Today in APIs: Google Glass API, and 11 New APIs

Google has opened its Glass Mirror API. Di-Ware announces App competition, initial deadline December 20. Plus:  Salesforce CEO Benioff promises full review of hackathon after cries of unfair judging, API vendor and consumer positions on robots. JSON are explored, and 11 new APIs.

Google Glass Mirror API Now Open for Developers

The Google Glass Mirror API has dropped the whitelist requirement for developers. It supports five resources: Timeline, Timeline.attachments, Contacts, Subscription and Location.

According to Juan Carlos Torres, writing in Android Community, the API does some neat tricks but carries some difficult restrictions:

"The Mirror API basically lets developers create web apps that run on Google’s server and push content to users’ Glass devices that get displayed as timeline cards. This makes apps easy to distribute to users and also lightweight, as no code actually runs on the device itself. The price that has to be paid, however, is versatility and power, as the Mirror API is quite limited in the resources and features that it gives developers access to."

The other big leap for programmers will undoubtedly be the Glassware Developers Kit. According to Techcrunch, that launched last week.

Fi-Ware Announces 800k Euro Contest for Best Apps

Fi-Ware, whose goal is to create a "sustainable innovation ecosystem," has announced a series of contests with the first deadline December 20. Prizes during the competition, with some contests lasting into February, total 800,000 Euros.

Two of the contests are running simultaneously, the Smart Cities and the Smart Business Challenges. As Fi-Ware outlines,

"For both challenges the process is divided into two stages. The first stage is a "call for ideas” on a global level and invites participants to submit innovative application ideas based on the two themes that can be developed using the FI-WARE Platform technology. During the second phase, candidates must develop their ideas in FI-Lab, FI-WARE’s online environment to experiment with all the tools and generic enablers that its large Library provides."

Then, 40 finalists will be invited to work on their prototype at the Campus Party Brazil 2014 (from January 27 to February 1), with later presentation to the public in July. Those getting an evaluation of 7 or higher early in the spring will be eligible to participate in the subsequent rounds of competition. For the first phase, the top three prizes are First Prize: €75,000; Second Prize: €40,000; Third Prize: €20,000. Sign up at this link.

API News Your Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including an affiliate marketing service, a restaurant point of sale Integration platform, an application backend services, an address verification and geocoding service, a web-based game analytics platform and an employee recruitment platform. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

DatafeedrDatafeedr API: Datafeedr is a system that enables users to create and embed affiliate shops into word press blogs. The Datafeedr API allows users to access sales Feed information on over 250,000,000 products and 10,000 merchants to build custom shops as part of an affiliate network. An account is required with service.

eThoreThor API: eThor connects Point of Sale (POS) systems to the cloud, enabling services such as real-time ordering through Facebook, mobile devices, or 3rd party websites and applications. The eThor API is designed to allow developers to build native menu display and ordering experiences into websites and mobile applications. The API is able to retrieve menu information, retrieve or POST orders, and access information describing chains and stores.

EverliveEverlive API: Everlive is a set of cloud-based backend services for building and managing mobile apps. These primarily include data storage, user management, and server-code execution functions. Everlive can also send push notifications to Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Social sharing features enable end users to share Everlive-based apps on Facebook, Google+, and other popular social networks. The Everlive REST API allows developers to access most of Everlive's services programmatically.

Everything LocationEverything Location API: Everything Location is a web-based service for address verification and geocoding. It can be used to correct, complete, validate, and geocode addresses for locations around the world. The Everything Location REST and SOAP APIs allow developers to integrate the ability to process addresses at low or high volumes into their apps or websites.

GameAnalyticsGameAnalytics API: GameAnalytics is a service that helps game developers learn about their players, improve how their games are monetized, and make their games more enjoyable. It monitors a wide range of metrics, including how long people play at a stretch, what parts of the game players spend the most time on, which items players are buying, and how many people are playing at a given time. Game developers can customize their GameAnalytics dashboard so that it shows them the metrics they find most important. Developers can integrate GameAnalytics with their game development platform using an SDK or via REST API.

iCIMSiCIMS API: iCIMS is a robust, scalable talent recruitment platform for HR professionals. It allows sourcing specialists, recruiters, hiring managers, and onboarding coordinators to manage employee recruitment and hiring in order to streamline the process and reduce the cost per hire. The iCIMS API allows users to search the platform for a person, job, company, recruiting workflow, or iForm matching a set of criteria.

JuxJux API: Jux is a service designed to help users showcase their digital media - such as text, photos, and videos - without the ads or clutter of other media sharing sites. Users can extensively customize the media they wish to share and then present it to viewers in fullscreen on any desktop computer, iPad, or iPhone. Jux allows developers to retrieve information on users, posts, and galleries from Jux in JSON, JSONP, or CORS formats.

NBN GatewayNBN Gateway API: The National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway enables users to explore UK biodiversity data. The gateway brings together data from many organizations, including the Botanical Society of the British Isles, the British Trust for Ornithology, EnviroCentre, Natural England, the People's Trust for Endangered Species, and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, to name a few. The NBN Gateway REST API allows developers to integrate the NBN Gateway's biological data into their websites and applications.

REST CountriesREST Countries API: REST Countries provides a simple API for getting information about the world's nations via REST calls. These calls allow users to retrieve all available countries or to retrieve a given country's currency, capital city, calling code, region, sub-region, ISO 639-1 language, name, or country code.

The Imagine RESTThe Imagine REST API: The Imagine Trading System provides portfolio and risk management services for financial professionals. Users may choose either to host the system in-house or to access it as a cloud-based service. The Imagine REST API provides users with access to the Imagine Trade System's risk and portfolio management computation engine, which includes the system's software, data, and services. The API also allows developers to expose the Imagine Financial Platform's JavaScript apps.

TimeStationTimeStation API: TimeStation is a cloud-based time and attendance system that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The TimeStation API allows customer applications to retrieve a variety of attendance and employee reports. The REST API returns CSV or XLS formatted data.