Today in APIs: Farmsense Plants an API, and 11 New APIs

The Farmsense API breaks new ground. Aussie company helps users schedule posts on Instagram. Plus: API monetization accelerated by SOA Software, how to create embeddable customized Google Maps fast, and 11 new APIs.

Farmsense Breaks Digital Ground with API

If Old Macdonald had an API--now that would be something to crow about! The Farmsense API helps integrate the company's data on three fronts: day lengths, frost dates and moon phases. It joins 823 APIs related to tools in our API directory. Day lengths and moon phases are JSON responses. The frost dates are pulled from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

As Farmsense promises,

"Whether you're looking to create location-specific planting & harvesting schedules, automatic lighting, heating, cooling or feeding systems, our APIs can drive them, from browser to micro-controller."

Like almost every business, the internet of things is coming to farming.

Schedule that Photo Shoot! How to Circumvent the Instagram API

Aussie startup Schedugram has cleared a major hurdle created by Instagram: blocking posts from other sources, in a bid to control quality and reduce spam. Instagram enforces this by refusing to open up their API. Schedugram noticed that small business owners and others wanted to be able to schedule their posts. So without Instagram's help, they invented a work around.

As Rose Powell reports in Startup Smart, here's how they did it:

"...they had to completely bypass the Instagram API. They created software that runs on the device rather than the social media Platform, and automates the signing in, posting and signing out that was eating up hours for heavy Instagram users."

In the first week the company reports 50 clients with 120 accounts using the arrangement. However, Schedugram is not revealing who its clients are for fear that Instagram might block them. Reportedly, they are looking to sell to Instagram or perhaps a social media software company that does scheduling, like Hootsuite.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a Big Data & social analytics platform, a currency exchange rate service, a church database and worship planning service, a learning management system (lms) and a bulk sms service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

4C4C API: 4C is a big data and social analytics platform. 4C collects public social data and provides insights and analytics about the relationships between consumers, brands, and behavior.

The 4C API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of 4C with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

CoinMillCoinMill API: CoinMill is a currency exchange rate calculator that allows users to select among dozens of currencies to receive slightly delayed currency conversion rates. The site also allows users to get exchange rate through a typed entry requesting the conversion. The CoinMill API uses JavaScript and allows users to select currencies and embed a convertor into a third-party site.

ElvantoElvanto API: Elvanto is a church platform management service that aims to provide all the organizational, planning, and financial tools for a religious organization. The Elvanto API uses REST calls and can return JSON, XML and PHP. The API allows users to make calls to access information on people and church members, access groups, the church calendar, and financial information. An account is required with service.

ExpertusONEExpertusONE API: ExpertusONE is a dynamic, cloud learning management system (LMS) that helps companies train and educate their employees, business partners, and customers.

The ExpertusONE APIs allow developers to access and integrate the functionality of ExpertusONE with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

mNotifymNotify API: mNotify is a company that develops SMS and mobile applications for both public and private sector organizations, especially those involved in education, manufacturing, health care, finance, insurance, religion, real estate, and hospitality. It provides bulk SMS services that users can either resell or make use of themselves. Developers can access mNotify's SMS gateway programmatically via REST calls.

MusicoveryMusicovery API: Musicovery is a music player and music discovery application that allows users to listen to music based on a user's mood.

The Musicovery API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Musicovery with other applications. The Musicovery API provides data to generate music recommendations and playlists of all types, such as ones based on mood, artist, genre, title, and more.

SMS CentralSMS Central API: SMS Central provides users with an online SMS Portal for launching bulk SMS campaigns and sending two-way SMS. It also allows users to personalize messages for their recipients, customize sender ID, create templates, schedule campaigns for a later time and date, and review previous messages and their metrics. Users can also send SMS by email or API. The SMS Central API allows users to integrate with its messaging gateway using REST or SMPP calls.

SMS FAKESMS FAKE API: SMS FAKE allows users to customize the sender ID or phone number that is displayed on their text messages. This allows the user to send anonymous or spoofed SMS. Users might employ this service for marketing purposes or to pull a prank on a friend. It should be noted that if the sender ID is spoofed, the recipient won't be able to reply to the sender; if a fake number is given, any replies will go to that number.

It is up to the user to determine the legality of their intended usage. Users must supply a name, a valid email address, and their home country to create an account. Records of requests made to SMS FAKE are kept in order to comply with government standards.

SmsDialSmsDial API: SmsDial is a bulk SMS service for both individuals and organizations. It provides a secure, high capacity messaging platform with a delivery time of less than five seconds. Developers can integrate with the SmsDial messaging gateway via REST API in order to either use or resell its bulk SMS services. The API allows users to send bulk SMS and check their SMS units balance programmatically via REST API.

SMSWebGhSMSWebGh API: SMSWebGh is a Ghana-based SMS service that lets users send bulk SMS to over 1,000 mobile carriers, both in Ghana and worldwide. Users can send SMS to any country in under three seconds using the secure SMS gateway. SMSWebGh supports Unicode and allows users to send SMS in any language. The SMSWebGh API allows users to send SMS and check their account balances programmatically via REST calls.

VoodooSMSVoodooSMS API: VoodooSMS is a bulk SMS marketing platform for organizations, individuals, and resellers. It comes with 25 free credits to let users try out the platform before committing to buy. It also provides delivery reporting to let users know whether a message has arrived successfully on the recipient's mobile device. Users can send SMS in three different ways: from the online SMS gateway, by email, and via API.