Today in APIs: Google Drive Realtime API and a Beta Postmaster API

Google announced the Google Drive Realtime API. Postmaster released a beta version of its Postmaster API. Plus: Ex-Shopwell exec positions Yummly for top foodie spot with versatile API and PayZang introduces its innovative Payment API for merchant accounts and payment processing.

Impatient Developers, Meet the Google Drive Realtime API

Google has announced the addition of a realtime API to its Drive portfolio. Now developers can, “easily add the same real-time collaboration that powers Google Drive to your own apps.” The API is based on operational transformation (OT), which allows seamless editing of projects, even when dealing with high-latency networks. Check out these three apps that have enabled realtime collaboration with the support of the Google Drive Realtime API: Neutron Drive, Gantter and

The Postmaster API: Intelligent eCommerce Shipping

Postmaster has released a beta version of an API that removes unnecessary complexity from shipping, allowing small businesses to ship smarter. The RESTful Postmaster API will let you integrate with FedEx, UPS and USPS, making rate comparison simple. Jesse Lovelace, co-founder and CEO of Postmaster, had this to say about the impact of their API:

“Today, we’re thrilled to deliver the public beta launch of Postmaster. Now, any business that ships can save time and money integrating and optimizing every step of their shipping operations.”

With client libraries for Python, Ruby, PHP and Java, Integration couldn’t get much simpler.

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