Today in APIs: FieldAware Opens API for Field Service Automation Solutions

FieldAware has announced the general availability of its FieldAware API which allows third party apps to interact and share data with FieldAware mobile applications. The Consumer Electronics Association has formed a new working group to develop industry standards for home automation devices. Plus, how APIs are changing the face of enterprise computing.

FieldAware Announces General Availability of FieldAware API

FieldAware, leader in mobile cloud-based field service automation solutions, has announced the general availability of its FieldAware API. The RESTful API allows third party applications to interact and share data with mobile applications. With the goal to build more value with its customer base, FieldAware intends the API to encourage innovation around the FieldAware Platform.

Johnny Jones, FieldAware Vice President of Global Distribution, commented:

Field service operations are empowering field service workers with mobile technology to bring tremendous efficiencies and productivity improvements. Easy Integration with third-party applications, including cloud-based infrastructure and business systems, is necessary to maximize the impact.

Netsuite is the first partner to integrate the FieldAware API. The field services tools from FieldAware directly interact with Netsuite’s CRM, ERP, and ecommerce solutions. The streamlined interaction between the two companies’ various applications allows for more automation and flexibility which brings enhanced service and a leg up on the competition.

CEA Forms Working Group to Develop Home Automation Standards

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has formed a new working group: the Device Interoperability Working Group. The CEA announced the group at its Technology & Standards Forum held this week in Seattle. The group will focus on developing industry standards in the home automation space. Specifically dedicated to innovation in a quickly growing space, interoperability is reliant on the development of APIs based on the various devices’ particular functionality.

Bill Rose, President of JWR Consulting and Chairman of the working group, commented:

[Currently, interoperability] requires the developer to work closely with each manufacturer to develop an API or gain access to the manufacturer's API, followed by extensive testing to ensure compatibility….Some developers simply forego this and attempt to develop APIs on their own or use open source APIs, resulting in interoperability problems and service calls to the manufacturer for problems over which the manufacturer has no control.

The group hopes to remedy the current environment by developing an XML schema that a manufacturer can complete and post online for developers to use. The schema will include everything needed to use, consume, and monitor a device.

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