Today in APIs: GoSquared's Real-Time Analytics API, Yiftee GiftUP API for Holidays, and 10 New APIs

GoSquared soups up its real-time analytics API. Yiftee launches its Gift API in time for the holidays. Plus: Doximity API connects doctors to Facebook Connect, Hypermedia can show how resources are related in REST-based APIs, and 10 new APIs.

Is Google to Goliath as GoSquared is to David?

Gosquared is slinging its supercharged API in a bid to take on Google in the real-time analytics space. GoSquared says you can skip building an analytics back end--they've done it. According to its documentation, the analytics update in real time.

Steve O'Hear points out in Techcrunch that GoSquared has a two-year lead on Google's recently released API for Analytics. And the new version means developers can build it how they want it.

“The old API was a basic way of accessing real-time ‘how many people are online?’ style figures,” says GoSquared co-founder James Gill. In contrast, written from the ground up, the new GoSquared API introduces 10 entirely new API functions, including months of historical data, “and is unarguably the easiest to use analytics API available”, he says. “To anyone who’s tried using the Google Analytics API, the GoSquared API is like a breath of fresh air”.

From concurrent data that shows what people are doing on your site right now, to trends, GoSquared has reached 40,000 paying sites that are using its real-time analytics.

Yiftee's Gift--the API that Keeps on Giving

Yiftee, with a network of over 25,000 merchants. wants to be your social gift API for the holidays. The big idea is gifts in context--allowing users to send a birthday gift while viewing their calendar, for example.

According to the press release, the GiftUP API enables developers to let users send gifts without ever leaving their website:

“Social gifting is the hot trend for the holidays,” remarked Andrew Millham, publisher of GiftPlanner, “and the Yiftee GiftUp API allows me to jump on the bandwagon with almost no effort. It’s like “Facebook Gifts” for everyone else!”

From local shops and restaurants across the country, Yiftee serves as a gift marketplace to unite users and merchants through developer apps.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a contact data appending and lead validation service, a gene expression and proteomics data comparison service, a cruise information service for travel agents and a cheese information and rating website. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Accurate AppendAccurate Append API: Accurate Append provides U.S. businesses of all sizes with contact information appending and real-time lead validation services. Data appending involves cross-referencing the information on file with multiple databases to discover missing or out-of-date information. Accurate Append uses only internal, verified data or data from reliable external sources to ensure that clients receive high quality matches for their inquiries.

AILUNAILUN API: AILUN is a service that allows users to search for and re-annotate data from GEO, a public repository of gene expressions and proteomics data. AILUN also allows users to compare genetic and proteomics data across platforms and species. AILUN's functions can be accessed programmatically using its SOAP-based web services.

CostaClickCostaClick API: CostaClick is the professional Portal for travel agents provided by Costa Cruises, a booking service for cruises around the world. The CostaClick API allows users to retrieve a huge variety of information from the portal via SOAP calls. Users can search for cruises by origin, destination, ship, and/or port. They can also retrieve a full cruise description as well as the documents required for booking. On top of that, users can also retrieve information on special services for a cruise, fares, ports, and much more.

Curd CollectiveCurd Collective API: Curd Collective is an online community devoted to cheese. Users can explore, browse, search for, and rate cheeses. Users can also use Curd Collective to check-in to cheese tastings. Curd Collective offers information on cheeses.

The Curd Collective API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Curd Collective with other applications. Public Documentation is not available; interested developers should email for more information.

HERE Batch GeocoderHERE Batch Geocoder API: HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST APIs.
The HERE Batch Geocoder API allows applications to programmatically submit up to a million lines of addresses for geocoding. Geocoding results are then made available as a downloadable text file.

Here Map ImageHere Map Image API: HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST APIs.
The HERE Map Image API provides access to map images with the possibility of enhancing images with features including points of interest, driving routes, and location based data.

HERE PlacesHERE Places API: HERE is a map provider whose maps can be found in car navigation systems, smartphones, and on the web. HERE offers developer access to a variety of map data and functionality through a series of REST APIs.
The HERE Places API allows applications to connect there users with HERE’s place and point of interest data. The API supports text search and provides information such as address, opening hours, contact number, website, and geographic position.

Indian RailwaysIndian Railways API: The Indian Railways API is an unofficial Web Service providing access to Indian Railways data. The API is capable of querying Passenger Name Record (PNR) status, train schedules, and live train statuses. This API accepts simple HTTP requests and returns JSON formatted responses.

Program O ChatbotProgram O Chatbot API: The Program O Chatbot is a chat robot that gives natural language responses to user input. At its core, Program O is an open source AIML ( Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) engine written with MySQL in PHP. Users can converse with the chatbot directly on the website or programmatically via REST calls.

ValoboxValobox API: Valobox is a web application that stores books in the cloud, making them instantly available to read on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Valobox offers reading and discovery enhancement tools such as full-text search, annotation, and bookmarking and bookmark sharing.
Valobox exposes its Platform through an API. The API includes public endpoints for querying and fetching book metadata, or interacting with embedded books, as well as private endpoints allowing publishers to publish and update titles, view and edit metadata, and retrieve analytics data.