Today in APIs: IDS Launches Open Knowledge Hub

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) launches the Oriel Open Knowledge Hub today at Open Development Camp 2014. The United States Air Force is set to host its first hackathon with the aim of solving real world problems. Plus, Google petitions the Supreme Court to rule on API copyright battle. 

IDS Launches Open Knowledge Hub

Today, IDS launched the Oriel Open Knowledge Hub at Open Development Camp 2014. The hub serves as a collection point to share content regarding international development, policy and practice. IDS is dedicated to open development concepts and aims to provide development related resources in a constructive method. The Hub API provides users access to the content. IDS developed an explorer and Documentation to guide developers through Integration and implementation.


"The Oriel Open Knowledge Hub project works collaboratively with partners, using peer support to help think through the issues and implications of opening up data, through shared learning and via technical development… Working together in this way will enable us to share content better and to link us all into the new world of open knowledge," Project Technical Lead peter Mason said in a press release

IDS hopes the hub will help raise diverse perspectives on development and increase access to research data. The open data Platform improves supply of development-related data and encourages collaboration on a worldwide issue. To learn more about the API, register for a key.  

The US Air Force to Host its First Hackathon

The United States Air Force is set to host its first hackathon, LabHack, October 25-26. Through its Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and with the partnership of the Wright Brothers Institute and Code for Dayton, the Air Force will conduct a 26 hour coding competition to address challenges AFRL researchers face on a daily basis. From Labhack's website, the guiding principle of LabHack is to "learn something new, build something awesome, and to have fun."

"We wanted to join forces and challenge people to create innovative ways to solve Air Force problems through analyzing human-centered research....Using a 'Hackathon' as our platform allowed us to bring the community together in a fun and competitive way, while supporting our Airmen" Dr. Scott Galster, AFRL Chief, said in Air Force news

The event will take place at Tec^Edge innovation and Collaboration Center in Dayton, Ohio. To learn more, or to register, visit the LabHack site

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