Today In APIs: Firebase API, The Making of Fastbook and 19 New APIs

Real-time backend service Firebase adds the Security API. Sencha proves that HTML5 applications can be fast by showcasing Fastbook. Plus: Cheezburger launches API to bring "5 minutes of funny" to everyone, Amazon EBS allows snapshot copy between regions and 19 new APIs.

Firebase adds API to secure Back-end service

Firebase provides a real-time database service in the cloud and has released a Security API that will help clients write secure web applications that talk to its database service. The Security API gives you not just Authentication via a variety of services but also Security Rules, which lets you write JavaScript like expressions to control what operations should be permitted for a particular user.

Sencha remakes Fastbook HTML5 App

SenchaFacebook recently blamed HTML5 for its sluggish application and stated that it was not yet ready for mainstream. Sencha, a leading provider of HTML5 based Web application frameworks went on a mission to prove that one could write a Facebook app that was fast enough. The blog post titled "The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story" goes into terrific detail on how they addressed some of the performance issues with the Facebook, including one around large amounts of data that the Facebook API was returning, especially for the News items. The Sencha team put in a proxy server to clean up and Parse the raw data returned from the Facebook FQL API and reducing the data to almost 10% of its original size.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

19 New APIs

Today we had 19 new APIs added to our API directory including a proteome data for biomedical research, a public social media database, a crowd-funding Platform, an ip geolocation service, and a club dress code directory. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

 The Global Proteome Machine The Global Proteome Machine API: The Global Proteome Machine is an attempt to create knowledge from proteomics data and reuse it to solve biomedical research problems. The Global Proteome Machine Database was built to use GPM data to help validate peptide MS/MS spectra and protein coverage patterns.
The Global Proteome Machine Database API provides RESTful access to commonly required information based on data from the GPM Database. Responses are JSON formatted.

ArchiverArchiver API: Archiver is an index of spidered publicly available social media data searchable by keyword and location. The Archiver API aims to help developers to query the diverse sources of the archive and supports a variety of methods, including full-text search and user data.

CrowdTiltCrowdTilt API: CrowdTilt is an online group fundraising site. CrowdTilt offers features for users to create their own crowd-funding sites to raise money for various reasons and sites to allow for group funding.

The CrowdTilt API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of CrowdTilt with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include accessing user information, accessing campaign information, and managing campaigns.

DocoDocoDocoDoco API: DocoDoco is an IP geolocation service allowing customers to present custom content based on user location. The DocoDoco API provides a RESTSful interface for customers to automate interaction with IP data. Responses may be returned in XML or JSON format.

Dress Code FinderDress Code Finder API: Dress Code Finder is an online directory of restaurant, bar, and club dress codes for over 70,000 establishments in the US. Dress Code Finder returns information about how casual or fancy dress codes are.

The Dress Code Finder API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Dress Code Finder with other applications. Some example API methods include searching dress codes by keywords, searching dress codes by location, and returning dress code details.

EnthuseEnthuse API: Enthuse is a fan loyalty service where brands, teams, and companies can reward their fans with prizes and offer promotions to their fans.

The Enthuse API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Enthuse with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should contact for more information.

EveryplayEveryplay API: Everyplay is an application that allows developers to add features to their games to engage their players, allow their players to share their plays and replays, and interact with other players.

The Everyplay API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Everyplay with game applications. Some example API methods include managing account information, retrieving information about players, and retrieving games.

Inside Higher EdInside Higher Ed API: Inside Higher Ed is an online news, opinion and job listing provider for all of higher education. The Inside Higher Ed Job Posting API allows contracted job providers to automate posting job listings. Users may access the API as either a REST call or a SOAP Web Service.

