Today In APIs: Google Places API Challenge Winners, New Admob API and 9 New APIs

Google Places Developer API Challenge announces winners. Admob API new release asks developers to upgrade to newer API by March to continue serving Ads. Plus:  mGive, Twilio and Heroku join forces to launch Hotline to save The Poet of El Barrio and 09 new APIs.

Solutions for Flooding, Homeless and Transit win in Google Places API Dev Challenge

Google Places API Developer Challenge, an international contest to build applications with Google Places API has declared its winners. The competition saw 87 participants from 27 countries take on the challenge by civic leaders to combine Google Places API with municipal datasets to help build applications that addressed important civic issues ranging from emergency response, homelessness, public transport and environmental impact. The Judges Choice Awards were given to, Homeless REACH and TTC Pass. helps flood victims find shelter and other resources. Homeless REACH allows anyone to quickly find up-to-date, real-time information on available shelters and services within a selectable radius of their current location. TTC Pass is a website that allows for collaborative editing of the locations for purchasing various transit fares in the city of Toronto. Check out the Application Gallery.

Google Admob Upgrades SDK and Deprecates old versions

AdmobIf you use Google Admob API to monetize your mobile applications, then you need to pay special attention to the new v6.3.0 release of the Admob API that Google announced. The new release contains several bug-fixes and is available for both Android and iOS. With the new release comes the announcement that all applications that are using a version of the Admob API, released prior to 2011 need to upgrade by March 18, 2013.

The blog post states "With the release of v6.3.0, we are deprecating old versions of the AdMob SDK to help us better support newer versions. Starting March 18, 2013, we will no longer support ad requests made through AdMob SDKs released before 2011. Requests that come from apps using deprecated versions of the SDK will no longer receive ads."

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including an international discount hotel room search service, a french banking application service, an authoritative buddhist people and an event name service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Alpharooms AffiliateAlpharooms Affiliate API: The Alpharooms Affiliate website helps travelers find discount hotels, budget flights, and cheap holidays worldwide. The site provides access to information on over 250,000 hotels and hundreds of airlines along with car hire and worldwide insurance coverage.

The Alpharooms Affiliate API lets users search for available hotel rooms by destination, currency, locale, and several combinations thereof using SOAP calls. Prices are returned in British Pounds unless another currency is supplied. Some prices may be approximate, but the price given after the user clicks on the valuate link will always be the final price.

Credit-AgricoleCredit-Agricole API: The service provides financial functions and account management for applications used by customers to interact with the French bank. Functionality helps developers to register with the provider's CAS Store repository to display applications for smartphones and allow users to install them on their own devices. The service allows developers to implement credit card account management and other banking functions.

API methods support registration of new applications with the repository and update those listings over time. Methods support interactions with a user's credit card account and updates to bank account access credentials. The API implements its own geolocation service based on the city, street address, or longitude/latitude coordinates.

DDBC Authority DatabaseDDBC Authority Database API: The service provides listings of authoritative forms for names of prominent people, places, and events along with dates from Buddhist history and doctrine. The underlying database of authority records can be accessed via JavaScript as a pop-up application providing authoritative data linked to a person, place, or event name in text. Authority data may also be retrieved via a REST Web Service API.

API methods support submitting an entity identifier to retrieve the correct name, properly formatted, for that person, place, or event. Methods also provide authoritative dates for event entities.

ListrakListrak API: The service provides email marketing functions to create, implement, and monitor success of campaigns communicating with customers and other recipients. Integration with e-commerce and back office systems (ERP and CRM) allow extended communications based on transaction events and promotional communications to selected and filtered address lists. Responses and other email interactions can also populate customer records to develop enhanced profiles of customer preferences over time.

API methods allow selection of email address lists and submission of email body text, link formatting and tracking, and display templates. Methods support tracking and reporting of campaign effectiveness with ongoing logging of responses and conversations with customers. Contact management methods include subscribe and unsubscribe requests.

Mondial RelayMondial Relay API: Mondial Relay (trans. Global Relay) is a shipping company that delivers parcels to individuals. They have over 6000 Relay Points in four countries and, thanks to their partnership with Hermes Logistik, more than 22,000 Relay Points throughout Europe. Package recipients can select the Relay Point closest to their home or workplace and receive notification via email or SMS when their shipment arrives. Meanwhile, customers can follow the progress of a parcel in real time from the Mondial Relay website.

Mondial Relay's API lets users access site functions programmatically. They can create shipping labels, search for Relay Points, create expedited shipments, and more. This API relies on SOAP calls issued in XML format.

The Mondial Relay website is only provided in French. However, the company also has a website for Spain that is given in Spanish and a website for Belgium that is given in French and Dutch.

PNI Photo ServicesPNI Photo Services API: The service provides hard copy printing for photographs submitted for other applications. It accepts image files for management within a media album along with orders for conventional photo prints in a range of sizes and other customized products such as mugs and T-shirts. The service also tracks retail locations capable of providing immediate fulfillment of photo product orders.

API methods support creating accounts and product catalogs available to users via those accounts. Methods support submission of orders for photo products, including handling uploads of photo files to be printed and managing albums of these media files. The API provides full shopping cart and checkout functionality with order fulfillment options (shipping, pickup from retail locations, etc.) and order history tracking.

Property SolutionsProperty Solutions API: The service provides functions for managing rental properties, including attracting tenants and completing lease agreements, ongoing rent collection and financial accounting, maintenance management, and related functions. It provides interfaces and web service controls for describing rental units and managing tenant records. Materials in multiple languages allow the service to adapt to varying environments.

API methods support creating and updating sales lead and customer records to attract new tenants and leasing functions to support move-in. Methods support booking accounts receivable transactions and other accounting functions, creating and updating records for properties offered for rent, and tracking maintenance and vendor interactions to keep properties in good repair.

Ripe DevelopmentRipe Development API: Ripe Development is a company that provides consulting services and web-based applications. Two such applications are provided freely on their website. The Local Time API returns the local time for a given zip code. The Zip Code Information API retrieves information for a given zip code that includes area codes, time zone, city, and state. Both services can be accessed directly through the website or programmatically using XML-formatted SOAP calls.

RxNorm PrescribableRxNorm Prescribable API: The service provides listings for a subset of drugs available to be prescribed in the United States from the larger list of all prescription medications maintained by the provider's [[/api/rxnorm RxNorm service]]. Prescribable listings also include selected popular over-the-counter (OTC) medications that doctors frequently prescribe. The listing omits drugs available only in countries other than the U.S. and those usable only for veterinary purposes.

API methods support retrieval of an updated list of drugs with correct names, ingredients, and system identifiers. Methods also support access to descriptive information, such as NDC and UNII codes, relationships to other drugs on the list, and rankings by prescription frequency.