Today in APIs: Guidebox has New API for Unified Video Content Search, Tadaweb Focuses on "Small" Data, and 5 New APIs

Guidebox offers unified search API for video content. Tadaweb manipulates "small" data without having users write code. Plus: Nordic API conference starts September 18 in Stockholm, Urban Airship supports iOS 7, and 5 new APIs.

Guidebox's API Let's You Find Your Favorite TV Programs

Do you watch your favorite episodes on Amazon? Hulu? Netflix? How about that well-known service, "I can't remember." Guidebox aims to give users the power to conduct a unified search through all these outlets and more, so you can focus on hunting for the remote, not which service delivers the content you want to watch next.

We wrote about this back in June when the API was in beta. Still in beta, apparently, it supports an astounding range of companies: over 100 streaming services and digital marketplaces, including Hulu, Netflix, iTunes and Amazon. And it is free. The documentation requests that you have an invite key to get started.

In the US, the API supports broadcast networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as prolific cable channels such as AMC and HBO.

Tadaweb: Data Manipulation for Nontechies

Big Data is the new new thing. But if Tadaweb has its way, small data may be the newer new thing. From competitor monitoring and tracking to e-profiling and reputation, to insights for growth, Tadaweb is built for extracting information from public data feeds with a GUI.

As Jay Donovan reports in Techcrunch, Tadaweb lets nontechnical people grab data:

"The business example that [CEO Francois] Gaspard gave me regarding the use of this service was that of a company monitoring the changing prices of competitors’ services. Using TaDaweb, one business could highlight the public pricing listed at the websites of competitors and that info is extracted and pulled into a report of sorts — called a TaDa — that can be monitored or shared."

The service is free for now with pricing on the way.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

5 New APIs

Today we had 5 new APIs added to our API directory including a sound-based event notification service, a customer engagement service, a social searching service, a secure social Platform and a hotel booking engine. Below are more details on each of these new APIs. API: is a service that provides ambient sounds for real-time events. It can be a way of providing event notifications to one user or many users across a network. Because each event has its own sound, users can keep track of what's going on without having to change windows or read notifications.

Sounds generally come in sound packs, which users can switch between at will. Users can have come up with an appropriate sound for each event or choose a specific sound to play regardless of the sound pack being used.

OneGoOneGo API: OneGo is a customer engagement platform that offers cloud based tools that enable businesses to create offers and rewards. OneGo analytics and targeted sharing facilitate the creation of personalized offers based on customer demographics and purchase history.

OneGo offers a trio of APIs that allow the Integration of OneGo services. API resources include notifications, merchants, benefits, bims, location, statement, and redeem. Data exchange is handled via JSON over HTTP. An API Key is required.

QuagQuag API: Quag helps connect people who have made similar searches or share the same interests. This allows people looking for the same answers to share information and experiences. The Quag API allows users to tell potentially interested Quag members about their content, get Quag threads related to a given topic, or get an application's utility and reputation scores.

SecureSocialSecureSocial API: SecureSocial is a cloud based social and global identity platform that focuses on security and privacy for its users. Message and document content is secure, even from service operators. SecureSocial Identities are represented by a public key and an encrypted private key to securely identify users.
The SecureSocial API allows applications to manage identities, content, and messages. The API accepts HTTP calls and authenticates using an Encryption process built around a SHA-256 hash and a user’s SecureSocial private key.

WebHotelier WebHotelier API: WebHotelier is an online reservation service for hoteliers that aims to boost client's bookings revenue by offering a customized booking engine. WebHotelier provides various API methods to access, retrieve, and manage data. API methods include property, availability, booking, reservations, ChannelStream, Voucher, and update. The API is RESTful and response formats include XML and JSON.