Today in APIs: Google Places, Facebook in Firefox and 22 New APIs

Developers looking to enter a Google contest have more time. Mozilla connects Facebook with Firefox. Plus: SkyDrive in IFTTT, Twilio for education data and 22 new APIs.

Google Places Developer Challenge Extended

An "immersive VIP experience at Google I/O" awaits the winner of the Google Places Developer Challenge, which has been extended until November 30. And, of course, remember to enter your Places app as a Mashup of the Day contender.

Facebook Integrates With Firefox Social API

Mozilla is working to get the social web integrated into the Firefox web browser. Users can access Facebook messaging without visiting Facebook, as GHacks explains:

Mozilla recently implemented the Social API into the latest Nightly version of the Firefox web browser. One of the first services to take advantage of the Integration is Facebook with its Messenger application. To see how it works, you simply open the Messenger for Firefox website on Facebook and click on the Turn On button on the page. You should now see a Facebook icon in one of the browser’s toolbars, which when clicked on, displays Facebook’s chat interface right in Firefox.

We've seen Twitter integrated into the iPhone. It makes even more sense to integrate the most popular social network right into the browser.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

22 New APIs

Today we had 22 new APIs added to our API directory including a social media and photo annotation service, biological reference search service, audio transcription service, credit reporting service, genetic regulatory network information service and survey creation service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Annotate.IOAnnotate.IO API: Annotate.IO is a Platform that makes social media messages and images machine readable, Annotate.IO annotates Tweets, Facebook posts, and photographs with machine-readable brand, people, and entity information

The Annotate.IO API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Annotate.IO with other applications. The main API method retrieves JSON annotations for content sent to Annotate.IO.

ASPonlineASPonline API: ASPonline is a Taiwanese software service provider that offers a variety of simple APIs. Some are site-specific, such as one that allows ASPonline users to retrieve their stored balance of points. A more general-purpose set of services lets users query a specified domain registration, obtain an IP address, obtain the country of origin for a specified IP address, and get the current network time.

A messaging service lets users send an English-language text message of no more than 70 words to a recipient within the Taiwan region. A security service lets users encrypt and decrypt a string, the length of which cannot be more than 1K. Another service translates code from C# to VB.NET (code length may not exceed 30K).

All of these services are accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The website and all API Documentation are provided solely in Chinese.

BioGRIDBioGRID API: The service provides a continuously curated repository of reference sources related to raw protein and genetic interactions. The search Function indexes over 35,000 separate articles and other publications documenting over 550,000 raw protein and genetic interactions. Search provides free access to all interaction data for either immediate display or download.

API methods support submission of a search request specifying a single gene or a set of genes to retrieve a list of publications. For a single gene, publications reflect any interactions with other genes. Where multiple genes are specified, publications are returned only where they address those particular interactions. Search requests can also specify sources from which publication references are desired.

CastingWordsCastingWords API: CastingWords is an online transcription service aimed at technology oriented online speakers. The service is primarily aimed at podcasters interested in making their work accessible more readily. The CastingWords API provides 100% human transcriptions and allows access to all of the services CastingWords offers. The service uses REST calls to submit audio and can return in a variety of formats once transcribed. An account is required with service and users can access the API using an API Key.

CIC CreditCIC Credit API: CIC Credit is a mortgage credit reporting service that also deals with single bureau infiles, dual merger credit reports, trimerge credit reports, as well as many other credit and tax related services. The CIC Credit API pulls and stores credit data from credit data reports like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion then merges it and delivers it into web applications and software for use in making lending decisions and reporting purposes. The API uses REST calls and will return in HTML, XML, or PDF. Data is secured using SSL.

CIPF RENATOCIPF RENATO API: The service provides a RESTful interface to RENATO (REgulatory Network Analysis TOol) which provides network-based analysis to identify regulatory elements common to a list of genes. It is intended for interpretation and visualization of information about gene regulation by mapping genes submitted to the regulatory network and extracting connections. It also highlights over-representation of specific regulatory connections among genes in the list.

API methods support submission of a list of genes with parameters to specify regulatory connections of interest. Methods generate data showing transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulatory connections and highlighting regulatory links common among genes within the specified list.

Cogix RatingsCogix Ratings API: Cogix provides survey creation software that is extensible and fully customizable. It allows users to create web based surveys, assessments, data collection systems, quizzes, tests and polls. The Cogix Ratings API facilitates the construction of rating systems for articles, photos, videos, and products. Each set can be rated, ratings can be retrieved, as well as other calls. The API uses REST calls and can return XML.

Crop OntologyCrop Ontology API: The service provides records of plant anatomy, structure, and phenotype. It aims to compile validated profiles of agricultural crops, including inter-relationships, visible traits, and measurements. It defines concepts for defining agronomic databases and the records they contain. Accurate descriptions and mapping of agronomic phenotypes supports comparative research into phenotypes and genotypes and experiments in gene-discovery.

API methods support both keyword search across the database and more focused retrieval of ontologies defined by the service and their component categories. Methods provide access to root terms within an ontology and parent/child structural relationships among terms. Methods also support creating new ontologies within the database and deletion of existing ones.

