Today in APIs: Hostelbookers's API, Tipping Circle's Global Social API, and 9 New APIs

Hostelbookers has a new API. TippingCircle helps developers organize group payments. Plus: Miami Beach's tourism API, Angelhack hackathon, and 9 new APIs.

Hostelbookers Sees New API Integrated with Channel Managers

Hostelbookers, a free service that helps travelers book stays in hostels, is seeing an uptake in properties using its API in preparation for this summer's season in the EU.

Ryan Bennett, Product Manager at HostelBookers, notes that among the list of those working with the API are ASSD, Availpro, BBliverate, GrowingStones, HostelSystem, Hotel-Spider, myallocator and MaxiMojo. and that,

"It is exciting that we are finally able to offer our API. A two-way XML connection is the preferred choice for many properties and potential new partners. The fact that we can enhance our product offering on many levels is hugely appealing to us and in the long term, extremely beneficial to our customers."

Use of the API gives Hostelbookers access to a variety of properties that use channel managers for two-way XML. The value to hostel owners is clear: Hostelbookers offers greater visibility--and more business.

Bon voyage!

TippingCircle Launches New API for Global Social Payments

TippingCircle has announced a new API to integrate the ability of users to send and receive money with friends and family in over 190 countries. TippingCircle allows you to split a bill--say a restaurant tab--among friends who then send you the money through their mobile devices. You can also fund raise for causes (see graphic below), start a pool to pay for a birthday gift or event like a wedding, or handle virtually any cost where payments from others need to be pooled.

The TippingCircle API gives developers access to its method of Integration with social networks, according to the press release:

"In addition to P2P payments (person-to-person), the Platform offers group payments and social fundraisers using tipping buckets. These buckets can be shared through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to collect payments for birthdays, weddings, sports clubs, and other events. Social fundraisers are helping people pay for medical bills, contribute to local non-profits, and support other good causes."

Developers can get started by requesting an API Consumer token, where there is a scaled level of permissions to the API, granted after a quick approval process, designed to protect certain functions and the end user.

API News You Shouldn't Miss

9 New APIs

Today we had 9 new APIs added to our API directory including a business sales and shifts information service, a bitcoin transfer service, a pre-order and pre-payment service, a streaming hockey video service and a mobile app installs tracking service. Below is more details on each of these new APIs.

BizimplyBizimply API: Bizimply is a cloud service for viewing and managing day-to-day business operations. Users can view key numbers, sales targets, employee data, hours worked, customers served, and more from Bizimply's dashboard. It also provides services for creating business reports and managing documents online.

The Bizimply API allows developers to populate metrics with data collected from a business's EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) system, automatically generating sales records by shift.

CatLab Bitcoin GatewayCatLab Bitcoin Gateway API: CatLab Interactive is a computer game and browser based game development community. The CatLab Bitcoin Gateway is a User Interface designed to ease the bitcoin transfer process. The service uses an API Key, returns JSON, and cost 1% of transferred amount, plus a transaction fee. Instead of a pop up or third party service, users are able to type in the address to send the Bitcoin to, and the rest is done on the backend.

CeleryCelery API: Celery is an application that lets businesses and merchants accept pre-orders and allow customers to pre-pay for goods and services.

The Celery API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Celery with other applications. Some example API methods include managing orders, managing account information, and managing products.

HockeyStreamsHockeyStreams API: HockeyStreams is a Web Service that streams hockey games from the NHL, AHL, OHL, QMJHL, WHL, and more. Features include DVR capabilities, and XBOX and Playstation 3 compatibility.
The HockeyStreams API provides a RESTful interface for automating user Authentication, live streaming, on-demand streaming of full games, condensed games, and highlights, and score data. The API requires a user account and API Key. Responses are JSON formatted.

KochavaKochava API: Kochava is a tool for keeping track of user installs of mobile applications and the actions precipitating those installs. This helps app developers optimize their ad campaigns and use the methods that will produce the most installs at the best price. Kochava tracks clicks, installs, post-install events, and post-install revenue in real time. Kochava's reports can be viewed from its dashboard, exported as Excel documents, or accessed programmatically via REST API.

NetloadNetload API: Netload is a file hosting and sharing site. The Netload API provides developer access to netload functionality. Exposed resources include file uploading, file information requests, and link status checks. The API supports HTTP GET/POST calls and requires a user account.

VulnDBVulnDB API: VulnDB provides developers with a system for managing their security knowledge. It allows them to define and use consistent testing methodologies as well as maintain a Library of curated issue descriptions that can be reused in reports to save time. VulnDB also provides public access to their own library of issue descriptions.

Developers can use the VulnDB API to access issue description pages located in both the public and private libraries programmatically. API users have full control over their private pages, but access to public pages is read-only.

WP RemoteWP Remote API: WP Remote is a service for managing an unlimited number of WordPress-powered sites from one location. It allows users to keep their sites' WordPress versions up-to-date, along with any installed plugins and themes. It can also create and download a full copy of a site in .zip format. WP Remote cannot be used to alter site content, settings, etc. The WP Remote API allows developers to add, retrieve, or delete their sites from the system programmatically.

ZubhiumZubhium API: Zubhium is an application management platform, supporting Android beta distribution, reporting and support, user management, analytics, and more. The Zubhium API provides a developer interface for uploading Android .apk files. The API supports simple HTTP POST calls and requires an API Key.