Today in APIs: Filethis uses Personal's API, Site24x7 Monitoring Service, and 10 New APIs

Filethis uses Personal's API to store your private data. Site24x7 launches monitoring service. Plus: Trumpia announces API enhancement, Practice Fusion launches medical imaging API, and 10 new APIs.

Filethis Teams with Personal to Organize Your Bills, Receipts and More

PersonalGot bills? Got disorganization? Even in the digital age they seem to go together. Filethis and Personal are out to change all this with once simple concept: keep it all in one place--one place that can be accessed by your phone, computer, or tablet. (It's amazing what "all in one place" actually means in this age of the cloud, namely, stored on a server so it can be everywhere. )

But, of course, the operative word for this type of sensitive data is "secure". To accomplish that, FileThis had to make the data travel one way only, never back. Using Personal's API meant that FileThis could grant Personal their "most secure destination designation."

And it's not just bills. As a blogpost from Personal outlines you can get receipts from companies like Amazon, and import educational information from the likes of Linkedin as well.

Site247 APM Insight is First End-to-End Performance Monitoring Service

Site24x7Detailed monitoring of applications has arrived thanks to Site24x7's APM Insight. The idea behind monitoring is speed--speed insolating and fixing problems. That means monitoring Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails Web Transactions. It also means measuring application response times, throughput, and end user satisfaction with Apdex scores.

The press release spells out why this monitoring is vital--and how APM Insight is a leap forward:

"Companies delivering SaaS and cloud apps can't afford to deliver inconsistent performance," said Gibu Mathew, director of product management for Site24x7. "But those apps are being delivered into a variety of devices and built using an often-complex variety of cloud technologies, which makes nailing down performance bottlenecks a real challenge. With Site24x7 APM Insight, we're delivering an industry-first, end-to-end solution that combines User Experience monitoring from around the world with agent-based server monitoring, resources monitoring inside the data center LAN, and now application-level monitoring to ensure our customers can track all of the moving parts in their cloud apps and deliver the best possible experience to their users."

Monitoring is spread across 40 sites around the world, giving developers unparalleled end-to-end visibility into how their app is performing. From transaction trace histories that reveal degradation to visual representation of performance metrics, Site24x7 is on its way to taking surveillance of app performance to a new dimension

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a bitcoin wallet service, a comic retrieval service, a file sharing service, a cloud-based file backup and sharing service, a tv clip saving & sharing application and a collaborative workspace service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

New Roambi Business Platform Transforms Critical Data Into Insightful Visualizations

BitcoinJS WalletBitcoinJS Wallet API: BitcoinJS is a open-source Resource for the development of Bitcoin projects. The site provides libraries of Bitcoin-related code that can be used for mobile, wallet, and trading services. The BitcoinJS Wallet Server API allows users to synchronize Bitcoin wallets between multiple clients and devices, and enhances security. The API accepts calls to create a wallet, log in to a wallet, check a pin, add and download items from the wallet, and several other calls.

BLaughBLaugh API: Blaugh is a web comic that is available free for the enjoyment blog browsers. The BLaugh API allows users to make queries to get a list of comics, get data on a comic, and get comics by title or date. The purpose is to allows developers to list and retrieve comics for Integration in third-party projects. The API uses XML- RPC calls and is available for noncommercial use.

DroplrDroplr API: Droplr is a file sharing service that allows users to share files of all sizes and types. Droplr enables sharing of music, notes, videos, documents, and other types of files.

The Droplr API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Droplr with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

ElephantDriveElephantDrive API: ElephantDrive is a cloud-based file backup and sharing service. Users can retrieve their files from any browser on a PC or mobile device without needing to download the ElephantDrive software. Individual files can be shared using custom links. Entire folders can be made accessible using secure permissions. ElephantDrive has an XML-based SOAP API to allow it to be integrated with other systems.

GrabyoGrabyo API: Grabyo is a TV clip sharing application. Grabyo allows users to save TV clips and share them over social media sites, email, and text.

The Grabyo API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Grabyo with other applications and websites, enabling TV clips from Grabyo to be integrated on other platforms. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

HackPadHackPad API: HackPad is a collaborative workspace designed for ease of use and to enhance the speed information sharing. The HackPad API comes in two varieties: REST and JavaScript. The latter will embed HackPad into the site, while the REST API allows users to create a work pad, get a list of pads, search pads for information, get content in and out of a pad, and inspect revisions. The REST API returns JSON, and uses OAuth 1.0a for Authentication. An account is required with service.

NaringslexNaringslex API: Næringslex is an online resource developed by the Service Office for Business to help people who are starting their own businesses in Oslo, Norway. It covers all of the information needed to get established, including required permits, agencies to contact, important laws and regulations, taxation, accounting obligations, and relevant forms and brochures. Much of this information can also be retrieved programmatically via the Næringslex SOAP API. The Næringslex website and API documentation are provided solely in Norwegian.

OhNoRobotOhNoRobot API: OhNoRobot is a personalized comic search and transcription service that houses a database of over 137,000 comics. The site offers random comic browsing, advanced search capabilities and collaborative transcription services. The OhNoRobot API allows users to import comic data into the system. For documentation information, contact OhNoRobot.

Roambi BusinessRoambi Business API: Roambi provides services and applications for businesses. Roambi provides data analytics, file and data management, mobile applications for businesses on the go, and other services for efficiency and enterprise.

The Roambi Business API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Roambi Business with other applications. Some example API methods include uploading files, managing files, and managing account information.

ZoompfZoompf API: Zoompf provides web performance optimization products and services. The Zoompf API provides developer access to many of the web scan results found in the zoompf application. The RESTful API requires an API Key and returns XML formatted responses.