Today in APIs: Google Maps is Too Free, Angelist App and 11 New APIs

The most popular API in our directory, the Google Maps API, has been called anti-competitive in France because its basic version is free. A new app built on the AngelList API lets you slice and dice startups by location and market. Plus: genealogy programmers converge, Stripe adds webhooks and 11 new APIs.

France Says Google Maps is Anti-competitive

From Boing Boing:

A French court has ruled that Google's free Google Maps application API is anti-competitive and has ordered the company to pay €500,000 to Bottin Cartographes, a for-pay map company, as well as a €15,000 fine. Bottin Cartographes argued that Google was only planning to give away the service for free until all the competitors had been driven out of business and then they would start charging.

Via Jonathan Nelson

Find Your Startup Data Trends on AngeList

A great new app built on the AngeList API. Via Marco Abis

Stripe Adds Webhooks

From the announcement post:

Most commonly, users of our subscription billing features use webhooks to get notified when a customer's credit card gets charged for a subscription renewal. Webhooks make it easy to send the customer an email receipt (here's a simple sinatra example that does just that). This same system also lets you watch for customers who haven't paid their bill so you can take whatever action you need to, like reaching out to the customer or canceling their service.

The Stripe API is now one of at least 14 webhooks APIs.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including a District of Columbia mapping service, social media management service, embedded search service, chromatography-mass spectrometry alignment service, genomic repeat detection service, interactive mind-mapping service, photo apps monetization service, cross- Platform app code generation service and web video player. We covered HootSuite's social media management API separately. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

ChromAChromA API: Chromatogram Alignment for Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (ChromA) is a tool for the alignment and visualization of data from chromatography-mass spectrometry. ChromA can be used to align mass spectrometry images so that they can be effectively compared. ChromA is available as a web console, a download, and a SOAP API.

DC Master Address RegistryDC Master Address Registry API: The service provides a master address registry as well as mapping and geographic information service (GIS) data for the city of Washington, D.C. The registry supports finding or verifying an address throughout the city. Mapping functions locate features based on the Maryland State Plane Coordinate System.

API methods support submission of a location as either intersection, block, property lot, or place name. The API returns address and map information to map the location.

DIALIGNDIALIGN API: DIALIGN is a program for aligning multiple protein or nucleic acid sequences. It constructs alignments by comparing entire segments of the sequences. This method can be used for both global and local alignment, but it is most successful when sequences share only local homologies.

DIALIGN is available as a download, a web console, and a SOAP API.

Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence AlignmentDivide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence Alignment API: Divide-and-Conquer Multiple Sequence Alignment (DCA) is a program for producing fast, high quality, simultaneous multiple alignments of amino acid, RNA, or DNA sequences. The program is based on an algorithm that provides a heuristic approach to sum-of-pairs optimal alignment.

DCA is available as a download, a web console, and a SOAP API.

HootSuite EngagementHootSuite Engagement API: HootSuite is a social media management platform for the web and mobile. Its users are usually juggling several accounts from Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. Messages can be scheduled, duplicated and broadcast across various services. Paid HootSuite accounts can include multiple members of a team, with additional features, such as assigning particular mentions or comments to other team members.

The HootSuite Engagement API makes the write functionality of the HootSuite platform available to developers. Applications can access the members of a HootSuite account, as well as the social networks attached to that account. Developers can create and schedule new messages, save drafts, and determine the messages that are pending.

kikin EasySearchkikin EasySearch API: The kikin browser allows users to conduct contextual search without having to leave a web page. Users can click on words, phrases and images to trigger a search without having to copy and paste. The EasySearch API lets users integrate kikin functionality into their own applications via an iOS SDK. API Documentation is available upon registration.

ReputerReputer API: The Reputer API helps users discover and visualize repeats in whole genomes or chromosomes. Repeat types that can be searched for include forward(direct) matches, reverse matches, complement matches, and palindromic matches. Reputer's functions are freely offered in a limited capacity through its web console and SOAP API. Downloading the software requires an additional licensing agreement.

Strand MapStrand Map API: The Strand Map Service (SMS), together with the National Science Digital Library (NSDL), provide an interactive graphical interface to help K-12 students understand the relationships between science concepts. Educators can use the Strand Map Service to insert Strand Maps provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) into websites.

The JavaScript API helps educators to easily display Strand Maps, and also exposes the functionality to add custom content and event listeners into the maps. This API is freely available, and uses JSON as its data format.

Tap2printTap2print API: Tap2print is a service that lets developers connect their photo apps to a worldwide print and delivery network. Tap2print can be used to order photo products such as photo accordions, greeting cards, magnets and puzzles. The Tap2print API lets developers add an "Order Print" button to their app screen and connect to the service programmatically. The REST API supports all available platforms. Full documentation is not publicly available but is made available to platform developers on a case-by-case basis.

Trigger ForgeTrigger Forge API: has developed Forge, a cross-platform app Framework that allows web developers to create native iOS and Android apps from a single HTML5 code database.

Their SaaS build service employs a Python based open source command line tool that allows developers to execute a build using a single customized JSON config file, and then returns Forge-generated JavaScript and native code templates (their starter plan produces Chrome-ready JavaScript, Java for Android, and Objective-C for iOS). Using the provided Python build tools, app templates, and the build instructions generated by Forge, developers can then complete the final stages of the build locally. The process is completed when the contents of the developer's custom app code - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - are injected into the Forge-generated code to create finalized native apps. Because the build is created before the Integration of user code, developers can easily integrate changes to their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript without re-running the build.

Trigger's Forge API exposes a variety of methods for working with Forge generated code to create a custom user app experience. A few examples of the functionality provided by this API are detecting platforms, creating notifications, logging end-user preferences, managing tabs and toolbars, adding listeners, and accessing a mobile devices filesystem or camera.

VHX MegaplayaVHX Megaplaya API: VHX is a service that brings online videos together from around the web. Users can discover, share and watch videos as well as create their own personal dashboards. The Megaplaya API lets users load a list of YouTube, Vimeo and raw video URLs via JavaScript. The API also allows users to hide the UI and create their own controls.

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