Today in APIs: Ford's API Challenge and Apigee's API Exchange

Ford's open source API. Apigee's API exchange Platform. Plus: new release of Apiphany platform and's plan for a new API.

Ford's Fuel Efficiency API Challenge: Step On It!

Ford has launched a challenge at Challengepost to see who can create the best app to allow consumers to access their personal fuel-economy performance data. Data comes from the OpenXC platform.

Submissions open April 24, 2013. Winners will receive $50,000. Winners will be announced August 28th. Among the guidelines, the web-based or mobile app must give drivers information with the aim of helping them improve their fuel economy, be new, and be nondestracting for use while driving. Registration is now open via Challengepost.

Apigee has New Exchange Platform for APIs

As Ken Yeung reports in The Next Web, Apigee

"...has launched an exchange platform that allows companies to share its data and services with others through applications. The company claims that its API exchange is simple and will accelerate the development and use of API-powered apps in the global marketplace. At launch, Apigee is making the exchange available for the telecommunications industry."

The goal is to facilitate sharing data and services through interoperable APIs to power app ecosystems across any industry. .

By facilitating industry standard APIs, Apigee aims to cut down on the cumbersome practice developers are facing: multiple API providers, which costs time and money. In the telecom space, Apigee aims to facilitate selling capacity and automate billing between telcos.

The price for the service has not been disclosed.

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