Today in APIs: Gnip adds Search API, Nest Releases API, and 11 New APIs

Gnip adds a search API to its Twitter tools. Nest opens its thermostat to Integration with an API. Plus: Apple to hold iOS7 developer tech talks, and 11 new APIs.

Search API from Gnip for Twitter Service

Aimed at Gnip’s enterprise software vendor customers, the search API can provide Google-like experiences. Now companies can search through Twitter for Tweets of interest to them--negative and positive references--that allow them to respond.

Derrick Harris of Gigaom reports that search through social media is a big idea:

[CEO Chris] Moody described search as “the third milestone in the evolution of delivering social data” and something that has been on Gnip’s agenda since its inception. Real-time streaming of Twitter data was the first milestone, and access to the entire historical corpus of tweets was the second. Gnip has been building its Twitter search feature for more than a year, he said, and eventually will probably expand the capability to all the social networks the company monitors.

A competitor of Topsy and Datasift, Gnip's analytics should become all the more important as Twitter files its IPO.

Nest Warming Up an API for its Thermostat

Nest, the company co-founded by former Apple employees Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, is opening its famous Learning Thermostat with an API and developer program.

According to Jeffrey Morrison at Forbes, Nest's first partnership is with the home automation company Control4.

“Part of the beauty of building a developer community is that it’s up to them, like the iPhone on year two,” said Nest co-founder and vice president of engineering Matt Rogers, a former Apple AAPL +0.86% employee who worked on the iPod and iPhone. “The iPhone opened up to developers on year two and they developed super cool apps that became whole companies.”

Plans are also in the works for a smart smoke detector called Protect. An API should follow for that product as well.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a portuguese art education clinic, a bug and error tracking for JavaScript code service, an ip geolocation service, a URL shortening service and a local search engine serving norway. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Art ClinicArt Clinic API: Art Clinic is a member of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA) that provides programs for infants, children, teenagers, adults, and families. The Art Clinic API allows people to retrieve programs, drawings, videos, news, and other site content via SOAP calls. The Art Clinic website is provided in both English and Portuguese.

DebuggifyDebuggify API: Debuggify is a service that allows developers to find and track bugs and errors in Javascript code. Debuggify provides bug and error reports and monitoring services.

The Debuggify API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Debuggify with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving reports, attaching metadata, and managing aliases.

Geo IP LookupGeo IP Lookup API: Geo IP Lookup is a mashup of several data sources providing IP geolocation. In addition to geographic information, the service returns nearby places of interest. The Geo IP Lookup API allows applications and websites to retrieve geographic data for a posted IP address in a JSON or XML formatted response. Available datatypes include city, region, and country name and code. API: is a URL shortening service that allows you to shorten addresses that point to web pages, images, emails and files quickly, securely, and conveniently. is also a place where you can store, organize, track and share your links, images and e-mail addresses.

The REST API allows other web-based applications to use's shortening service, storage, analysis and redirection links and images. An API Key is required.

Intouch By EniroIntouch By Eniro API: Intouch is a service of Eniro, a local search engine serving the Nordic region and Poland. Intouch is a pay service using Eniro’s database to provide information about individuals, businesses and government organizations.
The Intouch API allows customer applications to search for companies and people in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, using an array of search parameters. Available data types include addresses, map data, legal data, employment and service position data, and more.

JSMonJSMon API: JSMon is a website visitor analysis service. JSMon analyzes, tracks, and reports on who is visiting a website and their user behavior.

The JSMon API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of JSMon with other applications. Some example API methods include creating and managing accounts, retrieving user information, and offering promotions to visitors based on behavior.

PanoptaPanopta API: Panopta is a monitoring service that checks all of the user's servers once per minute, allowing it to detect even short-term service outages. It also checks infrastructure by performing transactions with common network services, ensuring that applications are working as intended. Panopta can perform these checks using any of its more-than-thirty globally distributed monitoring nodes.

Panopta provides a RESTful API that gives users programmatic access to the service's functions and information. The API could be used to pull uptime and outage data from Panopta or to remotely add or remove servers, checks, and users.

Tienda NubeTienda Nube API: Tienda Nube (Cloud Store in English) is a Spanish-language online store creation service. A Portuguese-language version of the service called Nuvem Shop also exists. Users can create their stores using pre-made themes or their own designs. Products can be added, updated, or removed at any time from the Cloud Manager. Tienda Nube allows users to make their stores available on Facebook so that their followers can buy directly from Facebook without leaving the site.

Users can access their stores and products programmatically via the Tienda Nube/Nuvem Shop REST API. Although their websites are offered only in Spanish and Portuguese, the API Documentation is given in English.

TuxxTuxx API: Tuxx is a Dutch business information Resource for professionals worldwide. Tuxx offers an API that exposes some of their information. Currently the API supports two methods, with more expected to go live soon. The API can currently verify the validity of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or return ISO 3166 country codes and Dutch and English names for any specified country.

WorldIPWorldIP API: WorldIP provides free geolocation tools enabling users to identify the exact geographic location of a given IP address. The WorldIP API provides applications with the means to programmatically access geographic IP location data. The API offers an unlimited free Endpoint, as well as professional licensing, which includes access to more servers worldwide, richer geolocation data, and more.

ZipmentsZipments API: Zipments is an on-demand delivery and shipping service. Zipments allows users to order products from local retailers and have them delivered on the same day. Retailers can use Zipments to offer their products for same day delivery and couriers can use Zipments to get delivery business.

The Zipments API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Zipments with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving address and delivery information, retrieving courier information, and accessing events.