Today in APIs: Google Billing API, and 12 New APIs

Google billing API to help developers rein in costs. Planville's API integrates its Ireland and UK event tracking service. Plus: 12 new APIs.

Google Billing API Helps Developers Monitor Costs of its Cloud Platform

Optimizing costs on Google's Cloud Platform is difficult, and near impossible if you don't build your own tools--until now. And according to comments on the Google Cloud Platform Blog that announced it, more features are coming.

As Frederic Lardinois writes in Techcrunch, you could get the data through the Google Cloud Console but that's tricky. In this new format, he points out,

"This isn’t real-time data, though. Once a day, the information is stored as a JSON or CSV file in a Google Cloud Storage bucket and from there, it is accessible through the Cloud Storage API or Google’s command line tools."

AWS offers similar cost optimizing tools for using its service.

Events Listing App Planvine Launches API

PlanvinePlanvine is an event planning service for the UK and Ireland The Planvine API retrieves event information and venue data.

As the website outlines, Planville powers What's On for many publishers:

"Line-Up is your definitive What's On app. Follow those in the know and get recommendations from people and places you trust. Add events you like the look of to your own Line-Up; so others can follow you to see what you're recommending."

The API information is the entry point to registering for an API Key and discussing how to access dates and other data.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including an anonymous email service, an open access information Resource Portal, a lightweight machine-to-machine messaging service and an e-commerce platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

5yMail5yMail API: 5yMail allows users to send anonymous emails using an alias of their choice. Recipients may even reply to emails, and the user can engage in conversation without giving away their identity. Once an email is sent, the sender will receive a receipt of confirmation. Users can access 5yMail's functions programmatically via REST API.

CHAIN-REDSCHAIN-REDS API: CHAIN-REDS is a project for promoting access to globally distributed digital resources such as data, services, storage, and tools. Users can access the more than 22 million open access resources contained within the CHAIN-REDS Knowledge Base through the Semantic Search Engine. These resources cover a wide variety of subjects such as geology, anatomy, data science, and medicine. Users may also access the Semantic Search Engine using the CHAIN-REDS REST API.

CloudMQTTCloudMQTT API: CloudMQTT provides users with access to the MQTT machine-to-machine protocol. The protocol is lightweight and was designed for embedded systems, mobile applications, and sensors. The CloudMQTT API allows developers to programmatically manage user access and ACL (Access Control List) rules via REST calls.

Digital River ConnectDigital River Connect API: Digital River provides worldwide marketing, e-commerce, and payment services. The Digital River Connect APIs provide users with access to the features of its Global Commerce platform. With the Shopper API, users can interact with stores and products hosted on the platform. The Usage-Based Billing API manages the life cycles of usage-based billing products, but this is still under construction. Access to these two APIs is mediated by the OAuth API, which provides authorization services for third-party applications. API: is an error tracking service that allows users to log errors in the cloud. Users can easily search through their error logs via advanced search capabilities, and the level of access that individual users have can be altered based on their role. lets users hide bugs that have already been fixed; preventing them from cluttering up the log, but not actually deleting the information. All data is replicated to prevent any accidental data loss. is designed for mobile accessibility, and it integrates readily with popular issue trackers.

MapillaryMapillary API: Mapillary uses crowdsourced photos to map different parts of the world. Users can take photos with their mobile devices and upload the photos to the Mapillary website. Mapillary is currently in public Beta. The Mapillary API allows users to use latitude and longitude coordinates to search for and retrieve information on images and sequences of images.

MarineTrafficMarineTraffic API: MarineTraffic provides data on millions of daily vessel positions, which users may integrate with their applications or websites using the RESTful API. Users can also get the most recent arrivals and departures for a given port or vessel, all of a vessel's AIS positions, or a popular photo of a vessel to display in their app.

MG-RASTMG-RAST API: MG-RAST is a metagenomics analysis server, which is designed to provide quantitative information on microbial populations based on genetic sequence data. The server contains over 100,000 data set, which are mainly derived from shotgun samples of prokaryotic organisms. They provide their over 12,000 registered users with upload, quality control, annotation, and analysis services. Users can access objects and resources on the server programmatically via REST API. API: is a service for building modern, good-looking forums. The service is designed to handle the technical aspects of forum creation and management on the user's behalf, allowing them to customize their sites easily. forums support more than just posts and threads; they can also handle events, classifieds, reviews, articles, Q&A, polls, and more. All forums are compatible with mobile devices.

Nokia MixRadioNokia MixRadio API: Nokia MixRadio is a free music streaming service that allows listeners to create personalized radio stations by rating songs positively or negatively. Over time, the service learns what the listener prefers and adapts. Users can start by creating their own mixes using their favorite artists or by using mixes that have already been put together by Nokia MixRadio's music experts.

The Nokia MixRadio APIs allow users to integrate the service's music discovery and music information retrieval services into their own applications.

Riot GamesRiot Games API: Riot Games is the company that created League of Legends (LoL), a multiplayer online battle arena game. The Riot Games website provides statistics on LoL games, rankings, runes, masteries, and more. Developers can access this data securely and reliably using the Riot Games REST API on the developer website.

ShrinkTheWeb PagePixShrinkTheWeb PagePix API: ShrinkTheWeb offers a website to screenshot service. The PagePix API allows users to utilize a URL to Image service that does screen captures on a single or automated basis. The API uses REST calls and returns screenshots. An account is required with service, and users can use an API Key and SSL for Authentication. When submitting API calls, users will receive a