Today in APIs: HackSummit Partners with Evolve, and 10 New APIs

HackSummit features a partnership with The Evolve Organisation focused on two problems for democracy. Kings of Code Hack Battle's brilliant hacks. Plus: Yodlee links incubators for Fintech innovation, LinkedIn launches Sponsored Updates API, and 10 new APIs.

HackSummit and Evolve Offer Two Challenges to Improve Democracy

This year's HackSummit, June 14-15 is being held at the offices of, and features two challenges sponsored by The Evolve Organisation.

As HackSummit lists on its problems web page, Californians have a surprisingly basic political problem: they can't easily contact candidates running for office:

There is no one place to go for a list of all California elected officials. There’s no place to go for a list of all California candidates for public office. To build a list of candidates you have to go to each county’s web site and get the data. Sometimes it’s in HTML, sometimes, PDF, sometimes they will mail it to you after you send a check. And in some cases you just can’t get the data. Even when you can get the data, candidates aren’t required to provide any real contact info — you might get an email that bounces, or a phone number where the voicemail is full. Or sometimes just a mailing address. This problem is compounded because the data change every election.

The second challenge sponsored by Evolve at the HackSummit relates to nonprofits collecting and processing donations on the go, while canvassing. Solutions geared toward retail sales are slightly off the mark. What's needed is a system more focused on collecting contact data--a super valuable asset for the nonprofit. Canvassers in particular need a mobile solution, but an iPad is too costly and a phone is too small.

Both problems carry a $250 prize.

TNW's Kings of Code Hack Battle Announces 15 Brilliant Hacks

If you need any inspiration to join the June HackSummit, consider browsing some hacks that stood out at TheNextWeb's Kings of Code Hack Battle that just took place April 24 and 25 in Amsterdam.

As Nick Summers reports in TheNextWeb, of the 15 they selected, HipsterCity stood out:

This website is the ultimate travel guide for trendy travellers. It taps into Instagram and Twitter to pick out the most popular places in seven cities, based on the current volume quantity of related tweets and photos. A carousel shows the top five locations, with a timer for when it’ll be deemed too “mainstream” to visit. Clicking on the Instagram photo will show recent tweets and, using weather data, answer the question, “Do I need sunglasses?”

However, the overall winner was a browser plugin, Sema Search, which provides contextual information from places like wikipedia and Crunchbase for terms that appear on webpages.

Among the 13 other brilliant hacks were: HolyCelsius (lists travel destinations according to your preferred climate), and (which shares music links but translates them to the type of service the receiving user subscribes to). The rest of the list is: SneakJam, 140 seconds Twitter Hashtag race, MxR, Spotigrid, Beat for speed, Soundhub, Wildcard, Wetune, Hashtagavist, and Pulse.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including a model file type conversion for 3d printing, a BYU business events management service, a BYU email voicemail account management service, and a data card recharging service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

3DTransform3DTransform API: 3DTransform is a free service that converts 3D model files to .STL format for 3D printing. Users can upload files with a wide variety of extension types that are up to 6 megabytes in size for conversion. Users can integrate the ability to convert 3D model files into their own applications using the 3DTransform REST API.

BYU Event HubBYU Event Hub API: The Event Hub API from Brigham Young University (BYU) enables application interaction with BYU business events. The API allows applications to raise business events of interest to other applications, subscribe to events raised by other applications, and retrieve events that are subscribed to by said applications.

The Event Hub API also allows developers to push events to an application by installing a Push Client on a web server and establishing an End Point that the Event Hub can evoke.

BYU ExchangeBYU Exchange API: The Exchange API from Brigham Young University (BYU) enables applications to manage emails, voicemails, mailboxes, and Resource accounts. Emails, voicemails, mailboxes, and resource accounts can be created. Accounts and mailboxes can be disabled.

Easy Recharge SolutionEasy Recharge Solution API: Easy Recharge Solution is an Indian service for recharging mobile devices, DTHs, and data cards. People can use the service themselves or resell it. Easy Recharge Solution is offered as a white label service so that resellers can brand it as their own. Users can access the service for personal use or resale via API. API: is an API for geocoding and reverse geocoding Columbian addresses. Developers can integrate the ability to derive addresses from geographic coordinates (and coordinates from addresses) into their own web, mobile, or desktop applications using this API. The website is provided exclusively in Spanish.

Internet Archive Wayback Availability JSONInternet Archive Wayback Availability JSON API: The Wayback Machine, from the Internet Archive, is a digital archive of the Internet. Users can see archived versions of web pages. The Wayback Machine supports multiple APIs enabling retrieval information about data captured by Wayback.

The Wayback Availability JSON API provides a test to see if a particular URL is archived and accessible from the Wayback Machine. The API can check to see if an archived copy is ready to display by providing a 404 or other error handler.

Internet Archive Wayback CDX ServerInternet Archive Wayback CDX Server API: The Wayback Machine, from the Internet Archive, is a digital archive of the Internet. Users can see archived versions of web pages. The Wayback Machine supports multiple APIs enabling retrieval information about data captured by Wayback.

The CDX Server API enables complex querying, filtering, and analysis of data captured by Wayback.

OP3NvoiceOP3Nvoice API: OP3Nvoice is Platform enabling the Integration of searching audio and video files into applications.

The media-centric OP3Nvoice API allows the extraction of knowledge from audio and video content. The API defines the models Bundle, Tracks, and Metadata.

This API is currently in beta.

Quandl Bitcoin Market DataQuandl Bitcoin Market Data API: The Quandl Bitcoin Market Data API provides users with programmatic access to Bitcoin price data and market statistics. Available data is consolidated from hundreds of primary sources and aggregators, and it includes Bitcoin exchange rates, market size, transaction fees, mining information, and more. Developers have free and unlimited access to this data via API.

QuipQuip API: Quip is a word processor enabling document creation on any device.

The Quip API enables documents to be downloaded or uploaded as HTML, allowing developers to write custom document importers and exporters. Custom notifications allow you to post messages and edit task lists. With account automation, people can be added to documents and shared folders.