Today in APIs: Guild Wars 2 API, Postmaster API and 10 New APIs

Developers can extend the Guild Wars MMO via API now. Save on small parcel shipments via Postmaster API. Plus: New Firefox release opens up Social API and 10 New APIs.

Guild Wars 2 API Now Available

Guild Wars 2, the popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game has opened up its API thereby giving Developers an opportunity to create add-ons and their own applications that could utilize the game in ways not imagined. The API exposes data that will help developers get access to various game data like different events happening in a certain region. An example application that developers are working on is Google Maps for Tyria that lets you zoom in to events happening.

Postmaster API Optimizes Shipping Lifecycle has announced a public Beta of its API that helps to streamline all aspects of shipping parcels across various logistics providers, thereby helping in saving money. The Postmaster API provides a unified interface to Fedex, UPS, and USPS with more to follow. The Developer Portal is well designed to get you started off the blocks quickly. The API is RESTful in nature with client libraries available for Python, PHP, Ruby, Java and Go. The API in addition to integrating with logistics providers also provides ability to track and receive notifications about shipments and address validation. During the Beta period all prices are discounted by 50% with paid pricing plans starting at $9.95 / month for tracking up to 100 shipments / month.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a bitcoin exchange and merchant service, a bitcoin messaging service, a bitcoin exchange service, a content management system for applications, a handwriting image enhancement service and a painting style identification service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

Bitcoin 24/7Bitcoin 24/7 API: Bitcoin 24/7 is a Bitcoin exchange and merchant service that offers a Bitcoin wallet in which to store Bitcoins, and a payment service to allow merchants to accept and make payments using Bitcoins. The Bitcoin 24/7 API allows merchants to automate accepting Bitcoins as a payment. It also offers users the ability to send Bitcoins as payments from an account for use as refunds or withdrawals. The API uses REST calls and will returns JSON or XML. An account is required with service.

Bitcoin-ContactBitcoin-Contact API: Bitcoin-Contact is a site that lets users receive and send messages to Bitcoin Addresses. They aim to all Bitcoin owners to validate the identity of those they are speaking/exchanging with, and simplify otherwise anonymous communication. The Bitcoin-Contact API allows users to make queries that return Bitcoin addresses associated with an email address, and return public information on identities associated with a Bitcoin address.

BitMarketBitMarket API: BitMarket is a Bitcoin exchange Platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoins in a variety of currencies. The BitMarket API allows users to submit REST requests to get the market volume, min and max prices for all currencies, get active currency offers, and get latest completed transactions. An account is required with service and SSL is used for Authentication.

ContentfulContentful API: Contentful is a content management system (CMS) for mobile and web applications. Contentful offers a variety of CMS features for mobile and web app publishers and delivers the content to multiple channels from the CMS.

The Contentful API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Contentful with other applications. Some example API methods include setting up content spaces, retrieving content, pushing content out, and managing content.

Fasilkom Handwriting Image EnhancementFasilkom Handwriting Image Enhancement API: The Fasilkom Handwriting Image Enhancement API is designed to enhance the clarity of images of handwriting that are submitted by users. These enhanced images are then returned as output. Sample images are available, as is a web console for demo use. The Handwriting Image Enhancement service operates over SOAP calls issued in XML format.

Fasilkom Painting IdentifierFasilkom Painting Identifier API: The Fasilkom Painting Identifier API is a service that identifies a given painting as being either abstract or realistic in style. The API only accepts images as queries. Sample painting images are available for users to try with the online demo web console. The Painting Identifier API can be accessed using SOAP calls issued in XML format. API: is an online golfing supplies store. They sell all kind of equipment - both new and used - including golf clubs, bags, shoes, and customized golf balls. provides an API that lets users shop for used equipment programmatically. It includes functions for finding clubs of a certain type, retrieving items made by a given manufacturer, and adding or removing items from the virtual cart. The API accepts SOAP calls issued in XML format.

InfraprintInfraprint API: Infraprint is a cloud printing and mailing service allowing users to upload files to be printed and mailed. Applications include automating bills and invoices, sending thank you notes and welcome letters, direct mail marketing, and on-demand printing.
Infraprint is accessible via a REST API. Third party applications simply send Infraprint an object and an address over HTTP POST. The API supports options such as specification of print settings and delivery options.

SircWeb for LogisticsSircWeb for Logistics API: SircWeb is a Chinese GIS software platform that also provides GIS-related web services. The SircWeb for Logistics APIs deal primarily with mapping, locations, and route-finding. Some of their specific functions include retrieving information on a specified location, finding all points of interest (POIs) within a defined area, generating directions for a driving route, and finding address locations.

These APIs all use SOAP calls issued in XML format. Although the API Documentation is available in English, the SircWeb website is provided solely in Chinese.

VesicaVesica API: Vesica is an online application for managing art, heritage, and cultural collections. Vesica is a complete end-to-end solution for documenting, managing, and marketing art collections of all sizes. The Vesica API is a RESTful service allowing third party applications to retrieve and manage data from Vesica accounts. The API returns JSON formatted responses.