Today in APIs: GlobalPayments Hosts Hackathon for Wearable Payment Solutions

GlobalPayments and CaixaBank will host a wearable payments hackathon October 24-25. Google launches the Apps Activity API. Plus: startup advice from Eric Migicovsky, and MutualMind jumps to the IBM cloud.

GlobalPayments to Hold a Wearable Payments Hackathon

GlobalPayments and CaixaBank will hold a wearable payments solutions hackathon simultaneously in Atlanta and Barcelona October 24-25. Called the "FinAppsParty," it looks on the surface like more scrambling by banks and credit card companies in the wake of Apple Pay. But this is an annual event held since 2011.

As the companies commented, last year there were 150 App developers competing in 48 teams. This year,

The FinAppsParty will host talented developers, designers, programmers and creatives of mobile payments apps that will compete in teams of one to four members over a 24-hour period. Judges will distinguish the three best innovative payments applications from each location for wearable devices that bridge the gap between functionality and originality in graphic image, browsing and usability for consumers and merchants.

Registration is separated by location for Atlanta and Barcelona,

Google Launches Apps Activity API

Following the launch of an activity stream in January, that lets you know if someone has edited a document on your Google Drive that you've shared, Google is now releasing the Apps Activity API that allows developers to tap into that stream. As the company commented,

Today, we’re introducing the new Google Apps Activity API designed to give developers programmatic access to this activity stream. This standard Google API will allow apps and extensions to access the activity history for individual Drive files as well as descendents of a folder through a RESTful interface.

Google offers two use cases by way of illustration. You could use the data through the API to monitor which students are editing their files. And at tax season you can run a script to audit what financial files get shared. Documentation for the API has been posted.

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