Today in APIs: Github Releases Github 2.0 for Windows

Github releases its Platform for Windows, Github 2.0. PayPal looks to use Apple's Touch ID for payments. Plus: Dropbox announces updates to the Sync and Datastore APIs, and SOA Software introduces API syndication.

Github Releases Major Upgrade for Windows

Github, the collaboration code management team, has just released Github 2.0 for Windows, two years after the initial release. There are several features in this major upgrade. One aims to improve your focus by keeping your work front and center (see screenshot below). A second feature is to keep what you need most close at hand: repositories. They are always available at the left sidebar, but you can now create, Clone and publish them without having to leave the screen.

Another handy feature is that you can switch between repositories fast while easily distinguishing between your personal projects and those with Github Enterprise. Users of the previous version can expect it to automatically update to the current 2.0. If you need to install Github for Windows, that's easily done.

PayPal Investigating Apple's Touch ID API for Payments

PayPal has confirmed it is looking into using Apple's Touch ID API to allow users to confirm payments.

As reported by Keith Griffith in Business Insider, PayPal developers attended the WWDC session on the API recently:

"It seems to be a fairly easy API to use, but we're still kicking the tires," the PayPal source tells us.

Until Apple's announcement that the API would be available, the feature was only available on the iPhone 5S for unlocking the phone and making payments to iTunes. It's easy to see how the API could help Touch ID become an Apple gateway for a myriad set of transactions and interactions, such as turning on a car's ignition.

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