Today in APIs: Gamers Improve Odds with Betable, Walgreens Prescription API, and 12 New APIs

Betable's gambling license helps gaming companies skip a step. Walgreens Prescription Refill API. Plus: Hacking competitions, quickstart tutorial on Amazon EC2 API for AWS rookies, and 12 new APIs.

Gamers Get Great Odds with Betable

Betable, a company that allows users to play games with real money has a gambling license in the UK. This made it easy to sign up Canadian developer Frima Studio, because, as they told Kim-Mai Cutler at Techcrunch, Betable,

“... already secured legality, which is a blessing to us,” said Mikael Lefebvre, who is a director of Frima’s 3OAK studios. “It makes our life much easier.”

Betable manages the direct relationship with players for legal reasons. Betable could be a big winner, with many states now considering loosening restrictions on gambling. According to Techcrunch, partnerships include Digital Chocolate, SGN, Slingo, Mandala, and Big Fish Games; the latter is among the top 20 grossing iPhone games in the US.

How to Think Clearly on Drugs--With Walgreens Refill API Technology for Developers

Walgreens QuickPrintsWalgreens has long been a pioneer in speed (customer service, that is, not the drug). That passion to serve was extensively chronicled in Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't by Jim Collins, more than a decade ago. But they just won't let up, according to a press release on Marketwatch. With an API specifically targeted as a tool for the mobile App developer, Walgreens,

" is making available a new Application Programming Interface (API) that allows third-party mobile app developers to integrate the drugstore chain's prescription refill technology. Developers who have scanning functionality within their apps can easily integrate the API to enable their users to order a prescription refill by scanning the barcode on a Walgreens prescription bottle."

On the value of time, Walgreens gets it: their motto, "at the corner of happy & healthy," could justifiably be modified to: happy, healthy, & convenient.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including a freenode irc channel user-finding service, a biological modeling service, an instant messaging service, a browser-based telephony service, a resume parsing service and a multichannel order management service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

#Gah People#Gah People API: #Gah People helps people from the FreeNode IRC channel #gah to discover one another. The website's XML- RPC API can be used to retrieve a list of all people on #gah or to retrieve people based on several factors that may include a search string, whether they have blogs, or whether they have RSS feeds. The API can also be used to retrieve all available information on a specified person.

BioMortarBioMortar API: The service provides a modeling environment for assembling and combining BioBricks, which are standardized packages of genetic patterns encoded to generate discrete biological functions. In combination, they define biological sequences that in turn can be treated as larger functional components for combination to model complex processes. The resulting protocols effectively apply engineering principles to standardize representations of biological systems.

API methods support encoding basic biological structures with genetic characteristics, relationships to antibiotics, and other characteristics. Methods also allow combination of basic structures according to the same standard principles to define progressively more complex structural components.

Cisco IM & PresenceCisco IM & Presence API: The service provides instant messaging for applications operating within the provider's WebEx Collaboration Cloud. It uses Cisco's Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol ( XMPP) AJAX Library to integrate the Presence functional package and related messaging capabilities with other web-based applications. Possible users could be an embedded customer support Portal or in-game messaging between players.

API methods support initiating chat sessions and controlling message exchanges between parties. Methods also support multi-user chat (MUC) functions for many-to-many messaging. The API allows management of user contact lists and privacy controls, connect and disconnect actions, and related chat functions.

Cisco Jabber Voice & Video Cisco Jabber Voice & Video API: The service provides integrated voice and video communications via broswer-based telephony. Basic telephone call functions include making and receiving voice calls, hold and resume funtions, multi-party teleconferences, mute/unmute, and transferring calls. In addition, the service supports sending and receiving high-definition (HD) quality video to enhance voice communications.

API methods are implemented with the service's JQuery library to manage call functions and communication interactions. A browser plug-in interacts with Javascripts to duplicate functions of the provider's installed client software.

Daxtra CVXDaxtra CVX API: Daxtra CVX is a multilingual tool that converts free-form resumes into structured XML information that is suitable for storage, reporting, and manipulation by computers. Daxtra CVX accepts resumes submitted in a wide variety of common formats, including MSWord, RTF, PDF, Word Perfect, HTML, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Plain Text, and more. It then extracts key information such as contact data, work experience, educational details, key skills, salary requirements, etc. The average processing speed is 2-5 seconds per document.

DydacompDydacomp API: Dydacomp provides a business automation service that helps fulfillment centers and direct marketers. The site offers a completely integrated web commerce and e-commerce hosting solution. Dydacomp provides a Multichannel Order Management(M.O.M) that can be integrated using an Open API. The API connects to shopping carts and merchant shops to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and drive new revenue.

EdoceoEdoceo API: Edoceo is a consulting and development firm that hosts six simple REST APIs that provide a variety of functions. One API parses input code and produces syntax-highlighted outputs. Another converts documents into PDF format. Several internet-related APIs retrieve information about a given IP address, return a list of countries and their ISO codes, and perform a Standard WHOIS lookup, which returns contact information for a given domain name. A final service finds the sales tax for a given U.S. address.

SendegaSendega API: The service provides text and media messaging to phones and mobile devices in Norway via the SMS and MMS protocols. It handles either single messages to individual numbers or bulk messaging to all numbers from a list. The service will route replies to messages it sends and process routine responses such as opt-out requests. Messaging options can be combined for complex functions such as selling an event ticket via SMS messaging and delivering the resulting ticket image to the phone via MMS.

API methods support sending a specified text message body or media Resource (image, etc.) to a single number or all numbers on a list provided with the request. Methods also support variations in recipient number types and formatting, date encoding, and similar details.

SpinqueSpinque API: The service provides tools for designing and encoding a custom search engine tailored to the data sources to be searched, the desired outputs in search results, and the logical processes connecting them. A search strategy is assembled via a graphical interface to link logic rules that define result selection, then the completed ruleset is published for external access. Once published it can be accessed to generate results via interactive forms, API, or other methods.

API methods support interaction with the custom-configured set of logical search strategies and filters to generate matching results found in the defined data sources. Methods allow definition of sequences of search filters to employ pre-defined selection criteria in reconfigurable sequences.

Stockholm University PalignStockholm University Palign API: ProteinALIGNment (Palign) is a protein sequence alignment service provided by Stockholm University that consists of a set of SOAP functions for resolving many types of alignment problems. It can align two sequences, a sequence and a structure, a sequence and a profile, or two profiles. Palign is not very well documented, but is freely available under a GPL-like license. While not the fastest of programs, it is very flexible.

TurboTraderTurboTrader API: TurboTrade is an offshore provider of international trading solutions and products. The service provides client with direct-access software and technology. The Open Trading API uses TurboTrade's trading software while routing trades over a direct-access network. The API allows users to communicate from their workstation through redundant quote servers to real-time quote and index data.

Victorian Student NumberVictorian Student Number API: The service provides a registry of school students within the Australian state of Victoria. Listings allow retrieval of student data as well as updating records for activities and events related to the student during his or her school career. Its main purpose is to handle batch updates by uploading files summarizing information for a group of students such as new enrollment, disenrollment or program completion, course registration, and activity participation.

API methods support sending and retrieving batch files containing record updates for groups of students. Methods also support retrieval of batch files for reconciliation of processing issues and confirmation of completed updates.