Today in APIs: Google Goes Enterprise, Weather Goes Social and 20 New APIs

Google's new partner program makes the search giant look pretty enterprisey. The weather channel uses Facebook to tell you which friends might be affected by bad weather. Plus: a civic-minded Colorado hackathon, YouTube load data and 20 new APIs.

Google Cloud Says "Howdy Partner"

Google announced a new partner program for its cloud Platform, which includes a suite of APIs:

As a business, we know you spend a lot of valuable time thinking about IT solutions. We think it’s important to provide you with the best options for your business, which is why we are thrilled to introduce the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program. This program provides our partners with the tools, training and resources they need to successfully address your business’ IT needs.

The partnership program is likely about Google not wanting to hand-hold enterprise users. It's also an opportunity for developers. In particular, the technology partners are those who have integrated with the cloud APIs, which includes the Google BigQuery API.

Is Granny in the Hurricane Path?

Users who've signed into via Facebook can take advantage of a new feature to find out which friends are affected by bad weather. It uses the location field from the Facebook profiles of your friends, so it's only as good as the data in there.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

20 New APIs

Today we had 20 new APIs added to our API directory including a language development service, movie and television subtitle service, video and radio streaming platform, enterprise social management service, cloud storage platform, personalized business communications service and cloud based storage utility. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BayFilesBayFiles API: BayFiles is a cloud storage platform. It was created by two founds of The Pirate Bay. BayFiles allows users to upload their files they wish to share to storage servers. From there, users can offer their files on media-sharing platforms such as The Pirate Bay. The BayFiles API exposes the upload and account management functionalities. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-encoded data.

BlazeMeterBlazeMeter API: BlazeMeter is a 100% JMeter-compatible, self-service load and Performance Testing cloud. Load tests can be created and configured online. Upon creation, users can run them using the BlazeMeter API. With the API, users no longer have to manually start the tests but can instead create an automated script that will automatically run a predefined test. The API can also be used to get links to the generated reports. These reports are available online or as a downloadable ZIP file.

BrightideaBrightidea API: Brightidea is a cloud-based enterprise management software company whose platform allows Global 2000 businesses to monitor the the process of innovation in a social manner from concept to implementation. Their software suite and services are designed to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's innovation process.

The Brightidea API allows access to data created using Brightidea On Demand Products. The API can be utilized for creating advanced reports as well as creating and updating user profiles.

The API follows a simple REST protocol using HTTP requests with returns defaulting to XML.

FanatixFanatix API: Fanatix is a gamified social sports watching app. The app includes both basic game viewing and social check in functions. Users can access basic game information and sign up for score alerts, as well as seeing which friends of theirs are also watching the same game. Check ins win users points that are rewarded with prizes such as game tickets and electronics. The Fanatix API is only available by request and is intended for the development of other apps.

IngresseIngresse API: Ingresse is Brazilian event management platform. It allows event planners and attendees convenient access to ticket sales, as well as event information and communications. Events can range from private barbeques to large outdoor concerts. Event planners create a page with basic descriptions of the party, set ticket types (if required), and establish a payment system. Attendees can simply find the event they want to go to and electronically purchase tickets or get information about it. The Ingresse API exposes the platform's event updating functionality. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON-formatted data. The site is in Portuguese.

JirafeJirafe API: Jirafe provides specialized analytics for customers to gauge the performance of their ecommerce platform. The information collected by Jirafe can be used to help online merchants make informed merchandising and marketing decisions.

The Jirafe API consists of two parts: a tracker and a reporter.

The tracker is used on the front of your store to track visitor events (page view to the order). This is accomplished using JavaScript and server side calls. Mostly tracked in Javascript with the exception of orders and cart side operations which are tracked using server side calls.
The reporter is utilized in the admin back of the store. It displays all the statistics contained in the dashboard.

An account is necessary for utilization of the API.

LambdaLabs FaceLambdaLabs Face API: LambdaLabs has created a new application that is a alternative. LambdaLabs Face is a photo recognition application.

The LambdaLabs Face API allows developers to integrate the Face functionality with other applications. Some API methods include face recognition in photos uploaded, face feature extraction from photos uploaded, and more features coming soon.

LingQLingQ API: LingQ provides language learners with a Portal to access various forms of content and assistance. The offerings include: personal tutors, live conversations, making friends in the community, learning new vocabulary, having your writing corrected and the ability to download lesson content for off-site usage.

The API utilizes a language and platform neutral RESTful protocol. It allows simple programmatic access through HTTP to access specific features of LingQ. All methods return JSON results by default but other output formats are available.