OCLC Kindred WorksOCLC Kindred Works API: OCLC Kindred Works is an experimental service providing content-based recommendations for items similar to an item of interest. Recommendations can be customized to an individual collection. The OCLC Kindred Works API was built for developers to integrate recommendations into another application or service. This is a RESTful API returning XML formatted responses.

omNovia ArchiveomNovia Archive API: omNovia provides webinars, online trainings, live event webcasting solutions, and collaborative online meetings. The omNovia Archive API allows customers to view details of archived recorded sessions and charge for viewing them.

PathablePathable API: Pathable allows you to connect conference and event planners and attendees with a comprehensive social media suite for scheduling, networking and management of year round community hubs. Besides scheduling, Pathable also allows you to integrate online event registration and design a customizable web presence for your event. Attendees can connect with each other through multiple social network channels and choose events they wish to attend. Speakers can upload their handouts and slide decks and are easily researched through the search functionalities of the platform.

The Pathable Developer API gives users read and write capabilities for user creation, user attributes, mail functionality, organizations, meetings, attendee schedules and more. The REST based API utilizes GET, POST, DELETE, PUT and CREATE methods with returns in JSON or XML. Pricing starts at $3,750/year for small events up to $25,400/year for enterprise level solutions.

Pathable also maintains an XML Polling API for XML feeds of attendee lists.

RecipeBridgeRecipeBridge API: RecipeBridge is a recipe search engine that indexes recipes from hundreds of websites. The RecipeBridge API allows developers to build applications that search for recipes by title or ingredients, or retrieve detailed recipe information including ingredient lists and quantities, recipe source, and more.

Redtail CRMRedtail CRM API: The Redtail Client Relationship Management (CRM) platform is a product designed expressly with financial professionals in mind. It's web-based service is designed to meet the needs of financial advisors through its subscription service with no software installations required. Redtail's CRM allows view and manage your contacts and their information easily, and with an intuitive interface to interact with email correspondance (archive, note, form reports). Costs start at $65/month for up to 15 users per database and includes disaster recovery, custom exporting options, reminders, mobile apps and more.

Using the Redtail CRM API, you can manage contacts, addresses, notes, accounts, calendars, settings and more. REST based, with returns in JSON, and GET and PUT as supported methods.

reeglereegle API: reegle is a clean energy information service that makes management and tagging of clean energy and climate relevant services more easily accomplished through their automated tag extraction service. reegle also provides a semantic index which allows users to be guided to relevant articles based on their search terms through resources such as:, Linked Open Data (LOD), REEEP project outcome documents and more. Content is available in English, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

The reegle API is REST based with returns formatted in either XML, JSON or RDF. GET and POST methods are supported.

SmadexSmadex API: Smadex is mobile advertising service. Smadex offers advertisers and publishers features to integrate advertising into mobile applications and content.

The Smadex API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Smadex with other applications. Some example API methods include integrating ads into content, retrieving ad information, and managing account information.

SnoCountrySnoCountry API: SnoCountry exists to highlight and disseminate snow conditions, mountain weather, snowsport events, and ski resort information. The SnoCountry API provides developer access to snow conditions and resort data. Responses may be returned in JSON or HTML format.

SodaHeadSodaHead API: One of the largest, opinion based social communities, SodaHead is an online platform that provides aggregation of online news stories and events. Additionally, SodaHead provides a polling platform and avenues for marketers to reach SodaHead's young and active user group. SodaHead provides an online community for people to share their interests and thoughts with each other and respond to polls.

The SodaHead REST API offers access to multiple polls, single polls and cast a vote by Poll ID and Answer ID. The supported data format is JSON.

StippleStipple API: Stipple is an online photograph repository. Stipple allows advertisers to use images with their products, publishers to purchase images for use, and photographers to sell and get credit for their photographs.

The Stipple API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Stipple with other applications. Some example API methods include creating photos, retrieving photos, and retrieving data about photos.

The ArchiveThe Archive API: Designed to be the central hub for all video game information, metadata, and media, The Archive is a database of video game related information, including game and system data, images, and articles. The Archive API provides developer access to The Archive’s database through a series of HTTP calls. Responses may be XML, JSON, or YAML formatted.