Today in APIs: "Heroku for Twilio," Basecamp's Non-API and 10 New APIs

Popular project management platform Basecamp has launched a revamped version of its service, but not a corresponding new Basecamp API. A new service wants to do for the Twilio SMS API what Heroku did for Amazon EC2. Plus: Crunchbase stats mashup, TV's slow revolution and 10 new APIs.

New Basecamp, Not New Basecamp API

From a tweet by Courtney Bradford:

I spoke too soon. The new #Basecamp was released without an #API. Still snazzy, but practically frustrating at the moment. #patience

One might expect a Rails shop to launch an API along with its product. Not so this time. According to founder Jason Fried there's a new API, coming later.

SendHub Builds "Heroku for Twilio"

There's a new way to use Twilio's SMS features, aiming to make it even easier. From the SendHub announcement post:

We've been working on Twilio's superb platform since we started SendHub last year. It's extremely powerful and we think it's going to be as important to the Web as Amazon's AWS. However, we know most developers don't have enough time to make a pot of coffee, let alone build their own Twilio app to integrate texting. The developer community is important to us; many friends have lent us a hand with SendHub when we needed it, so we decided to open up our API for all of you.

Heroku changed things when they made Amazon's AWS accessible to every developer, and we hope our API can do the same for you with Twilio.

Taking an infrastructure service and making it available to a subset of the use cases is a great model. Though not for developers, this nevertheless reminds me of the phone polling Twilio app acquired by SurveyMonkey.

Crunchbase Data Aggregated Beautifully

SeedTable, a great way to explore data from the Crunchbase API.

via TechCrunch

API News You Shouldn't Miss

10 New APIs

Today we had 10 new APIs added to our API directory including an SEO optimization service, chemical entity search service, travel and expense reporting service, mugshot and arrest information reference and real time web site analytics service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

Analytics SEOAnalytics SEO API: Analytics SEO is an online suite of SaaS based SEO tools that allow users to optimize multiple SEO campaigns. The API provides access to core site auditing functionality, ongoing site monitoring and let developers create their own SEO software reporting tools for SMBs under a revenue sharing agreement.

The Analytics SEO API is divided into three sections: company functions, site functions, and system functions. Company functions are used by resellers to manage their customers' companies. This includes adding new companies, and adding sites and users to those companies. These companies, users and sites are all visible in the Analytics SEO application. Site functions are used to manage sites which are not linked to any company in Analytics SEO. This means that these sites are not visible in the application, and can only be managed using the API. System functions provide information about the API. The API uses XML-RPC protocol and responses are in XML.

ChEBIChEBI API: The service from the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) provides programmatic access to a database of Chemical Entities of Biological Interest. This search service provides chemistry data tailored to the needs of researchers in biology. Specifically, the database functions as a listing of "small" chemical compounds and component molecular entities (distinct molecules, atoms, ions, etc.) produced in nature or synthesized for processes affecting living organisms.

API methods support submission of a query term, potentially including wildcard characters, for retrieval of either compact or complete database contents for entities that match the query. Methods also support searching by molecular structure as well as retrieval of ontologies defining parent-child relationships among molecular entities.

ConcurConcur API: The service provides online tools for business organizations to manage travel and expense reporting and reimbursement. Integrated travel booking functions combine with expense reporting within a single platform. The API allows integration with applications of customer companies, partner service providers, or independent third-party developers including mobile app developers.

API methods support submission and tracking of travel requests and booking of transportation and lodging, either for individuals or for groups completing the same travel. Methods also support creating, updating, and submitting expense reports as part of a reimbursement process.

EBI SBOEBI SBO API: The Systems Biology Ontology (SBO) is a set of controlled, relational vocabularies of terms commonly used in Systems Biology, and especially in computational modeling. These terms can be used to add a layer of semantic information to the standard description of a model, or to annotate the results of biochemical experiments to facilitate their efficient reuse. The SBO can be accessed for use via a SOAP-based API.

HomeCookHomeCook API: is a site that allows local food businesses to promote themselves and gain larger reach and audience in the farmers market. Businesses can also gain followers and business leads from Twitter and Facebook social plugins, Yelp connectors and Google maps. The API allows users to search for local business and farmers markets by food items and get details on a farmers market or on a local business. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

JailBaseJailBase API: Jailbase is an informational site about arrested persons. With the site, users can search arrested persons with mugshots included if available, lookup recent arrests and be notified if someone they know is arrested. The API lets users search for arrested and booked individuals in county jails. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

LivefyreLivefyre API: Livefyre replaces static comment sections with dynamic, real-time conversations to help build engaged online communities. The Livefyre APIs let users create their own community and revenue-generating widgets. The API returns data such as comments, conversations, active profiles, site resources and more. It uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.

MapmyuserMapmyuser API: MapMyUser is a service that provides users with web analytics about their site in real time. The service can track current online users and their activity as well as the number of visitors who are currently live on a website. MapMyUser can also shows the current geolocation of online users on Google Maps. The API gives developers access to analytic data about any website and allows them to use this data within their own applications. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

NaCTeM TermineNaCTeM Termine API: Termine is a text mining service provided by The National Centre for Text Mining (NaCTeM). Termine uses C-Value term extraction, which is a domain-independent method for automatic term recognition. It combines linguistic and statistical analyses to identify key terms in a document. To identify significant acronyms Termine employs AcroMine, which operates similarly to C-Value. NaCTeM makes Termine freely available to UK academic users, and to other users by request.

Sports DataSports Data API: SportsData is a provider of real-time, accurate sports statistics and sports content. SportsData’s data coverage includes all major U.S. sports, plus hundreds of leagues throughout the world. Data can be retrieved from SportsData via their API. This data includes schedules, standings, statistics, play by play and more. The API uses RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML except for NFL data which can also be returned in JSON.


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