Today in APIs: Google Play's Publishing API Gets a Major Update

Google Play updates its publishing API. Techcrunch's Disrupt Hackathon to be held September 6/7 in San Francisco. Plus: Rhomobile suite for app development upgraded, and Shiphawk launches API for shipping quotes.

Google Play Releases API 2.0

Google Play's API for the store has been overhauled to give app developers more control over their individual stores. The API helps with uploading new versions of apps, releasing apps and modifying store listings.

google play store

As Cody Toombs writes in Android Police,

The new Web API allows developers to build scripts or applications to automate deployment and update product listings quickly and without directly working with the Developer Console. Most of the new functionality is bundled into the Publishing API, a transaction-based system for managing Play Store listings and apks. It exposes the ability to change just about every field, image, and apk based on language. Further, apks and expansion files can be uploaded to select tracks (i.e. alpha, beta, production, rollout). It's even possible to make modifications to testing groups as needed. It's also possible to change pricing for in-app products, but it is done outside of the transactional model.

The publishing API moves far beyond the earlier version's focus on individual in-app purchases and subscriptions. New functions, beyond those mentioned above, include features that can be crucially important to large app developer companies. These are the ability to limit changes that can be made by employees defined according to their roles, and the ability to launch updates and promotions in many countries and across many apps simultaneously.

Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon Tickets Now Available

Techcrunch's annual Disrupt Hackathon will be held starting at 12:30 PM Saturday September 6 through Sunday September 7 at Pier 48 in San Francisco.

techcrunch hackathon

As Jeffrey Bennett details in Techcrunch,

The Disrupt Hackathon is the all-weekend event that kicks off TechCrunch Disrupt. Starting on Saturday, September 6th at 12:30pm, hackers will have 24-hours(ish) to build a working concept, bringing it from soup to nuts to the stage. Following an all-night programming extravaganza, teams will be given exactly one minute to present their working concept in a crowded auditorium in front of the industry’s elite. In addition, to help get you up and running on the latest and greatest in tech, we’re putting together some amazing API workshops.

As usual, free tickets are available to Disrupt competitors. However, this year judges will review presentations and only the top 75 will be granted free tickets. The first batch of tickets is now available.

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