Today in APIs: Google Geocoding Quota Limits and Mashery tops 185K Developers

Has Google changed its Geocoding quotas as per a report. API Platform provider, Mashery sees massive growth in number of developers. Plus: Only 4 days to go before AdWords API v201206 will shutdown and apps for working government.

Did Google Change Its Geocoding Quotas?

Google MapsBatchGeo, which provides Geocoding applications has reported that Google Geocoding API may have changed its quotas. Earlier the Geocoding API allowed up to 2500 geocodes from a single user in a day. As per BatchGeo, there is a severe delay in geocodes once you get through 200 geocodes in a row. They go on to state that it was  just seen in beta version of the API, but starting 3/19/13 this change is being forced in production. A bug for the same has been filed in the official Google Maps API group.

Mashery tops 185K Developers

MasheryWith the growth in the number of APIs, it comes as no surprise that API Management providers are seeing a significant traction of their platform with developers. Mashery, one of the leading providers of API Management infrastructure now has more than 185,000 Developers in their network. Oren Michels, Mashery CEO says that the company is poised for much larger numbers and is looking forward to addressing more challenges for API providers, as they deal with various devices that are accessing the content. Similar growth is being experienced at Apigee, another API platform provider. When asked about competition from Apigee, CEO Michels had an interesting comment to make: “Apigee is a great company, and when the market sees a Coke, they want there to be a Pepsi.”

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