Today in APIs: Good Technology Transforms Enterprise Mobile, Synergration's New Quickbook APIs, and 7 New APIs

Good Technology announces shared services Framework. Synergration has new Quickbook APIs. Plus: unlocking the productivity gains of the information age, and 7 new APIs.

Good Technology Launches Mobile API Set

Good Technology has launched a Platform, the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework, to develop streamlined, intuitive apps.

Good has hit the ground running with the simultaneous announcement of its first fifteen partners who have built on the platform. Including: Accellion, Acronis, HP Autonomy, Breezy, Byte Squared, Branchfire, Colligo, DocuSign, EMC, Good.iWare,, ISEC7, MSI Communications, Shafer Systems and Thursby.

As the company notes in the press release, this is an addition to their existing platform:

"With the Good Dynamics Shared Services Framework, developers have more tools to code, and re-use code, to help them deliver the right workflow, in the right order, on iOS and Android mobile devices — all at scale."

The company further notes that it is the only secure mobile platform for developing Container-based apps.

Synergration Launches Suite of APIs for Quickbooks on Redesigned Website

Synergration is out to solve an annoying problem with the massively popular Quickbooks: the difficulty of accessing Quickbooks data in third party apps. By working closely with Quickbooks creator, Intuit, Synergration has built an SDK that allows for rapid API development.

As Synergration notes in its announcement, they've transcended that well-worn term "plugin" to make software that fits at a whole new level:

"One of the new tools include OpenSync, a data replication engine that allows users to synchronise their QuickBooks data between a wide range of database platforms including MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft Access. A large part of Synergration's retail success and agile development is a Function of CoreObjX ?" their flagship development Library for the QuickBooks API that has been relentlessly refined since it was first created a decade ago."

To celebrate their redesigned website, they are offering a discount for newcomers. Just use the coupon code NEWSITE20.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

7 New APIs

Today we had 7 new APIs added to our API directory including a transactional email service, a speech recognition service, a solar power permitting regulation database, an image editing service and an online shopping cart application for retailers. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AlphaMailAlphaMail API: AlphaMail is a cloud-based transactional email service that makes it easier for developers and marketing professionals to utilize transactional email in their daily work. Users can stop worrying about maintaining their own infrastructure and let AlphaMail provide high deliverability, dynamic templates and real-time statistics.

AlphaMail offers a RESTful API for programmatic access to AlphaMail services. API methods include Email Queue, Projects, Templates, and Signatures. An API Key is required.

GoVivaceGoVivace API: GoVivace provides a plethora of voice-related software and solutions, including speech recognition, speaker identification, voice Authentication, speech synthesis, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, gender identification, and language identification.

GoVivace provides both SOAP and XML- RPC Integration options that allow customers to deploy their speech recognition services in telephony, desktop, and web applications. API: is the host of the National Solar Permitting Database, an online database of free information related to solar permitting requirements of cities and counties nationwide. exposes their database though a freely accessible API. The API allows applications to query for information on states and jurisdiction regulations, or to submit suggestions and comments to the database. API: serves the user's images at the right size and resolution for whatever devices they appear on and can add Instragram-like filters without affecting the original file. Users only need to upload one hi-res image, and makes the adjustments automatically. also provides smart cropping and thumbnail generation services. Thumbnail previews of websites or documents can be generated at any size or resolution. All of these features are available programmatically via the API.

VendoVendo API: Vendo is an online shopping cart application providing retailers with a simple solution for seeing up websites as online stores. Vendo provides customer applications with read/write access to their products database through a RESTful API. The API can be called via the customer website or the Vendo site.

VoxofonVoxofon API: Voxofon is a low-cost international calling and SMS service. It can be used by businesses that make a lot of international calls to employees and customers overseas, or it can be used by resellers wanting to create and market their own international calling services. Wholesale resellers can take advantage of the white label licensing, customizable rates and margins, and the SOAP and XML-RPC APIs for integration.

XMSXMS API: XMS is a smartphone app that provides free, real-time, unlimited messaging over the user's internet connection. Users can send messages containing text, images, videos, locations, emoticons, and other content. XMS supports both individual and group messaging. Developers can integrate XMS into their applications by using XMPP (formerly known as Jabber).