers API for Threads

Following on the heels of releasing the threaded comments feature last week (which was automatically turned on for those with more than 10,000 followers), Facebook has announced an updated API for developers to integrate the service.

This will be critical to brands monitoring and responding to comments, given that they often have large numbers to handle. Ken Yeung of The Next Web reports that Facebook now offers a stream view and outlines what interested developers need to do next,

"Developers interested in this offering are advised to enable this on their dashboard. The feature is found under the Advanced tab and they will need to opt-in to the “July 2013 Breaking Changes” migration option."

As Facebook points out, this added feature can improve conversations and start open dialogues with the community, a critical feature for many but especially for brands.

Google Voice and SMS API Makes Integration Possible

Google App EngineIn a Google blogpost, Google announced it has teamed up with Twilio to integrate SMS or voice into your app. Native Python and Java libraries make it possible to work with Twilio APIs on the Google platform.

According to Javaworld's Mikael Ricknäs, the time needed to create this kind of integration has shrunk dramatically, to a matter of days,

"Twilio's platform consists of three parts: Voice, SMS, and Client. The first two allow applications to make regular phone calls and send text messages, as well as receive them. While Client enables VoIP calls from any phone, tablet, or browser. It supports WebRTC, a technology that will make it possible for developers to add voice and video communications in their Web-based applications. It is being standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C) on an API level and at the protocol level by the IETF."

According to Megan Murphy at Twilio, you can build a Group Messaging app with Google App Engine and Twilio, send business cards via SMS, deploy your Twilio App to Google App Engine and use PagerDuty for on-call scheduling.

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