Today In APIs: Github System Status API, TimesOpen 2012 Hackday Winners and 15 New APIs

Integrate Github System Status into your applications. Foursquare/NYTimes Mashup Takes Grand Prize at TimesOpen 2012 Hack Day. Plus: Imgur updates its Image Service API, Facebook adds Preferred Marketing Developer Center, and 15 new APIs.

Github System Status API

Do you need to know the status of Github from your own applications? Well you can do that now with the System Status API. The API supports JSON and provides methods to get the system status (/api/status.json) , recent messages (/api/messages.json) and last message (/api/last-message.json). The API also supports JSONP for browser Integration. Refer to the documentation.

NYCHere Wins TimesOpen 2012 Hack Day

New York Times EventsThe TimesOpen 2012 Hack Day was held on the weekend and saw more than 100 developers get together to hack on the Times Developer Network APIs. The Grand Prize winner was NYCHere by Andrew Pinzler, an app that uses Foursquare check-ins to tell you which NYC neighborhood you’re in, and links to Times stories about that neighborhood. Visit the official announcement page to see the full list of hacks.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

15 New APIs

Today we had 15 new APIs added to our API directory including a webinar and video meeting service, a multimodal and ridesharing transportation information service, a live customer support service, an internet radio station, a parcel and ltl shipping service, an e-government services Platform and an incentive-based social referral service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BrightTalkBrightTalk API: BrightTalk is a webinar and video meeting service provider. Some features include real time Q&A, slides, feedback, and recording abilities.

The BrightTalk API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of BrightTalk with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

ChronomoveChronomove API: The French service provides information about multimodal transportation opportunities between destinations, including carpooling and ridesharing possibilities. It presents real-time updates about ridesharing both needed and offered combined with scheduling for more traditional transport modes to allow configuration of a single trip. Social capabilities work with established social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to allow interactions between users while they travel to exchange information and refine individual plans.

API methods support designation of rider, point of origin, and destination to generate transportation routes employing multiple transit modes. Methods also allow integration of shared transportation including carpooling and ridesharing as part of a trip. Event methods allow conversations among users and support posting of offers and activities associated with transportation routes. Routing information is compatible with all mapping, traffic, and transit data exchange formats.

ClickDesk Live ChatClickDesk Live Chat API: ClickDesk is a collection of tools for engaging and assisting site visitors. Help staff can chat with visitors conveniently from their IM of choice or through a voice chat using an integrated browser VoIP Phone. Visitors can like or tweet the site from the chat window. Additionally, ClickDesk's help desk functions let staff view, reply, transfer, and favorite tickets.

The Live Chat API uses JavaScript to enables users to retrieve up to five profile fields for a customer instantly on their IM, even before initiating the live chat.

Entranced.FMEntranced.FM API: Entranced.FM is an independent internet radio station that broadcasts a mix of ambient, lounge, trance, and world music. The station can be received by a media player such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, or VLC Media Player. Registered Entranced.FM users can request songs, chat with other users, and participate in the forums.

Entranced.FM provides a SOAP-based API for retrieving information about the song currently playing, information about songs queued up for play, or a list of songs previously played.

Estes ExpressEstes Express API: The service provides shipping for items from parcel size to less-than-truckload (LTL) lots, with rate quotes, calculated transit time, and shipment status tracking. It integrates with e-commerce applications as part of fulfillment for completed transactions or standalone applications devoted specifically to shipping needs. It handles shipping manifest and pickup scheduling for shipments created via Front-end functions.

API methods support generating a free rate quote and estimate of transit time in response to a request specifying cargo, point of origin, and destination. Methods also support booking a shipment with pickup scheduling, status updates during transit, and tracking.

Government of the Canary Islands PlatinoGovernment of the Canary Islands Platino API: Platino is a platform for running e-Government services provided by the Gobierno de Canarias (trans. Government of the Canary Islands). Platino is designed to effectively connect existing information systems within the Canary Islands' public administration system as well as to facilitate collaboration between multiple administrative systems. The Canary Islands Government website and the Platino API documentation are provided solely in Spanish.

InviteBoxInviteBox API: InviteBox enables users to design and launch social referral programs for their online businesses. Users can reward customers immediately for sharing their site through social channels by giving them coupon or promo codes, downloadable files, access to locked areas or features, or other customized rewards. Customers may be offered rewards for meeting certain numerical goals for referrals, or InviteBox can be used to set up a promotional contest in which customers compete with each other to get the most referrals.

InviteBox's JavaScript API allows users to create customized rewards and reward conditions. The JSON-based Reward Callback API can issue server-to-server calls when a customer makes a post to a social channel or when a referral visits the site or completes a referral goal.

JobServeJobServe API: JobServe provides services to employment seekers and advertisers in the global market across all industry sectors. The JobServe API provides developer access to job searching functions through a RESTful interface. Results may be JSON or XML formatted.

Kusinaatbp PayPlusKusinaatbp PayPlus API: Kusinaatbp is an online database of Filipino recipes. It provides recipes for traditional Filipino and Filipinized dishes ranging from the very popular to the very unique.

The Kusinaatbp website also provides a Market Place where people can advertise items they wish to sell or buy. Kusinaatbp uses the PayPlus software to enable people to make purchases through the website. This implementation comes with an API that allows people to make purchases programmatically via SOAP calls.

MELTMELT API: MELT (Metadata Ecology for Learning and Teaching) is a project designed to provide people who use educational content with access to more useful types of metadata. The goal is to help them to find resources that fit their needs in terms of language, culture, and preferred teaching style. MELT is provided by the German FWU Institut fuer Film und Bild.

FWU has contributed about 700 learning objects and 1500 assets to the MELT repository. These resources can be accessed through the MELT website or by using the SOAP-based API. The MELT website is provided in both English and German.

NISSNISS API: NISS is an independent research institute dedicated to strengthening and serving the national statistics community. As a service and example to this community, NISS has begun to develop a set of web services. So far, they've complete the NISS Webswap API, which swaps one or more attributes between user-specified records in a microdata file, uploading the original data file from the user's computer and downloading the file containing the swapped records. This API uses SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SEMrushSEMrush API: SEMrush creates software products for search and marketing professionals. Features include keywords research, SEO metric comparison, advertising research, and comparison of competitors’ organic positions. The SEMrush API allows users to pull automated data from the SEMrush servers.

St. Gregorios Church CalendarSt. Gregorios Church Calendar API: The St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, based in Maryland, provides its online visitors with access to the Calendar API. This service enables users to calculate the date on which Easter will fall in a given year. This API makes use of SOAP calls issued in XML format.

SumibiSumibi API: Sumibi is a tool for converting text between kanji and romaji. Kanji is the pictographic alphabet of the Japanese language wherein each symbol represents a word or concept. Romaji uses the Latin alphabet (or Roman alphabet) to spell out Japanese words phonetically. Sumibi is free for public use. Its functions can be accessed programmatically using SOAP calls. The Sumibi website is provided solely in Japanese.

TowerDataTowerData API: TowerData provides Real-Time Data Services, a collection of web services that help ensure the quality of data entered into business websites. These services validate and correct email addresses, postal addresses, and phone numbers. They can also retrieve demographic information for individuals or households. For a given IP Address, they can retrieve the associated location and ISP. Some aspects of the service use SOAP calls for integration while others rely on JSON-formatted REST calls.