LoKastLoKast API: LoKast is social media product provided by NearVerse. LoKast allows users to create customizable mobile social spaces in the cloud. These spaces can be centered on locations, businesses, events, and more. Everyone logged into a particular space can each other’s profiles and initiate one-on-one chat sessions. The LoKast API is available by request to developers using the LoKast premium service. It can be used to Integration with other apps or add richening extensions to LoKast itself.

Marky MarkdownifierMarky Markdownifier API: Markdown, is a plain text formatting syntax. A Markdownifier is a tool that converts html to Markdown, using an algorithm to determine what part of the page is of interest, resulting in a plain text representation of a page. Marky is a Markdownifier created by designer and writer Brett Terpstra. The Marky API provides developer access to the Markdownifier.

Medizza TVMedizza TV API: Medizza TV is a web-based TV platform. Users can create networks of multiple channels and populate them with original video content. These channels can be monetized as packages and video storefronts. Medizza will encode users’ video as they upload it and allow them to manage their content with metadata, image, and more. The Medizza API exposes account and content updating functionality and returns both XML and JSON-formatted data.

Mozilla Open BadgeMozilla Open Badge API: The Mozilla Open Badge system is designed to provide recognition for skills and achievements that are earned online or outside of school. Any organization can issue, manage, and display digital badges online. Badge earners can collect their badges in a Mozilla-hosted Backpack and display them on their resume, web site, social networking profiles, job sites, etc. Badges are accompanied by metadata regarding how and from whom they were acquired, along with Authentication information.

Pic ResizePic Resize API: Pic Resize is a web-based image editing service. Users add pictures for editing by uploading, linking, or pasting them into the homepage. They may then use Pic Resize’s editing tools to crop, resize, or add special effects to the image. Pic Resize also supports automated editing of images in bulk. The Pic Resize API exposes the resizing and image fetching functionalities. It is a RESTful protocol that returns PNGs.

Regator SemanticRegator Semantic API: Regator is a company whose products are focused on the analysis and implementation of information concerning high-quality, topical online content.

The Regator API is a semantic web tool that can aid in areas such as: publishing, ad targeting, social media analytics, data enrichment trends analysis and SEO. It has the ability to categorize text in over 500 topical groups and extract metadata for use and analysis from the most recent news and events in actual time.

Regator is a RESTful API with return formats available in XML, JSON and JSONP

SimpleRelevanceSimpleRelevance API: SimpleRelevance offers communications solutions for businesses. Their service analyzes businesses’ customers and inventory to design individually customized messages and recommendations. Businesses can upload significant information from Magento, MailChimp, and other sources to SimpleRelevance with established integration channels. The SimpleRelevance API exposes the information management functionality of their analytical engine. It is a RESTful API that returns JSON formatted data.

Storm On DemandStorm On Demand API: Storm on Demand allows users the ability to store their information online in the company's solid state servers or to host their own cloud manageable server with an emphasis on scalability and speed.

The API allows access to everything controllable within the cloud hosting interface. Creating, cloning, and resizing servers, modifying cloud attached firewall rules and options, restoring server backups as well as creating private networks and more.

The API currently supports JSON, YAML and XML (experimentally) parameter encodings.

SubsMax Movie SubtitlesSubsMax Movie Subtitles API: allows users to find and download subtitles for movies and television series. This simple API connects to's database and returns relevant results based on the parameters the user sets. Parameters include the number of responses, the title, the language and year. API calls use RESTful protocol.

The European LibraryThe European Library API: The European Library is a consortium of academic and research libraries. Their website is a portal to very large collections of digitized artifacts and bibliographic records. Users can browse by provider, such as European national libraries, by special collections, by discipline, and more. The API is only available to members of the European Library. Through the API, the searching functionality of the catalog is exposed. It is RESTful and returns both XML and JSON-encoded data.

True Key Video HostingTrue Key Video Hosting API: TrueKey Video Hosting is an online video publishing solutions provider. Businesses can use their services to manage and stream proprietary video content. Users can upload videos to encode them in a number of video formats, and share them securely from their account on any web player. The TrueKey API exposes the uploading and informational functionalities of their service. It is a RESTful API that returns XML-encoded data.

VendVend API: Vend is a retail management solutions provider. Their product combines point-of-sale software with inventory and customer tracking software. The entire package is web-based and allows managers to view screenshots of the Vend dashboard from any of the user’s retail locations. Their API is accessible by request only for developers selected to be Vend partners. It is a RESTful API that allows developers to integrate Vend functionality with new plug-ins, extensions, and apps. It returns JSON-encoded data.