Today in APIs: GraphEffect Launches, Twilio Introduces Flask-RESTful, and 9 New APIs

GraphEffect launches, a new business collaboration Platform. Twilio announced Flask-RESTful, a lightweight Flask extension for building APIs. Plus: Bing Ads V8 Sandbox is released, Yodlee Interactive announced that they have doubled their annual growth for their API business and 9 new APIs.

GraphEffect Launches to Aid Business Collaboration

GraphEffect, a social media advertising startup has launched, a new business collaboration platform. With, users get a profile and can make connections with other users along with being able to send messages and join teams. Shift also gives users the ability to connect with users and craete teams across organizations. Developers can also use the API to gain access to the platform's functionality for Integration with mobile and desktop apps.

Introducing Flask-RESTful, A Lightweight Flask Extension for Building APIs

Today Twilio announced the release of Flask-RESTful, A lightweight Flask extension for building APIs. According to the Twilio release:

"It gives you a clean interface for easily parsing arguments to your resources, formatting/serializing your output, and organizing your routing. It abstracts away a lot of the HTTP boilerplate code for you."

Coming on the heels of yesterday's news that Twilio provided three new usage APIs, this is an exciting work for developers on the Twilio platform.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a new zealand climate information service, cultural publishing organization, czech import/export codes database, romanian currency exchange rate service, food and exercise tracker, oregon liquor price data, thai petroleum news and information service, book cover image service, brazilian mobile content and communications service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

CliFloCliFlo API: The service provides access to the database maintained by the New Zealand national government of climate information. Data come from weather condition readings over time logged by approximately 6500 climate stations operating at various times since 1850. Over 600 stations currently contribute data.

API methods supply both raw data and statistical summaries by station and for specific time periods. Raw data provide readings on key climatic measures with several frequencies: 10 minutes, hourly, and daily. Summary statistics aggregate readings by month and year and calculate estimates of normal levels for six readings over 30-year spans.

Culture24Culture24 API: Culture24 is a non-profit, cultural publishing organization that collects and shares cultural data, publishes websites, and leads campaigns and research projects. The Culture24 SOAP API provides developers with an interface to automate access to Culture24 Direct Data Entry database, the backbone of everything the organization does.

Czech Customs Administration TaricCZCzech Customs Administration TaricCZ API: TARIC is an online customs tariff database maintained by the European Union. This database integrates and codes all measures relating to tariff, commercial, and agricultural legislation. TARIC_CZ is used in the internal information system of the Czech Customs Administration. It includes all of the TARIC data, as well as information on the Czech Republic's national integrated tariffs (NIT) and other national legislation.

The TaricCZ API provided by the Czech Customs Administration is used to programmatically obtain information from the TARIC_CZ database. API users can issue SOAP-based calls, which will then return the desired information in XML format. The Czech Customs Administration website is provided primarily in Czech with some parts (not including the API Documentation) provided in English.

InfoValutar RateInfoValutar Rate API: InfoValutar provides information on the exchange rates between foreign currencies and the Romanian leu. This information is supplied by the Banca Nationala a Romaniei (trans. National Bank of Romania).

This information is available programmatically using the Curs (trans. Rate) API. This service is accessible using SOAP calls issued in XML format. The InfoValutar website is provided exclusively in Romanian.

MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal API: MyFitnessPal is a web and mobile application that helps users track their diets and exercise. MyFitnessPal offers food and exercise logs that uses can track what they eat and their exercise in.

The MyFitnessPal API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of MyFitnessPal with other applications and to create new applications. Public documentation is not available; interested developers should email for access.

Oregon Liquor PricesOregon Liquor Prices API: Oregon Liquor Prices provides comprehensive liquor price data pulled directly from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s database. The Oregon Liquor Prices API provides developers with a free RESTful interface to access the Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s liquor and store metadata.

PTT InfoPTT Info API: The Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) engages in natural gas enterprises that include exploration, production, transportation via pipeline systems, gas separation, and marketing.

The PTT Info API provides users with programmatic means for retrieving information from the PTT website. This information includes oil prices and news related to the petroleum industry.

The PTT website is provided in both Thai and English.

Publications NZ Book CoverPublications NZ Book Cover API: The service provides images of book covers for publications from New Zealand as a way to support the country's libraries and promote its publications in catalogs of relevant works. Licensing terms do not allow access by libraries and other users outside New Zealand.

API methods accept queries to identify books and other printed resources as HTTP GET requests providing unique Resource identifiers such as ISBN, ISSN, ISMN, or NBD number. If found, the API returns URLs for both full-size and thumbnail images from the namespace that can be incorporated in the <img> tag to include the cover image in a catalog web display. API: The service provides a platform for interacting with mobile devices to provide videos and other entertainment content, SMS text messaging and 'enterprise messaging,' and other services. It aims to provide middleware to facilitate contacts with devices by a range of services meeting many different needs.

API methods support single sign-on (SSO), core device interaction, service billing, SMS and other messaging, and administrative reports for service users. Methods identify specific resources required for a particular communication or other interaction to smooth the connection between content and users.