Today in APIs: Google Glass Native Development Kit, karmadata Announces Launch of the Indicate Investigators App, and 4 new APIs

Google offers the Mirror API for development of most Google Glass Applications; however, a Native Development Kit has been announced to give developers more tools for their Glass-related efforts. karmadata has announced the Indicate Investigators app: the first published app built entirely with the karmadata API. Plus: AOL cracks down on a startup for CrunchBase data, and 4 new APIs.

Google Glass Native Development Kit on its Way

Google has announced the impending release of a Native Development Kit for Google Glass. The kit will give developers greater access to hardware and controllers. Google has invited a group of developers to preview the kit, and the Glassware community will anxiously await a broader release.

karmadata has Announced the First Published App build Completely on the karmadata API

karmadata, the world’s healthcare data collector, has announced Indicate Investigators. Indicate Investigators is the first published app built entirely on the karmadata API. The app allows a user to enter any disease and receive a ranked list of investigators. The ranking considers factors such as volume of trials, recency of activity, study type, and more.

Brendan Kelleher, Chief Data Scientist of karmadata, commented:

“Each clinical investigator found in the Indicate Investigators app has been linked to healthcare data across our Platform, ranging from past studies, publications, grants, site and practice affiliations, payments from industry, and so much more.”

APIs You Shouldn't Miss

4 New APIs

Today we had 4 new APIs added to our API directory including a backend service platform for building websites and apps, a campbells recipe database, an ip geolocation and information services and a text to speech service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

ByndBynd API: is a backend as a service platform for building social and mobile sites and apps. The Bynd REST API provides the ability to programmatically write, read, update and delete objects. The API can manage social network Authentication, location services, content curation, and much more.

Campbells Kitchen BrandCampbells Kitchen Brand API: Campbell’s is a recipe and food provider that owns and distributes food through companies such as Pace, Swanson, Pepperidge Farm, and Prego. Campbell's Kitchen has a developer site whereby users can access the Campbell's Kitchen Brand API. The API uses REST calls and returns XML or JSON. Developers can use the API to access the ingredients they need to build apps that contain recipes or ingredient lists. The API allows users to make calls to search and get recipe information. API: is a free IP information Web Service providing geolocation, hostname, organization and other data types. The API returns a JSON response containing data fields describing the specified IP. The API supports JSONP callbacks and can provide additional information through a paid service, such as proxy detection, scraping prevention, and improved geolocation accuracy.

ReadSpeaker speechCloudReadSpeaker speechCloud API: Readspeaker is a text to speech speech service that provides, web reading, form reading, audio production, online document reading, accessible publishing, and other services. ReadSpeaker speechCloud API is an online text-to-speech API. The API can be used to make desktop/web/mobile applications and Internet-connected devices talk. ReadSpeaker speechCloud API gives users access to high-quality voices in many different languages to read the text in apps and devices. An account is required with service.