Today in APIs: Google Maps, Twitter Replay and 10 New APIs

The Google Maps API took a hit in France as non-competitive. The Gnip API now lets its customers go back in time, tweet-wise, retroactively tracking specific terms. Plus: APIs for hustlers, putting the "why" in user permissions and 10 new APIs.

No Love for Google Maps in France

Google was handed a half-million Euro fine in a French court:

With all the love in the air this week, there was no french kiss for Google Maps API. A recent French commercial court ruled that the free Google Maps API is anti-competitive. The court ordered Google to pay 500,000 euros. The money is clearly not the point, but rather how other countries are viewing evolving technology. Bottom line: APIs create new consumption points for all types of companies, not just tech companies. New consumption points for customers + businesses => user growth => revenue. Is the free API really anti-competitive? It will be interesting to see if other countries draw the line on “freemium” and paid APIs.

The most popular API's recent fees for Google Maps only results in cost for fewer than 1% of Google Maps developers.

Gnip Rewinds Twitter

Social tracking API company Gnip now lets its paying customers search 30 days of back-tweets. The company explains a likely common scenario:

Imagine you run a consumer electronics company. You just launched a game-changing new smartphone that will make or break your company. Two weeks after the launch, you’re hearing stories about your new phone burning users while they’re using it. You see the odd Tweet here and there but aren’t sure what the scale of this problem is or how you should respond. You make a panicked call to the company who monitors social media for you and they tell you that they can start tracking for this going forward but since they only get a realtime stream of Twitter data, there’s nothing they can do to get the last 14 days worth of Tweets.

APIs for Hustlers

Intro to APIs for Hustlers slides by Marc Weil.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a health system backend, traffic information service, financial markets data service, local search service, business file sharing service , mobile analytics Platform and language translation service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

AT&T mHealth PlatformAT&T mHealth Platform API: mHealth Platform supports the building and running of complete end-to-end health solutions for consumers. It enables developers to create solutions that leverage data acquisition and management from any source including devices, applications, and clinical trials. With the API developers can access, host, and share data across applications and to authorize users. Full Documentation is not yet available.

Bango Event NotificationBango Event Notification API: Bango's service provides a platform for automated mobile billing and analytics. The Events Notification API allows users to find out real time information about payments, subscriptions and marketing opt-ins. Events are related to objects within the Bango system such as purchases made and marketing subscriptions and are described as an action on that object. The API uses HTTP calls and responses are formatted in XML.

Bing TrafficBing Traffic API: The Bing Traffic API provides information about traffic incidents and issues, such as construction sites and traffic congestion. Traffic incident information is currently available for the United States and Canada. Users can also get information about traffic issues that met the criteria specified in the URL request, such as map area, incident type and severity. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

BloombergBloomberg API: The established service provides free, unrestricted access to raw data for customers for its financial market information. The same publish/subscribe and request/response interactions available via its proprietary interface can be accessed via API. This functionality gives access to data on current market trades, either real-time or delayed, along with reference data on reference data, historical information, and records of intraday trading.

API methods support selection by security using standard ticker symbols and the provider's own "Open Symbology" across classes of securities. Effective dates and date ranges may also be specified to retrieve historical results. Sources of pricing data are designated.

deCarta MapSearch EnginedeCarta MapSearch Engine API: deCarta is a location based services provider. The Map Search Engine API gives developers the ability to implement local search on their web sites and applications. The API can search address and point of interest data sourced from content partners. Developers can also overlay their own searchable content onto the map. MapSearch Engine is “white label”, allowing customers to unitize their own UI, branding and content. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML, JSON, JSONP and XHTML.

FileTrekFileTrek API: FileTrek software inc. is a provider of file sharing solutions that allow companies to transfer files and easily track where they have been moved to. The companies software also provides the ability to see who has opened or modified a file. FileTrek offers an API that puts their file tracking services into use within a current system.

FlurryFlurry API: Flurry is a mobile apps analytics platform serving over 60,000 companies in over 150,000 applications across iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, JavaME and HTML5 platforms. Flurry provides a set of APIs that offer programmatic access to the data stored on the platform. With the APIs, users can request a list of the top applications by a given metric, request information such as name, version, apiKey, platform, and creation date of one or all of a company's applications and request information about events. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

Translation CloudTranslation Cloud API: Translation Cloud is an application created by Translation Services USA, that is an automated system for conducting transactions via its community of 10,000+ language translators. The Translation Cloud API allows developers to automate the entire workflow of submitting the translation job, viewing quotes and then submitting and reviewing the job done by the translator. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML.

UNT Digital Library CollectionsUNT Digital Library Collections API: The UNT Digital Library is created and maintained by the University of North Texas Libraries' Digital Projects Unit. The library includes imaging, archival storage of electronic files, digital preservation, and metadata development. UNT offers an API that grants access to the content within their library. The API offers several utilities designed for different search functionality. Utilities range from 'thumbnail' based searching to 'identifier' searches.

Utribo ConnectUtribo Connect API: Utribo Connect, is software-as-a-service that offers click-to-call and click-to-video. Businesses using Utribo can route web users to a live person using voice or video through the use of a link that appears as a button on the web page. Users can try Connect for free, however API access requires a monthly fee. The API can be used to connect Utribo Connect to a telecom backend. Documentation is not publicly available.

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