Today in APIs: Hubic Launches API, and 11 New APIs

Cloud storage company Hubic launches an API amidst price war. McGraw-Hill buys Engrade, secret sauce may be its API. Plus: tomorrow is the day we fight back, dark matter in the API universe, and 11 new APIs.

Hubic Chooses Walmart Strategy for Cloud Storage Products

Cloud storage start up Hubic, in direct competition with the likes of Dropbox, is aiming to undercut rivals on price, and has just launched an API.

The API documentation stipulates that it uses OAuth 2.0, and focuses on server side flow and implicit grant flow.

Romain Dillet from Techcrunch reveals how the two-year old company might just succeed in a price war:

To differentiate itself, HubiC bets on its prices. The company doesn’t rely on Amazon S3 like Dropbox, it has its own server infrastructure and multiple data centers — the service probably has less operating costs.

The company offers unlimited online archiving, sharing files, synchronized data, speed, and availability on all your devices.

Did McGraw-Hill Just Buy an API Wrapped Inside a Company?

McGraw-Hill, the textbook company, signaled a major shift in its focus with its $50 million acquisition of Engrade, a company that offers management tools to schools. (See the graphic for a list of their major products.)

According to Rip Empson at Techcrunch, this was no vanilla acquisition. He claims the company, with a new CEO in January, is moving away from textbooks toward providing SaaS. Starting with a simple grade book some ten years ago, Engrade added a plethora of tools, from attendance to parent emails and discipline tracking. Yet there is a great deal more, Empson says:

But the real keys: The team built an API that would allow schools to integrate their existing platforms and software into Engrade, and looked to tear down some of the barriers between educational data silos (a la Education Elements) and aggregate them in one Platform. The idea being that grade tracking, test scores, and the different islands of student data could then be accessed more easily by teachers, parents and students via API.

In practice, it’s almost a direct parallel to what LearnSprout and Clever are doing with Student Information Systems (SISes) and APIs.

Next up is tackling a huge task: integrating all the data schools generate that is locked up across multiple systems that don't talk with each other. And what's next for McGraw-Hill? Empson reports that the company is on a buying spree--but textbook companies are not included. It's all tech startups, such as Area9 and math company ALEKS.

API News You Shouldn’t Miss

11 New APIs

Today we had 11 new APIs added to our API directory including an astronomy data service, a data analysis service, a search, & monitoring service and a swedish sports information service. Below are more details on each of these new APIs.

AstronomyAstronomy API: Astronomy API is an API that allows developers to access astronomical data, star data, planet data, and more astronomy information. The Astronomy API can be integrated with other applications and used to create applications.

ElasticSearchElasticSearch API: ElasticSearch is a data analysis, monitoring, and search platform. ElasticSearch provides multiple products for monitoring, searching, and organizing data.

The ElasticSearch API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of ElasticSearch with other applications. API Documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

EverysportEverysport API: Everysport is a Swedish website that provides visitors with information and services relating to all kinds of sports. Site members can create user profiles, participate in discussions, create groups, and more. They can follow games live with other people and track match results. Members can report from matches, but official results are provided by Everysport Media Service AB.

The Everysport API allows developers to access information on 90,000 teams and 1,500,000 matches. Although the Everysport website is given only in Swedish, the API documentation is given in English.

License DirectLicense Direct API: License Direct is an application that allows users to verify the registration status of over 15 million licensed professionals throughout the USA.

The License Direct API can be integrated and used to verify doctors, security guards, and other categories of service providers hold the necessary licenses and are accredited with their state government agency.

ProofHubProofHub API: ProofHub is all-in-one, web-based project management software. It allows team members to plan and organize projects using calendars, notes, charts, lists, timesheets, chatting, and discussions. Users can import files from Google and Dropbox to share with teammates and clients. Casper mode helps users control what information they share with clients and what is kept private. The ProofHub API allows users to access information on people and projects via REST calls.

QordobaQordoba API: Qordoba is an online translation provider. Qordoba provides translation services for web content, documents, and all types of text.

The Qordoba API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Qordoba with other applications. Some example API methods include translating text, retrieving translations, and retrieving domains.

Recharge MyRecharge My API: Recharge My is an online mobile recharging, bill payment, and eCommerce platform. Users can pay bills, manage payments, and recharge their mobile phone airtime and data.

The Recharge My API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Recharge My with other applications. Public documentation is not available; API access comes with account service.

StatwingStatwing API: Statwing is a data analysis tool. Statwing provides various data analysis and visualization features.

The Statwing API allows developers to access and integrate the functionality of Statwing with other applications. Some example API methods include retrieving datasets, uploading datasets, and managing user accounts.

StreamWIDE Call ScreeningStreamWIDE Call Screening API: StreamWIDE is a company that provides carrier-grade Value Added Services (VAS) to mobile service providers. One of these services is Call Screening, which allows users to filter calls using acceptance and denial lists, time-based filters, behavior-based filters, delays on incoming or outgoing communications, and more. StreamWIDE provides users with SOAP, XML- RPC, and JSON-RPC APIs that enable them to integrate with the Call Screening service.

TelerikTelerik API: Telerik Platform is a mobile application development platform that combines a set of tools for developing applications for multiple platforms with cloud services that manage the application lifecycle process.

Telerik Platform provides an adaptive Framework for creating applications regardless of whether the application runs on the Web, native or hybrid mode.

VenturocketVenturocket API: Venturocket is a service that helps job seekers get in direct contact with hiring managers and recruiters, rather than relying on a resume to get them a call. Venturocket functions like a dating site, matching people with employers based on their skills and experience. If both agree, they can exchange direct contact information. Developers can access Venturocket's matching system from third-party application via REST API.