Today in APIs: Future of Social, MapQuest Offers Unlimited Free Maps and 13 New APIs

Will API access decide the future of Social Networks? The Maps war continues with MapQuest now offering free Maps with unlimited usage limits. Plus: a Sentiment API that can help Traders with stock traders and 13 New APIs

The Future of Social Networks and APIs

The recent announcement by Twitter to restrict access to their API and Google's conservative approach to opening up their Google+ API raises some important questions about the future of social networks. There is no doubt that these networks have got their users and data due to 3rd party applications that used their API. Are they going towards a scenario where the only way to access these networks would their own applications? Current indications are pointing towards that.

MapQuest offers Maps with no usage limits

Ever since Google announced an updated pricing for their Maps product last year, the world of Maps has never been the same. Though the pricing affected only a small percentage of heavily trafficked site, it was perhaps the tipping point that did two things. First, it made developers look out for various open source alternatives. It also made vendors like MapQuest take a renewed interest in their own Platform and woo developers aggresively. In a fresh salvo against Google Maps, MapQuest now offers free, unlimited maps for both online and mobile apps, with no usage limits.

Sentiment API to Trade Stocks

With large amounts of data being generated on social networks, the field of Sentiment Analyis has been consistently in the news. SNTMNT offers the first API worldwide that gives stock predictions based on Twitter sentiment. They are offering 3 APIs: Trading Indicator API, Financial Sentiment API and Brand Sentiment API.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

13 New APIs

Today we had 13 new APIs added to our API directory including a business management service, online gambling service, annotated biology article search, website scraping service, e-mail marketing service, anagram retrieval service, browser-based code editing service, h.a.c.k. website status monitoring service, persian sms advertisement service, french secure online payment service, database of regular expressions, online dictionary service, file uploading and storage service, . Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

360 Business Tool360 Business Tool API: 360 Business Tool is a Danish system for businesses to manage a variety of operations. 360 Business Tool offers CRM functionality, budget information, time and invoicing functions, and employee management.

The 360 Business Tool API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of 360 Business Tool with other applications. Some example API methods include managing customer information, retrieving statuses, and recording time. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with accounts.

BETDAQBETDAQ API: The BETDAQ website allows users to place bets on sports such as horse racing, soccer, American football, rugby, and golf for real money. The site also offers poker and other online gambling games. Being based in the UK, BETDAQ deals primarily in euros and British pounds. The BETDAQ API allows users to interact with the website's betting functions programmatically.

BioLitBioLit API: BioLit is a searchable database of biology-related articles. It provides an enhanced view of articles that includes semantic data and links to biological databases based on article content. Currently, all articles in the BioLit database are from the PubMed Central archives. These articles have been filtered to remove those that do not contain research-related content. BioLit's search functions can be accessed programmatically via REST API.

BobikBobik API: Bobik is a Web Service for scraping websites in real-time. Bobik allows users to collect and retrieve information from websites automatically and in real-time.

The Bobik API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Bobik with other applications and to create new applications. Some example API methods include creating and setting scraping jobs, managing account information, and retrieving scrapes.

Carrier PigeonCarrier Pigeon API: Carrier Pigeon is an email marketing solution that enables users to create, deliver, and manage email campaigns via a simple User Interface or API. Users may create and manage an unlimited number of subscriber lists, as well as retrieve campaign reports that include a comprehensive array of metrics. Carrier Pigeon is flexible with regards to e-mail design, allowing users to implement templates, bring in their own HTML code, or start from scratch with Carrier Pigeon's canvas HTML Word-like editor.

Claude Hussenet AnagramClaude Hussenet Anagram API: Anagrams are a type of word play in which the letters of a word or phrase are rearranged to produce a new word or phrase, using all of the original letters exactly once. The Claude Hussenet Anagram API allows users to retrieve anagrams.

This API is poorly documented.

CodeanywhereCodeanywhere API: Codeanywhere is a browser-based code editor with an integrated FTP client. All popular web formats are supported, including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. Users can log on to Codeanywhere with any computer or smartphone and have all of their servers (FTP, SFTP, and Dropbox) and files waiting for use. Codeanywhere is compatible with all major browsers.

HackSenseHackSense API: H.A.C.K. is the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge. It is a hacker space created to provide infrastructure and community space for those looking for project ideas and information. The HackSense API shows the current status of the H.A.C.K. website and the timestamp of the last change in HTML, XML, TXT, CSV, and RSS formats. It can also show the website's history in HTML, XML, and CSV formats.

Panelesms SendPanelesms Send API: The Panelesms website provides a service for distributing short message service (SMS) advertisements. The Panelesms Send API allows users to send SMS ads or to schedule when they are to be sent. It uses SOAP calls in XML format.

The Panelesms website is provided exclusively in Persian (Farsi).

PaylinePayline API: Payline is a French service for making secure online payments. It acts as a go-between for websites and financial institutions, providing the user's customers with a highly secure page for entering their payment details. Payline then encrypts and sends that data to the user's bank for payment. Payline is a multi-channel solution that works with any bank and includes tools to fight against online fraud.

The Payline website is provided solely in French.

RegExLibRegExLib API: RegExLib is a Library of regular expressions. It contains more than 3400 expressions from over 2000 contributors around the world. Users may search the library for an expression to perform a particular task, or they may contribute a new expression that they’ve figured out.

The RegExLib API allows users to retrieve a list of regular expressions or to retrieve information on a specific expression. The API also allows users to search for regular expressions matching a given query term. The RegExLib API operates via SOAP calls using the XML data format.

Study Island DictionaryStudy Island Dictionary API: Study Island is an online service for educational enhancement. It provides tools for every grade level, and it readily conforms to state standards for education. One tool that Study Island provides is the Dictionary API, which allows users to look up words programmatically via SOAP calls.

UploadCareUploadCare API: UploadCare is a file uploading and storage service. It allows users to add a functionality to their website or application that permits end-users to upload files. It also provides a Function for resizing images on the fly. UploadCare's services may be accessed via its APIs, which are provided in REST and JavaScript formats.