Today in APIs: genieMD Integrates into Walgreens Prescription API, 'adSmart Express' API from StartMeApp, and 11 New APIs

genieMD integrates the Walgreens prescription API. StartMeApp's Self-Service ‘adSmart Express’ Mobile Advertising API. Plus: Instamojo releases API for users selling digital goods, Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Systems are improved by Alchemy API, and 11 new APIs.

genieMD Makes the Walgreens Prescription Feature Available in-App

In keeping with genieMD's mission to help people live longer, healthier lives, the Walgreens prescription API has been integrated.

This isn't just another story about user convenience, although that's certainly a feature. Of much greater importance is safety. As genieMD states in its press release, some 125,000 deaths per year in the US are linked to a failure to adhere to medications, meaning that anything that ups the level of patient knowledge about their drugs and their ability to properly manage them can help dent that horrifying statistic. This API Integration goes hand in hand with many of genieMD's other offerings, from searchable drug information to the ability to set medication reminders.

StartMeApp's Self-Service ‘adSmart Express’ API Helps Advertisers Launch Global Campaigns

StartMeApp, a global network for mobile advertising has released its adSmart Express mobile advertising API aimed at advertisers who want an intuitive GUI to generate their own ad campaigns worldwide.

According to the press release, the API gives apps access to StartMeApp's inventory availability and campaign planing, the ability to preview ads across multiple screen types, consumer targetting that is broken down by language and geography, and content targeting by attributes such as device type, OS, and carrier.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including an algorithmic trading service, a bank account information manager, a crypto-currency exchange service, a document service, a jazz musician relationship information service and a student medical record service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AlpariAlpari API: Alpari is a trading Platform that provides competitive pricing and market liquidity as well as direct market access to multiple tier 1 banks, smart order routing and low latency, a comprehensive order management system, and other services. The Alpari trading platform offers an algorithmic trading feature that users can utilize to implement advanced market strategies, and communicate with, through a FIX API. An account is required with service.

BankimportBankimport API: BankImport provides users with a single place to track their financials over several accounts from different banks. The BankImport API allows developers to automatize the processing of incoming and outgoing money, providing direct access to transactions, bank accounts, and settings. The RESTful API returns JSON or XML formatted responses.

Crypto-ChangeCrypto-Change API: Crypto-Change is a crypto-currency exchange service that provides a market place for the trade of online currencies, trading bots so users can schedule and automate certain functions, and is aiming to create the largest mining pool on the internet. The Crypto-Change API allows users to make queries to get current trade balances, and in selected currencies, get order types, amounts, currencies, prices, release, delete, read, cancel, and execute orders, and several other calls. The API uses REST calls and returns XMl or JSON.

EuropassEuropass API: Europass is an EU initiative for helping people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood in Europe. The initiative aims to increase the transparency of qualifications and the mobility of citizens in Europe via a portfolio of documents containing descriptions of all learning achievements, official qualifications, work experience, and skills and competences.

Europass provides a RESTful API as a means to use Europass services in automated ways. Use the service to remotely generate Europass documents. Data transport is realized through secure hypertext transfer protocol ( HTTPS).

Linked JazzLinked Jazz API: Linked Jazz is a project designed to reveal relationships between jazz musicians using digital archives on jazz history. The project uses Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to uncover meaningful connections in the archived data and reveal the social networks that composed these jazz musicians' professional and personal lives.

The Linked Jazz API can be used to search for specific people, return relationship information, and get the raw text for the digital archive transcripts.

MagnusHealthMagnusHealth API: MagnusHealth provides a web-based student medical record management service that aims to provide schools with the capability to reduce liability, save time and money, remain current on regulatory standards, and improve emergency preparedness. The MagnusHealth API provides methods to create new users, secure access tokens, get membership statuses, and other methods. An account is required with service.

NewsmanNewsman API: Newsman is a cloud-based service for creating, distributing, and analyzing email newsletter campaigns. Users can create or import subscriber lists and then segment those lists as needed. Newsman allows users to select a pre-made newsletter template or to design their own. Email recipients can share emails socially with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Newsman's analytics are capable of tracking opens, clicks, bounces, and spam reports. All of Newsman's features can be accessed for integration using REST or XML- RPC calls.

OkkamOkkam API: Okkam is an Entity Named System (ENS) that makes it possible to reuse globally unique identifiers. It does this by storing identifiers in a database and providing tools for their creation, maintenance, and reuse. Identifiers are coupled with a set of attributes that support their matching and reuse. Services for retrieving stored identifiers are available to developers as SOAP or REST APIs and to end users through web applications.

PressjackPressjack API: Pressjack is a digital publishing service. Pressjack allows for parsing content, magazine creation for all platforms, and cloud hosting of publications.

The Pressjack API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and content of Pressjack with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for information.

The WeatherRepoThe WeatherRepo API: There are a lot of apps available online, and it can be difficult to sort through them to identify which ones are safest to use. The WeatherRepo is a service designed to determine the security of a given application and quantify information about app safety in a way that both developers and users can understand. The WeatherRepo's app safety information can be retrieved programmatically via REST calls.

YotpoYotpo API: Yotpo is a social content layer focused on providing the best social review experience for e-commerce websites. The Yotpo API provides developer access to the Yotpo platform. Supported functions include posting and retrieving reviews, creating and managing user profiles, accessing review metadata, and more. The API returns JSON formatted responses.