Today in APIs: Flutrack's API, and 11 New APIs

Flutrack API offers Twitter data on flu-related tweets. Twitter enforces Encryption of SSL on apps. Plus: Bitcoin payroll API released, API authorizations for mobile apps, and 11 new APIs.

Flutrack API Tracks Flu in Real Time monitors tweets about the flu and maps the results in real time to give a sense of how the sickness is developing across the globe. The Flutrack API is one of 134 medical related APIs in our API directory.

Flutrack explains how it scoops its data from Twitter,

"Before saving these tweets to the open database, the system filters them automatically by removing tags and hashtags (including @, # symbols). Moreover, only geolocated tweets and tweets that their geolocation is extracted from the user’s profile location (self declared home location) are being saved to the database. If enough location information is not available, tweets are automatically avoided. Tweets having less than 5 characters and those containing non-ASCII characters are excluded. Profile location is also automatically filtered from “suspicious” words (home, heaven etc), in consideration of avoiding false or non-exist location coordinates."

What the API does with this data is where it gets interesting. It serves it up according to 4 parameters that developers can manipulate: symptoms (such and cough or fever), aggravation of the patient's clinical condition, date and time, and offers the ability to limit the number of tweets that source the data.

Twitter Enforces Encryption of SSL for Apps Using its API

Starting today, Twitter has made it impossible for Apps connecting to Twitter to continue with HTTP plaintext connections. The ramp up to this cut off started with notification in December.

According to a Twitter blog post,

"This is an important notice for developers still using HTTP plaintext connections. On January 14th, 2014, connections to will be restricted to TLS/SSL connections only. If your application still uses HTTP plaintext connections you will need to update it to use HTTPS connections, otherwise your app will stop functioning. You don't need to wait until deadline to implement this change, given that already supports the recommended environment."

The change affects all Twitter IPI URLS.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a tijuana, rosarito, and ensenada travel guide, a blog content service, an online payment service, an online payment Platform and a mapping & demographic information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: is a guide to the best places to eat, drink, shop and relax in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada Mexico. Reviews are written by locals who are in the know about all the best places. The guide contains accurate location listings that have been personally confirmed by a member of the staff.

The REST API allows developers to integrate accurate, up-to-date location information from the guide. Use the API to search for businesses or landmarks, receive information on a location and get pictures of specific locations. Responses are returned in JSON. content API: is a personal website for an individual who is a fan of programming, drinking cider, and pursing political activism. In the blog he maintains he includes a REST based API to access the blogs content. The API can return JSON, XML, or YAML.

CityPayCityPay API: CityPay is an online payment service that offers a secure payment gateway, enabling merchants to accept payments from a range of environments, from mobile phones and web browsers through to fully integrated solutions.

The CityPay PayPOST API is RESTful payment API used for server to server transactional processing. Merchants can use the API to integrate CityPay payment services into their own applications. The API provides a number of payment mechanisms including fraud protection, preauthorization, and Internet, MOTO, CA transaction processing. The API provides data in XML or JSON.

ConektaConekta API: Conekta is an online payment platform for Latin American businesses that enables them to process online payments using both online and offline methods. Conekta can be used for any type of transaction such as selling physical products, charging for a service, taking donations, or enabling marketplaces for third parties.

Conekta offers a REST API that provides Merchants and
Marketplaces an easy way to start accepting payments through a website or application. API methods include Charges, Customers, Cards, Subscriptions, Plans and Events. All responses are in JSON, but sessions can be configured to receive responses in XML. An API Key is required.

Esri Business AnalystEsri Business Analyst API: Esri is a mapping and GIS mapping software and information provider. ESRI provides various mapping, demographic, and geographic data capabilities.

The Esri Business Analyst API allows developers to access and integrate demographic data from Esri with other applications and to create new applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with a subscription. API: is an easy to use platform for launching an online business. Websites can be published in minutes and's advanced publishing and e-commerce tools help to grow the business. offers a REST API for programmatic access to services. API methods include Exchange rate, Navigation, Price check and Pay. Responses are returned in JSON.

LipishaLipisha API: Based in Kenya, Lipisha offers a payment platform for businesses that enables them to collect, process and integrate payments from customers and clients using mobile money such as M-Pesa or Airtel Money.

The Lipisha API allows developers to integrate with the Lipisha payments system. The API carries out a number of activities including creating a new payment account, querying for transactions, Sending mobile money, charge a credit or debit card, transferring funds between different Lipisha accounts, and more.

MobiCheckinMobiCheckin API: MobiCheckin is a guest registration and check-in application for professional event organizers. Users can check guests in and monitor arrivals using mobile iOS devices. They can also manage guest lists, badges, and invites online. The MobiCheckin API provides users with programmatic methods for working with events, guests, check-ins, signatures, and exhibitors.

RetslyRetsly API: Retsly is a backend as a service (Baas) that aggregates MLS real estate data and makes it available for developing data driven real estate products. Retsly cleans and standardizes the MLS data and expose it through a variety of formats, including a REST API. Retsly API methods include agent, geography, office, photo, vendor and listing. Authentication is provided using OAuth 2.0 to generate access tokens. API: is a application management service that allows users to create public or private application status pages. completes up-time monitoring processes by providing a unified communications platform for IT and help desk teams that reports up-time status to application end users. offers a REST API for programmatic access to data. API resouces include Company, Application, Service components, Templates, Users, Subscribers, UserProfile, PostTypes, and more. Authentication is provided using HTTP Basic Authentication over SSL. Data is transferred using JSON.

Youphoric SMSYouphoric SMS API: Youphoric is a group of IT experts who create a variety of projects and services together, including the Youphoric SMS API. This is a messaging service that allows users to create applications that can send and receive SMS. The Youphoric API provides methods for sending SMS, handling incoming SMS, and sending scheduled push messages via REST calls.