Today in APIs: Google Maps Adds iOS SDK, Tableau and Google Analytics Connect and 12 New APIs

Today brings the release of the long anticipated Google Maps app and SDK for iOS. Data Visualization provider Tableau previews their Google Analytics connector. Plus: TinEye's color search API adds to its image recognition Platform and 12 new APIs.

Google Releases Maps SDK for iOS

Ever since Apple stopped using Google Maps in iOS6, anticipation has been building for the release of the Google Maps app. Well the wait is over, today Google announced that the Maps app is now available in the Apple App Store. Along with the new app, Google also released the Google Maps SDK for iOS.

The SDK allows developers to use Google Maps within their applications for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. Features include vector-based maps that let users navigate 2D and 3D views, rotating and tilting the map with simple gestures inside the app. Interested developers can look at the documentation as well as register for an API key.

Pull Analytics Data Into Tableau With New Connector

Google Analytics
Tableau Software offered a preview of their new Google Analytics connector that allows users to pull data directly into Tableau using the Google Analytics API. Tableau is data visualization software using a drag and drop interface that lets users perform sophisticated data analysis and quickly create dashboards.

The connector also allows users to customize the Google Analytics data by blending in data from Excel or databases. Businesses will now have the ability to pull together their web data with existing offline data to derive even deeper insights.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

12 New APIs

Today we had 12 new APIs added to our API directory including an ancient mapping database, cad software Resource service, restaurant food safety information service, mobile device management service, multimedia content analysis tools, biological genetic data service, mobile enablement platform, vehicle inspection and maintenance information service, link building service, biology markup language validation service, web and communications analytics service, non-captcha form validation service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Ancient World Mapping CenterAncient World Mapping Center API: The Ancient World Mapping Center is an interdisciplinary research center located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Center promotes cartography, historical geography, and geographic information science within the field of ancient studies through research, teaching, and community outreach activities.

The AWMC API allows users to browse, access, and interact with the AWMC database. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in GeoJSON and RDF.

Autodesk BIM360 GlueAutodesk BIM360 Glue API: The service provides ability to share design drawings and models created using the provider's computer-aided design (CAD) software. It allows users to upload model files for access by others, with control of specific views that ensure all viewers see the same perspective. Methods also allow markup of a model by online reviewers and generate clash reports to detect potential conflicts among different elements in a project.

API methods support access to data defining objects uploaded to the shared access platform, allowing manipulation of object views and viewer input generated during reviews. Methods allow control based on project, users, models, and other variables related to the shared access activities. The API supports Integration with project management and accounting systems, along with custom interfaces for shared access.

CivicApps Restaurant InspectionsCivicApps Restaurant Inspections API: The service provides safety inspection reports from restaurants in Multnomah County, Oregon, which contains the city of Portland. Default results provide the 25 most recent reports by county inspectors, allowing evaluation of inspection activity during the period. Results cannot be limited to a specific restaurant, however.

API methods provide safety inspection scores along with restaurant name and location (both address and geolocation coordinates) as well as inspector name, date, and related detail. Results can be adjusted for a different record count than the default or a specific date range, specified as start date and optional end date.

Codeproof MDMCodeproof MDM API: Codeproof is a provider of a cloud hosted mobile security platform used to secure personal and corporate data in mobile phone and tablets.

Codeproof provides MDM API’s to partners and mobile developers. Integration of Codeproof APIs with other software or a mobile app, allows developers more control over reporting and management of mobile devices. With the Codeproof Webservice API, an administrator can query device information, trigger actions, restriction policies, and application information from any enrolled mobile devices. The API uses SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

HP Labs Multimedia Analytic PlatformHP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform API: HP Labs Multimedia Analytic Platform offers developers a set of tools for the analysis, understanding, composition and publishing of multimedia content. These technologies include face detection, face verification, image feature extraction and more. Each can be integrated with both mobile apps and cloud services through industry standard API and data formats. The APIs use RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

JasparDBJasparDB API: The service provides access to a database of factor-binding profiles depicting genetic makeups and structures typical of species. It provides biological researchers with lookup access to matrices defining genetic relationships documented through research.

API methods generate profiles of transcription factor binding sites in varying formats, including Position Frequency Matrices (PFM), Position Weight Matrices (PWM), and Information Content Matrices (ICM). Methods support retrieval of all matrices or of a specific matrix specified by system ID or name. The API also supports search among matrices described in the system by topic-specific tags applied.

MocapayMocapay API: Mocapay offers users a platform that mobile-enables their businesses’ current payment, loyalty, gift, social media and coupon programs. The Mocapay API allows developers to integrate the Mocapay mobile commerce system into any third party or POS solution. Full public Documentation is not available but interested developers should contact the provider for more details.

MovilizerMovilizer API: The service provides for review and update of vehicle maintenance and safety inspection information via the provider's cloud platform. It is intended to allow drivers to post condition reports and results of inspections they conduct prior to operating vehicles or if events occur during operation. Vehicle condition reports can be managed via a mobile device client or integrated with SAP, SalesForce, or other asset management applications.

API methods support retrieval of vehicle inspection and maintenance reports and submission of new reports. Mobile device support helps to support interactions with the system by employees in the field. API: is a text link brokerage that allows webmasters to buy and sell text links. It uses a system that supports Article Posts, Contextual Links, and Comment Links. The Link Building API lets webmasters improve their search engine rankings by building links. Users can create custom link building scripts or integrate link building into their existing online control panel. The API includes almost all of the functionality that is available through the Control Panel. The API uses REST and SOAP protocol with responses in XML and JSON.

SBML ValidatorSBML Validator API: The service provides a review and format validation for samples of systems biology markup language (SBML), a specialized flavor of XML common to a specific category of researchers in biological science. It ingests the sample markup and checks it against the SBML standard, then notes any variations from proper syntax or inconsistency in formatting that would prevent its use by applications that rely on the language.

API methods support submission of the URI for accessing a sample SBML file to be validated. The API returns notation identifying syntax and formatting problems and stating the nature of the problem. Methods allow control of validation methods to disable certain syntax checks, such as validation of consistency of reporting for units of measurement, to tailor results to desired level of completeness.

SnoobiSnoobi API: The Finland-based service provides traffic tracking and analytics for web pages, content elements, social media messaging, and some other communications campaigns. It emphasizes tracking of effectiveness for communications and messaging across web, social, and phone-based channels. Customized reporting functions are intended to deliver summaries with or without detail appropriate to decision-making needs from strategy formulation to tactical implementation.

API methods support retrieval of reports from overall traffic summaries and performance against goals or among specific user demographics. Traffic reporting provides analytics for site directories, pages, and page sections. Reporting breaks down advertising performance, search term effectiveness, and geographic variation in traffic patterns.

VouchSafeVouchSafe API: The service provides and alternative to CAPTCHA for validating form submissions and preventing abusive submissions by scripts or bots. Instead of entering distorted characters, the service presents a series of images and allows a human user to use a mouse to draw a line connecting related images or to circle an unrelated item. An "adaptive AI" modifies the service's behavior over time based on aggregated user actions.

API methods support generation of an image set, along with JavaScript that adds the challenge and handles user input. Methods also return validation results reporting the user's success or failure at completing the challenge.