DailyCredDailyCred API: DailyCred is an API that lets developers add social user accounts to their website or apps. User logins across various social accounts are merged into a single user account with which to identify users. With DailyCred, developers can reset passwords, monitor events, delete and create accounts and access user analytics. Responses are formatted in JSON.

DatowniaDatownia API: Datownia is a platform where companies and organizations can share their data and make the data available for developers to create applications from the data.

The Datownia API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality and data of Datownia with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should register here:

EasyAch PaycenterEasyAch Paycenter API: EasyACH is a payment processing service that allows users to accept payments from customers using bank accounts and cease the use of paper checks. The EasyACH Paycenter API enables users to add, edit, and view bank accounts, add cancel and view subscriptions for re-occurring payments, star debits, credits, cancel transactions, refund payments and perform various other functions. The API uses REST calls and returns XML.

GroveStreamsGroveStreams API: GroveStreams is an Internet of Things cloud platform providing near real-time complex decision making capabilities to millions of users and devices. Most of GroveStreams' capabilities are exposed through a REST API including the ability to model devices, Feed data into and out of GroveStreams organizations, setup events and notifications and create dashboards.

Idilia Sense AnalyticsIdilia Sense Analytics API: Idilia's Sense Analysis API annotates text with senses and assigns precise word senses to both common words and proper nouns. It handles well-capitalized documents, poorly-capitalized documents (e.g. tweets, informal documents) and Internet search queries. The API also provides lexical annotation, statistical confidence scores, external links (wikipedia, twitter verified accounts, etc) where applicable, precise classification of Named Entities (NE's).

For more information on Idilia's Sense Analysis Service:

Message BusMessage Bus API: Message Bus is a messaging service that allows developers to add messaging capabilities to their websites and applications. Through the Message Bus API, developers can access and integrate the functionality of the Message Bus Global Delivery Network with other applications and websites. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should sign up here for more information:

MitoMinerMitoMiner API: The service provides mitochondrial data for a range of organisms. It collects a number of interrelated datasets associated with genetic and protein structures, allowing single-source access to information about their expression in living organisms. It also maintains and provides ontologies for describing genes.

API methods support flexible queries against the database for mathces to protein names, UniProt keywords, gene names, or species. Methods give access to datasets covering mitochondrial proteomics, gene ontologies, and metabolic pathways. The API also gives access to records of associations of human disease with mitochondrial profiles.

Social CrawlyticsSocial Crawlytics API: Social Crawlytics API allows users to gather social media metrics on any site/ URL.

The API is stateless, meaning there are no sessions or cookies to manage, users just supply their account token and key with each API Request made. Users can find their API credentials by logging into Social Crawlytics and looking under the "Dashboard tab" for "API Credential.

Available tools

Interactive documentation

PHP Library for Social Crawlytics

StreakStreak API: Streak is a client relationship manager (CRM) that can be used and integrated with Gmail (email) instead of switching back and forth between a CRM and an inbox.

The Streak API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality with other applications. Some example API methods include managing users, managing files, and creating and managing contacts.

SYSTRAN LinksSYSTRAN Links API: The service provides a hosted platform for translating and localizing multilingual content. It offers real-time, full-sentence translations of plain text between language pairs specified by the application calling the service. The service is also available as an installed product, where local hosting is desired.

API methods support submission of material to be translated, in either plain text, HTML, or RTF formats, along with the desired output language. Methods perform auto-detection of the input language and generate full-sentence output in the destination language for use on web pages, in real-time chat interfaces, and for other online applications.

TappingStoneTappingStone API: TappingStone is a tool to help developers build more personalized applications with features that target their users based on user behavior within the applications.

The TappingStone API allows developers access and integrate the functionality of TappingStone with other applications and to create new applications. Example API methods include managing users, managing accounts, and collecting user behavior information.

VerbalizeItVerbalizeIt API: VerbalizeIt is a community of over 2,000 language interpreters. Through the API, applications can connect to a live human interpreter or have any text translated by a human translator.

The VerbalizeIt API allows developers to access and integrate the translation functionality of VerbalizeIt with other applications. The main API methods are retrieving translations in both voice and text.

Visible Social MediaVisible Social Media API: Visible is a social media monitoring and analytics service. Visible offers a suite of products including Visible Edge, a listening and analysis platform; Visible Intelligence, an enterprise-ready platform; V·IQ, a social performance dashboard. An API is available for Visible Intelligence that allows for the creation of custom dashboards. Interested developers should contact the provider for more information.

xeno-canto xeno-canto API: The service provides a database of bird song and sound recordings contributed and maintained by enthusiasts worldwide. It provides access to search the connection and play or download recordings and to submit new recordings. Discussion forums encourage interactions among members of the birding community to exchange information about bird song and related topics.

API methods support search against the database by specifying the formal Latin name of a bird species. Returned data provide listings of all recordings maintained by the service for that species, either with or without URLs for audio and still image files, or optionally a request can retrieve a single representative recording. Methods also provide summary statistics about listings relevant to the species named in the request.