Today In APIs: Google App Engine, AT&T Speech, Google Analytics Event and 5 New APIs

The Google AppEngine API announced a price cut for Virtual IP based SSL. AT&T plans a developer event focused solely on its Speech API. Plus: Google Analytics Users Great Event this October in Boston, Pearson releases its 7th API and 5 other new APIs.

Google AppEngine lowers price for Virtual IP based SSL

Google AppEngine recently introduced one of its most requested features: SSL on custom domains. Virtual IP based SSL was introduced at $99/month. The good news is that from September 25, the price is being reduced to $39/month. Existing customers will see the reduction automatically applied to their bill. Visit the official documentation for more information on SSL for Custom Domains.

AT&T Speech API DevLab

AT&T is holding a one-day developer workshop on September 25 in Mountain View, California. The Workshop will focus on write mobile applications using the AT&T Speech API. There will be hands-on sessions, plus various demos that demonstrate usage of the API. The workshop also discusses optimizing your mobile applications to make the most of battery life and data bandwidth. For more details, visit the Event page. Get 100% off the Regular Registration for the Event by using the Promotional Code: DevLabPW. So hurry up!

Google Analytics User Conference

Google AnalyticsGAUGE (Google Analytics Users’ Great Event) is being held in Boston on October 3 & 4. The 2-day Event is training conference led by Google Analytics Certified Partners and helps you build your Google Analytics skills. The event includes Hands-on Workshops, Presentations and event direct consultation opportunities with the Help Desk. In addition to the conference, there is the GAUGE Hacknight & Google Analytics Application Showcase on October 3rd from 5:30pm - 8:00pm. Read the announcement for more details. A future GAUGE event is planned for San Francisco in April 2013.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a private label rights article database, online/cloud storage service, on-demand human intelligence, Italian fax service and secure online payment service for businesses. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Big Content SearchBig Content Search API: Big Content Search is a searchable database of 100,000+ unrestricted Private Label Rights articles in 200 niches. The Big Content Search API allows developers to automate functions such as searching and accessing articles.

PowerFolderPowerFolder API: The service provides online storage management, via either installed software or a hosted software as a service (SaaS) Platform. Both installed and cloud offerings provide traditional file and data storage functions such as folder management, user account and permissions management, and document placement, Versioning, backup, and deletion.

API methods provide basic create-read-update-delete ( CRUD) control of data objects such as folders and document files stored on the system. Methods also support managing user accounts and their permission levels for stored data objects, such as adding users to access lists for a folder or removing them. Companion APIs allow distributed authoring via WebDAV and content licensing.

Shared WorkforceShared Workforce API: Shared Workforce operates on the idea that not all work should be automated, making on-demand human intelligence available to analyze and moderate content. Users can use the Shared Workforce API to create tasks, in which text or images are sent to be checked by human workers.

SKYPOSTSKYPOST API: SKYPOST is a unified communications system for sending faxes via PC, SMS, voice mail, and postal service. SKYPOST provides 20MB per user for service calls, but the software can be locally installed for unlimited storage of calls.

SKYPOST provides a SOAP-based API through which developers can access its features for Integration with other software. The website and API Documentation are provided solely in Italian.

USA ePayUSA ePay API: USA ePay is a business payment solution for processing transactions quickly, safely, and securely. It offers all the functions of a credit card machine online, as well as enabling merchants to view a wide array of reports. Transaction data is stored for the life of the account, and merchants can choose to view a report for their entire processing history or for just the past day.

The Customer Billing section of the Merchant Console allows merchants to create a customer database and to create and maintain auto-billing cycles for those customers. The Batch Uploader allows merchants to upload files of transactions and then process them without having to key them in one at a time.

USA ePay provides an API to make its services available programmatically for integration with other software and services. The API functions using SOAP calls issued in XML format.