Today in APIs: Gartner API Management Learning Lab

Gartner has added a two-day Learning Lab dedicated to API management to its upcoming Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit (AADI). Plus, Ford hosts its first AppLink hackathon in Australia.

Gartner Includes API Management Learning Lab at Upcoming Summit

Gartner, one of the IT world's leading consulting, advisory and research firms, has added a two-day Learning Lab to its upcoming development conference that is dedicated to API management. Gartner has emphasized that an API management strategy has become a key to extending business reach. At the summit, the Learning Lab will focus on complete API management, internal API management, data protection for cloud apps, connecting mobile apps to mobile app development, and enterprise API security.

Senior executives from Intel,  a top-level sponsor of the event, will host the two-day lab. The lab will run December 3rd and 4th. Visit the AADI site to learn more.

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