Today in APIs: Facebook's Updated iOS App, Path Opens Up API to 13 New Partners and 8 New APIs

Facebook updates iOS app to include hashtags and more. Path adds 13 more partners to Nike. Plus: XiLi Mobile to use Google Maps for real estate app,  Active Network's first public 24-hour "HACKTIVE", and 8 new APIs.

Facebook iOS App 6.4 Update Fixes Bugs and More

In an effort to further conquer the mobile space and deliver for its advertisers and investors beyond the recent quarter's blow out numbers, Facebook has updated its iOS app. Now version 6.4, it includes several new features and changes.

Perhaps the addition with the biggest impact is the ability to search for hashtags. Other features include the ability to make reservations in participating US restaurants directly in concert with Open Table, bug fixes and speed. The OpenTable collaboration allows you to book  reservations at over 28,000 restaurants nationwide.

Path Laces Up New Partners to Complement Nike

Path, the personal social network, has announced the addition of 13 new partners to compliment its first partner, Nike. Nike was added earlier to help runners share their run data.

As Ryan Lawler reports in Techcrunch, the new partners will get a "share on path" button:

"For Path, the hope is to provide more ways for users to share content with others about what’s happening in their lives. And to give them the ability to more easily bring in content that they were creating anyway. With that in mind, new API partners include everything from social video network Viddy to multi-picture or collage editors like PicStitch, all the way to personal fitness app Strava. Other apps to join include WordPress, Bible, Papelook, Miil, Manga Camera and Otaku."

Path remains open to new partners who fit in with their interest of enhancing User Experience. It's goal is to become the "best moments" social network. The idea is to have users share details only with close friends and family, data and moments that they often don't share on Facebook and elsewhere.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

8 New APIs

Today we had 8 new APIs added to our API directory including an industrial scheduling and planning service, a swedish real estate Portal, an employment education and testing service, a mobile fleet management service and a product images and nutritional data service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

BackSolverBackSolver API: BackSolver is a cloud-based service for solving complicated industrial problems such as activity scheduling, finite capacity scheduling, project portfolio planning, workforce planning, and transport optimization. Send BackSolver your problems in a standard agnostic format over the Internet. BackSolver resolves the problems using their optimization algorithms and provides you with a solution.

BackSolver offers access to their services via a REST AI. Use the API to submit problems to BackSolver, check their computation status and to retrieve the solutions. Responses are returned in XML format.

boolibooli API: Booli is a Swedish real estate search portal. The booli API allows developers to connect programmatically with boolis data. The API is RESTful and returns JSON formatted data.

BrainMeasuresBrainMeasures API: BrainMeasures is a testing and certification service that helps employers screen to hire the best candidates and for users to take developer and other certifications to further their professional credentials. The BrainMeasures API allows for the Integration of some testing and screen services into third-party applications. BrainMeasures offers technicians, at no additional cost, to aid in the integration and upkeep of its API. An account is required with service.

Ctrack VMIgreenlightCtrack VMIgreenlight API: Ctrack is a mobile asset-tracking and management company that facilitates customers in Australia and New Zealand with tracking, controlling, and operational assistance with mobile workforces. The VMIGreenlight API allows users to use REST calls to access data form the VMIGreenlight service. The data can be integrated into users' legacy systems for use in payroll, billing, planning, project management, and other purposes. An account is required with service.

KwikeeKwikee API: Kwikee is a Resource for consumer product images and nutrition data. Kwikee makes this data freely available to retail trade entities to help ensure products are accurately represented to consumers.
The Kwikee API allows access to weekly exports of the entire publicly published products database, as well as daily incremental database updates. Future methods will allow users to execute on-demand queries for specific manufacturers, brands, UPCs/GTINs, and more. Data is delivered in XML format, which includes product image URLs for downloading.

LtcoinLtcoin API: is a website that provides a variety of mining pools that users can take part in. The site contains pools for mining 13 different crypto-currencies, the primary of which is litecoin. The ltcoin API allows users to make a REST query to get the data on the current mining pool statistics including the number of shares, the hash rate, the number of miners active, and the block number. An account is required with service.

ScoutScout API: Scout, by T3, is a Platform for mobile and web application developers. Scout allows companies and brands to access smartphone sensors to tailor the application experience for each individual customer, based on their behavior and activity.

The Scout API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Scout with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for API access and information.

Simple LegalSimple Legal API: Simple Legal is a legal billing and payment service. In addition to sending legal bills and receiving payments, Simple Legal also scans bills for potential duplicate charges and fraudulent charges and alerts the customer.

The Simple Legal API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Simple Legal with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.